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grand soulgodian army

- =Grand Soulgodian Army= -

CGS infantry
Eternal Soldier

The Eternal soldier is the newest wave of the normal footsoldiers in the Rčjk. It’s an direct upgrade to the previous standard unit and it surpasses it on all surfaces. The Eternal soldiers are Nieuwa Soulgodia programmed for warfare. Most of them have already gotten an extra layer of armour under their skin when they were created. The Eternal soldier serves as a normal unit, being able to be used on all frontiers and all environments. They are mostly used on terrestial frontiers, but are also frequently manned on celestial warships or on naval warships. The Eternal soldier serves as a smart unit while produced in masses. They are used for the more sophisticated jobs on the battlefield, opposite tot he CSIU which is more used for blunt firepower.
The Eternal soldier has a thick beacomite armour which is covering the entire body with the thickest regions being the head and chest. Most of these armoured areas are covered in a protecting cloth which protects against hostile environments. With the thickest of these being it’s cape which they can use as coverage in very storming environments. The cloth can be used to protect against fire, radiation, acid and loose flying particles. On it’s back is a small backpack which includes a jetpack and a small shield generator. These are both powered by a powerstation also attatched to the backpack. Additional powerbank scan be attached to the belt to give more energy. On the helmet multiple devices are plugged in which measure and feed information to the Soulgodia inside. These can be modified to the need of the battle and there is a whole variety of equipment that can be used. The helmet itself also features a glowing triangle on the location of the Soulgodia’s internal eye. This can be used to communicate more clearly and quicker within the battle. The helmet also features a speaker placed between the two prongs which helps the soldier speak more clearly when needed, giving the soldier a radio sounding voice. On the belt there are also slots for modification. The boots are made out of a very dense man made leather which can be used to wade through acids or extremly hot substances. On the boots are metal caps on the weak spots.
The Eternal Soldiers are able to use all kinds of weapons. But mostly used is the newly produced 7CRAM which is a semi automatic gun being able to shoot 1200 anti-matter bullets per minute. The CRAM is the most often used gun in the history of Porymonia being first used when the underground empire was founded. Apart from the 7CRAM weapons most often used by the Eternal soldiers are shorter used shotguns and electric bats for shorter ranges, such as bunker warfare. Or the longer range CASR-43. You could also find Eternal soldiers using slower but more powerful rifles or heavier weapons all including anti-matter, ion and plasma. The Eternal soldier also carries a few anti-matter grenades which can cause heavy damage to densly packed battlefields. The Eternal soldiers are also trained to operated mounted weapons such as machine guns.

amount: 2 billion

standard unit

the standard unit is a simple soldier. Nieuwa Soulgodia are used for standard units. they are a simple canvas which can be modified to special needs in warfare. at the bare minimum they have: a STGA-12 helmet which can provide information about the battlefield and have easier connection to commanders, the STGA-12 also has heat exhaust ports which can let warmth leave the units body at command, it also has ventilation systems. a dense covering around the whole body, the clothing of the standard unit protect against outside particles that might damage the unit, it also has build in coolers and energy packets to keep the unit from overheating in hostile environments. a beacomite chest covering, most important parts of the Soulgodia are located in the chest so an extra layer of defence is placed there, it also has a secondary heat exhaust vent. a simple backpack, simply for storing extra tools or materials. the most simple weapon of the standard unit is the CRAM-09, which is a light machine gun holding anti-matter bullets. the standard unit is the most generic unit in the grand soulgodian army and can be used in just about every evironment.

the standard unit will have two ribbons on it's right shoulder. the first ribbon, closest to the shoulder, will have the system of origan of the soldier. this will be shown by putting up the war symbol of that system. under the symbol it will have the planet/station it was manufactured on, which factory it was manufactured in and at what date he was manufactured. on the lower ribbon it will have it's function, such as: maintance worker, guard, space marine, stormtrooper, sniper, heavy trooper, escort, etc. for this also special symbols are made. under the symbol the unit's name is written. the name of a unit is set up like 1111-222-33-4444. the 1 stands for it's type and will always be NSSS. the 2 will be the region the unit is from. every region has it's special code. the 3 will be replaced by the commander the unit is under. and the 4 is the number of the unit. the ribbons can be easily read by officers, for if connection between minds is bad. it's make out of a special neon sold which can be easily detected by the eyes of a soulgod. during stealth mission they can cover this up with a simple pieace of cloth.

this is a retired unit. there are only a few reserves left.

amount: 2 million

considious soulgod

the consideious soulgod is a tank union in the grand soulgodian army. it's a 5 meter high beast made for battle. it's armoured with thick plates of beacomite, under it is a thick, mechanic-organic, material which makes up the skin and protects the considious soulgod's organs. in the arms of the considious soulgods heavy guns can be mounted. normally a heavy laser gun is mounted and an antimatter machine gun. their is also room on their backs for guns, but these are normally not used because of their energy costs, they would only be used in quick charges and when maximum fire is needed. even tho they may not look like it, the considious soulgod has an above average intellegence. it's brain is made to think of the best ways to approach as fight and will have no mercy unless commanded. a considious soulgod works best together with other soldiers or in a pack. a few would sneak around a group of enemy soldier and they pick off soldiers while others are distracted by the battle. another use for them is to use their brute strenght to make gaps in enemy lines. they would charge in while other units rain bullets and they force their way through line. once the gap is made other units come in and split up the enemy's army. the considious soulgod have a good amount of freedom from the hive so they can make quick decisions in war but they can still be very much seen as part of the hive.

amount: 40 million


Verzamela Soulgodia


officers are commanders of armies in the grand soulgodian army. they are made up by Verzamela Soulgodia. they are under command of the first high command, or they are part of the high command. those are also the two only ranks within the officers. either part of the high command. or a normal verzamela soulgodia. soulgodia from the first high command barely enroll as officers on the battlefield tho. and if they do they most likely command over a big army. when you are part of the first high command you'll have a black label on your arm while normal soulgodia have a blue label.

the officers normally don't engage in battle but stay behind the frontlines. they most of the time only hold a small firearm to protect themselves. their bodies are not made for war like other soulgodia. they are made to keep clear contact between the hive and the soldiers. most of the time a few officers are present at a group of soldiers. so that they are able to split up while still being in contact with the hive, or that they still have contact when one officer is damaged. even tho they are not made for fighting, they're still a force to be reckoned with for normal humans. their skin is tough and they still have a lot of strength.

they officers normally don't wear special uniforms in battle, but they do have suits for hostile terrains. the suits are designed to be able to withstand extreme environments while still keeping good connections between soldiers and the hive. their headpiece is made out of a sphere. it has sturdy material on the front through which they are able to see but are still protected. on the helmet there are anttenas which will help send signals from the hive through dense atmospheres. the helmet has a few ports to which the officers mind can be connected, so that the officer can send out these signals. on the shoulders there are two heat exhausts so that heat can be released from the body when necesary. the rest of the suit is made out of sturdy flexible materials which help protect the officer. inside there are coolers to keep the body cool when neccesary.

there is not a set amount of officers in the army as verzamela soulgodia are enrolled just before battle.

An officer has different jobs to which it could be assigned and for that are also different uniforms. There are 4 main uniforms for the officiers with a few exeptions. The main 4 uniforms are the terrastial uniform, the marine uniform, the galactic uniform and the command uniform. Which is showed in the same order on the image. Each uniform is used in the battlefield respective to their name. The terrastial uniform is used on land battles, the marine uniform is used by battle up or under water, The galactic is used in space battles or low orbit battles. The command uniform is assigned to a Verzamela Soulgodia who works in the high command, it can be used on all battlefronts tho is rarely seen. Each officer uniform has it’s varients which are shown on the top most label on the right arm.

The terrastial uniform is the one demostrated on the far left. It’s the uniform used for officers on terrastial fighting grounds. And you’ll find most of the officers you would see wearing this. The terrastial officers are much more seen due to them being on the battelfields or on a vehicle and not in a flagship. The terrastial uniform has a few different variants. First it has something called a squadrent-terrastial officer. This is an terrastial officer which controls a small group of soldiers mostly used for smaller missions. Then you’d have the terrastial-command officer, which is a terrastial officer used to bring information and orders to bigger armies such can be seen on a battlefield. You also have the terrastial-defence officer, who you’d find in defensive lines and fortresses. You have the terrastial-reserve officer which is used as a reserve if another officer died, he can take up most roles. At last you have a rarer one, the terrastial-diplomatic officer, which is an officer specially used to do diplomatic talks with enemy commanders.

The marine uniform is the one shown on the middle left. It is used for officers who command an aquatic fleet. You could most likely find them in the cabin of a flagship or between the soldiers on a big ship. The Marine uniforms variants are, submerge-marine officer, an officer which commands fleets of submarines, which could range from large to small, these officers would be used in a situation where the submarines are treated as a seperate unit to the rest of the fleet. Patrol-marine officer, an officer that controls a patrol ship or ships. A captain-marine officer, this is an officer controlling a larger fleet, both submarines and battleships. And at last also the reserve-marine officer, which functions the same as the terrastial-reserve.

The Galactic uniform is shown on the middle right, it’s preserved for officers on the galactic front, these officers can be found in a space station or in a flagship. They are specialised in 3d thinking and manouvring. Galactic officers are more often found, due spaceship being able to travel over fast differences which can lead to easier disconnection to the hive. The most common galactic officer is the galactic-admiral officer, which is used as a leading figure on capital ships such as the Corvessel. Then you got the galactic-stationary officer, which is used as a command on space stations, but terrastial officers could also be found on large space stations. The galactic-defence officer is an officer that would lead escort ships. You also have the usual galactic-reserve officer which does just the same job as the marine-reserve and the reserve-terrastial. The galactic-throng officer is a rarer officer that will sometimes be in charge of a trhong. And the galactic-expeditionist is one which would escort expedition fleets to other solar-systems.

The Command uniforms are for those who are part of the high command of the Rčjk, it’s on the far right on the picture. These officers will most likely not be seen on the battlefield, as they high command mostly gives orders from home base. There are only 150 members in the first high command so their is a very small chance they would be seen anywhere. There are not many general variants as most of the first high command have specialised roles. One of the few variants is the command-general, which is assigned to a high command officer when they are given charge over a large compain. Another one is the world-command, which is given to an officer that is ordered to defend a specific planet, or a specific part of space. The command uniforms also have a few custom variants to it’s looks for induvidual officers.

Porian super soldier

the Porian super soldier or the PSS is by far the Corvus Rčjk's strongest unit. they consist of the best trained Soulgodia in the Rčjk. these soldiers are made to function as one man armies and have been given the equipment to do so. there are only 200 PSS due to their production cost of 250 billion godjuwels. the price pays off tho as they are able to fight through every enemy line.

most of this money goes into it's batteries. they use the C02SSB which is a very compact but super powerful energy storage. this battery just about powers all the equipment of the PSS. this allows them to very some very heavy shots, to take a lot of blows and to regenerate quickly. the PSS holds multiple spare batteries which can ensure that the PSS can fight in intense combat for hours. other soldiers can even supply more batteries and recharge them during battle so that the PSS can continue fighting.

the PSS uses an heavy automatic anti-matter machien gun most of the time. this weapons is strong enough to level enemy soldiers to the ground in seconds. it can fire up to 1 million rounds per minute when fully turned up. it's powered by and C02SSB battery in a slot before the trigger and has a tube leading to the antimatter fuel tank. the gun is able to also damage light weight vehicles behind function. for heavier vehicles the PSS can use grenates. these are some of the more powerful and and are able to destroy most vehicles. as a melee weapon the PPS mostly uses a double sided energy blade, this can cut through just about anything and can also be thrown as a boomerang. on it's shoulders the PSS has two light laser cannons that serve for defence. the overall tactic of the PSS is to cover enemies in so much fire that they can't respond. apart from these weapons the PSS is able to just about use every other weapon flawlessly and is trained in all types of fighting.

the armour of the PSS is mostly made out of compressed beacomite. it's able to take some heavy blows. on top of the beacomite another layer is added that can change colour to camouflage. apart from visible camouflage the PSS is also able to prevent being detected by various digital sensors. this way it's able to sneak up to the enemy. the armour design is designed to look inhuman, which could help at intimidating human soldiers. alongside the normal armour the PSS also has a small shield, due to the C02SSB batteries this is quite hard to break. alongside that it has regenerative systems to rebuild the Soulgodia if it gets damaged. in the back the PSS has small holes which can let gasses through, this can be used for gas attacks on organic soldiers or to spray out smoke gasses which can hide the PSS away from heat sensors and confuse the enemy.

The PSS has two pairs of wings on it's back which allows it to fly in low air. these wings are also heavily amoured to give the back of the PSS protections. under the wings 6 small thrusters are placed. the PSS is able to go up to 5.000 KM/H in air. the PSS is also able to function in submerged battlefields. with all the equipment being water proof and being able to use small propelors to move in water. like any other Porian soldier the PSS is able to survive in the hardest environments. and due to it's durablity it's able to survive in even harsher environments.

amount: 200


the CTCA-12 or Corvus Tactical Combat assistant is a combat unit constructed by the Corvus Rčjk. it has many functions to it's 1 metre high body and helps the induvidual soldier on the battlefield. it can be used from protecting a soldier to sabotaging enemy communications. it can be used as a stealth unit or as a medical assistant. the CTCA can be used pretty much anywhere in ground combat and sometimes also in aquatic battlefields. it could also be used in the hijacking of spacecraft. there aren't a huge amount of CTCA's as they're not used very often and there is a very small chance to one being damaged as it is either used behind a shield or when it is on stealth missions.

the CTCA has a whole bunch of tools to it's use. one of them is a small shield generator which can be used to give cover to a soldier or be used to cover a wounded soldier while it is being brought behind the frontlines. this shield is only to take a few shots until breaking. the CTCA also has communication jammers which would stop enemey units from recieving messages or orders. this is mounted on the arm sticking out of the side shown on the image. together with that the CTCA has multiple tools which sabatage enemy equipment, from malfunctioning electric systems to messing up gun mechanisms. these tools are located on arms of it's back and are able to fold in and out so they won't get in the way. blocking communications and sabataging enemy equipment is what the CTCA are most used for. to complete these tasks it must get very close to the enemy. because of this it has a whole bunch of claoking technology placed on it to make it almost undetectable for enemies. the CTCA is a good digger and create small tunnels to get to the enemy the CTCA itself is also made out of pretty light materials so it can sneak soft and lightly over the ground. it mostly moves slow when approaching the enemy but it can run up to speeds of 120 km's an hour. the last use for the CTCA is reload and repair. it has another set of arms on it's back to specifically repair things and carry stuff around. it can make small repairs in the heat of the battle and can carry ammo/grenades around to friendly soldiers.

amount: 50 million

original design came from SaneSauceLand

CGS space marines

the CSIU-02 or the Corvus Stuzzar Infantrié Únit (Corvus Stellar Infantry Unit) is one of the smaller spacecraft in the army. they have a wingspan of 7 metres and have a surface area of 14 square metres. the CSIU-02 is used as a multi terrain unit and is able to fight both in space, air and the ground. this can be achieved by it's foldable wings and it's foldable legs. they are used as a more blunt version of the standard unit, they are handy for quick combat and cover fire. in space battles the CSIU-02 mostly functions as a small hard to hit unit that can deal small damage to other space craft. making them vurnable for bigger Porian space craft to pick them off. due to it's low production costs it isn't really a problem if a CSIU-02 gets destroyed as there would be 5 to take it's place. in ground battles they would moslty be used as an infantry unit. raining down fire power on the enemy and giving more tactical unit like the standard unit or the Considious Soulgod time to infaltrate the lines. on the ground they are most handy in large open areas and due to their size not handy in smaller rooms. it's great at urban warfare and fighting on large plains tho would have more struggle in things such as forests.

the CSIU-02 has 3 weapons. on it's wings it has 2 small laser cannons. which are able to rotate 18 degrees. these will mostly be used as cover fire or sometimes as AA cannons on ground battles. it is placed on the under side of the wing so it can both function well in ground warfare and space warfare. it's power source is directly attached to the core. the exhaust vents for the lasers are placd on teh top of the wings. it's main gun is a light anti-matter machine gun. it is locate on a turret attached to it's belly which is able to rotate 360 degrees. the machine gun itself is also able to rotate up and down so it has a wide range. to the back of the machine gun a small missile launcher is placed. this would mostly be used in space battles and it can house either small anti-matter missiles or small EMP missile. this is only optional tho, on ground battles it can't be used much, only as a kamikaze unit.

the core of the CSIU-02 is a small rechargable power core. it's more like a battery than a core as it will only supply energy for 12 hours. this is because CSIU-02 aren't supposed to last long in battle and would either be destroyed or called back before needing refueling. there are special refueling stations which either are able to drive around on the battlefield or could be attached to a bigger space craft in a space battle. the core itself is placed in the back of the torso right above the missile launcher. on the top of the CSIU-02 is a port where it can be refueled. on the side of the CSIU-02 also a small hatch is placed that leads to a storage space. this could function as a storage room but also has ports connecting to the core for additional batteries for if the CSIU-02 is needed to last longer. the exhaust vents of the core are placed on the side of the torso. a small hook is located on the back of the CSIU-02 which is able to attach to other space craft, this will ensure the energy of the core wouldn't be used up when it travels to the battlefield.

the CSIU-02 has 3 thrusters. on placed on the back and two placed on the underside of the wings. this ensures that the CSIU-02 has great and quick mobility in space. the back thruster will be most used while the side thrusters help it steer. the side thrusters could also be used to give it a boost. the CSIU-02 normally travels at a speed of 20.000 KM/s in space but could go up to the speed of light. it can also slow down to bring down more tactical shots on slow moving enemy ships.

most of the CSIU-02 armour is located on teh wings. it would mostly be used in space warfare as there it is more likely to get heavy hits. in space battles the CSIU-02 can turn over in the fraction of a second turning it's upper side to enemy ships. this can win the CSIU-02 a litttle more time to hit a few more shots or retreat. the CSIU-02 also has a small shield generator tho it isn't used much due to it's high energy cost.

amount: 1 billion


The CATV-03, or the Corvus al turrein vuortuigj (Corvus all terrain vehicle) is the most common war vechicle in the Rčjk. it can be used on all battlefields, from water to space. it stands 28 meters tall. it has 4 legs which are attached with rails on a circular base. these rails allow the legs to stand in any position relative to the base. the legs themselves have multiple joints and extensions which can make a large variety of position the CATV-03 is able to stand in. the legs stand in different postions depanding on the terrain. for space the legs either stay in idle positon or go fully outward forming a drone like formation. the flight is powered by multiple sets of thrusters located on the underside of the legs and the belly side. on each leg also an heat exhaust is placed. under the base a heavy machine gun turret is placed. it helps with cleaning off enemy troops who manage to get under the CATV. it uses anti-matter rounds but also has a small ION cannon under the main machine gun. this turret is also protected with a decent amount of Beacomite armour which protects the CATV's core. this would mostly be useful for surviving a fall or getting hit in an areal battle tho as there is only a small chance somebody is able to get under a CATV and do a lot of damage. within the base there are anti-gravity generators, allowing it to floot and fly with ease. the base isn't the most heavily protected but has a lot of support, as it keeps the entire vehicle together. upon the base a big turret is placed which holds the main guns. due to the vehicle being very widespread the turret is very modifyable, so it can be used in different situations. it has room for 3 heavy guns and 4 light guns. each gun can be attached and detached, replaced by another gun or replaced by another tool. on positions for the 3 heavy guns mostly ION, anti-matter or plasma guns are placed. these will mostly focus on the battlefield and attacking enemy troops or vehicles. on the positions for the 4 lighter guns most likely AA or light machine guns will be placed. these would mostly be used to defend the CATV from attackers. within the turret the core is located, around it is heavy beacomite armour. within the turret there is a bit of storage room where soldiers may stay for some time. the top of the turret is flat, soldiers or officers could stay there to provide more defence or oversee the battlefield. in the middle there are antenna which help troops communicate with the hive, this makes the CATV both a war machine and a communication point. on it are also three ports which could open into a Stella sail, making the CATV able to travel fast through hyperlanes.

Amount: 30 million


The CMB or the Corvus movable bastion is a vehicle of the Corvus Rčjk which functions as a movable strong point. It stands 600 metres tall is 400 metres long and 250 metres wide. The CMB is dropped into a battlefield from a capital ship most of the time and functions as a base for the soldiers, being able to supply and repair. It is not used very often in battles and is only used on ground battles, preferably only flatter terrain due to its size, tho could also be found in suburbian warfare.

The CMB is build around a big rectangulair box, which is called the bastion core. This holds most of the rooms for infantry storage and holds the main engines. The bastion core has a few weapons mounted on it. a few anti-matter cannons and machine gones on the bottom to defend against anyone who gets closed and there are placed where small bombs can be dropped against highly armoured vehicles. 12 anti-matter cannons to the side to shoot over longer ranges. on the side balconies of the bastion core machine/AA guns can be mounted to shoot at low armour vehicles or enemy infantry. Inside the bastion core there is mostly room for infantry to station and repair bays for soldiers. It also has several rooms which could either be used as storage or a place for more infantry to stay. On the belly there is also room for a very smaller vehicles which could be lowered down into the battlefield. The Bastion core has multiple layers of armour throughout it. with the outside having 1 meter thick plating on most areas. The Bastion core includes 4 small hangers for aircraft on it’s sides.

The bastion spine is the frame of the CMB. It mostly consists of anti-gravity generators and thick strotting which keeps the CMB together. Everything of the CMB is connected to the bastion spine. The Bastion spine can disconnect the Bastion core, making the core and ordinary fortress. When this happens the CMB transforms into a CHMW or Corvus heavy mobilised walker. And serves more as a big vehicle which deals a lot of damage then a fortress. The spine has the outlets to the shield generators, which are also located into the spine. These are pretty powerful due to the amount of energy the CMB has. If the Bastion core is located reserve engines could be actived within the spine for energy. In the spine not a lot of things are located. The main open areas are the 8 hangers located to the sides.these are a bit bigger than the ones on the bastion core and can hold bigger aircraft. Repair bays for the aircraft are located behind the hangers.

Upon the bastion spine the aeroplatform is placed. This platform contains 20 AA-guns and serves as a flight deck. It contains two levels. The first level has 8 of the AA-guns which are located on two airstrips on both sides. These airships can be used by aeroplanes up to 20 metres in length. Both ends of the airstrip are slanted upwards to give the vehicles an extra boost. The aeroplatform is mostly used for spaceships but these airstrips allow for usage of more traditional ways of flight which could make an advantage in the battle. The strips are attached to a huge hanger which takes up most of the aeroplatform, this has a lot of openings on the side so that spacecraft can fly out and in very quick. This hanger can hold spaceships up to 50 meters in length. The hanger is equipped with shield to protect the vehicles inside and has multiple reparation spots. Most of the entrances are located on the side, but 4 are also located on the front and back. Above the hanger is the second tier. This holds the 12 additional AA-gun and is heavily armoured. This is a huge platform which is able to hold a bigger ship which is able to go up to 250 meters in length and 80 meters in width. The strong structure allows for very heavy spacecraft to land up here. Tho the CMB is not able to move when a ship is located on the top, so it could only be used for resupplying, when there is not a ship on the second tier smaller ships could station and the CMB is able to move with them. The Aeroplatform also has multiple anchor points which could be attached to a bigger spaceship to attach it and transport it.

The CMB has 4 sturdy legs. These are the main way of transportation for it. the legs are heavily armoured to support the weight of the CMB and in each one an anti-gravity generator is placed to not crush the ground under itself. With the legs the CMB is able to go a max speed of 110 km/h. the legs are so placed that it gives the most protection to the bastion core due to it’s thick armour it can give a lot of protection. On each legs 2 machine guns and one cannon are placed to protect itself. The underside of the legs also have entrances so soldiers and small vehicles can enter and exit. In the underside of the legs there is not much room due to the rocket boosters placed in them which help at getting the CMB up into it’s mothership again. Additional boosters are placed on the side to give extra thrust. Inside the rest of the legs are mostly supports and a few rooms where soldiers could station.

The CMB has two cockpits. This is so it can go both way without having to fully turn, which is a long process. In each cockpit a core of the CMB is placed. These function as the brains and recieve and give orders to each part. If one of these cores is destroyed the CMB is still able to function with the other. The cores are placed way back into the cockpit and are heavily armoured so they are hard to be destroyed. In each cockpit an anti-matter Slütnick gun is placed, which serve as the main weapons of the CMB. Each one of them is able to blow a hole the diameter of 75 metres, which vaporises almost everything inside of it. above that the view deck is placed. Behind protective glass there is an area where tactici and officers can be placed. It also has some of the main sensors of the CMB in it.

amount: 400


the CHATT-23 or Corvus Heavy All Terrain Tank is a high power tank of the Corvus Rčjk. it can be used for arial, galactic and ground battles, tho it is mostly used in space. it's focus is to deliver heavy blows to enemies in a short amount of time. the whole thing is basically a bunch of batteries and a gun sticked together. because of this the CHATT has low protection but strong attacks. on the front it has place for a heavy cannon, this will most likely be an heavy automatic anti-matter cannon or a heavy laser cannon. most of it's energy will be directed to this main gun. on it's belly and sides there are a few AA guns which are they biggest defences on the ship. the ship has medium amounts of armour but the engine and battery packets are still quite vunerable. on it's sides are placed for 6 heavy batteries. these will supply power to the main gun and are detachable. this makes it easy to reload when it moves back to safety after an attack. the batteries could also be used to fuel a small energy shield but this is rarely used tho. the CHATT mostly uses hit and run tactics. it would first aproach an enemy vehicle, most likely guarded by some light vehicles. when it is close enough it would be given room and it would fire it's guns at maximum power. when it's batteries are empty it would retreat back behind the frontlines for refueling and the process is repeated. when this is done right this could do heavy damage to the enemy, making the CHATT very dangerous in some situations.

amount: 2 million


the Salur-fighter is the Corvus Rčjks main starfighter. it has a length of 15 metres and a wingspan of 10 metres. it is light armoured and easily mass manufactured. the main purpose of them is to rain so much fire onto the enemy that they can't react. this is mostly done with the two machineguns on the bottom of it's belly. these are most likely plasma or anti-matter but it depends on the situation mostly. when there are enough Salur-fighters these guns can rain millions of bullets on the enemy. on it's head it has a more heavier gun, most likely anti-matter or laser, which can help penetrate enemy armour. this gun is mostly used on more heavy armoured enemy fighters. this gun can also be replaced with a small missile launcher but that wouldn't be able to store a huge amount of missiles. on it's back it also has a tail gun which would mostly be used to defend against enemy fighters or incoming missiles. the Salur-fighter does not have an strong engine so it relies on traveling via carriers or warpers. the Salur-fighters have a handful of different designs. some made to be produced very quick and some made to be more heavy armoured. this makes the Salur-fighter handy in all kinds of situations. the average Salur-fighter has pretty light armour, instead relying on it's mobility to stay in pieces. this helps again to make the Salur-fighter cheap and easily reproducable. this mobility is given by the large amount of thrusters on the back and it's big wings. this makes it able to turn in any direction in the fraction of a second and makes it able to go on pretty fast speeds for it's size. the Salur-fighter has a small anti-gravity generator which will help it stay airborne in atmospheres. it sometimes also has a small shield which helps defend the ship. The salur fighter uses a strong generator to power it’s thrusters which can sometimes also be used for suicide attacks.

amount: 70 million
Powerlevel: 5


The Corvessel is the Rčjk main command ship. It has a diameter of 400 x 400 x 5000 metres and is the Rčjk’s largest standard model. The Corvessal is able to hold 1.000.000 crew members, mostly in compact storage rooms. The Corvessels is made out of a few different parts.

First it has it’s base. This contain the bulk of the storage and holds thing such as the mechanical brain and generators. It is heavily armoured using thick Beacomite plating and energy shields. The base also holds room for standard infantry when not active in battle. This space could also be used as normal storage space. The base also holds a few repair bays for longer time reperations. The base also is armoured with lighter weapons. Which can be used against smaller ships or misseles coming close. Most of them are laser or anti-matter. On the end of the base is a heavy EMP cannon placed which is able to disable small ships and medium sized ships in one shot. It would mostly work effective against shielding of big ships. The EMP cannon takes a lot of energy tho and isn’t used all that much.

The base itself is attatched to the enginebase. The standard Corvessel has 5 heavy engines and a few smaller steering ones, in the enginebase is also a power generator located and the fueling tanks. The enginebase holds 12 defence lasers, 3 heavy flank anti-matter cannons and a few more AA guns together with rocket launchers. The enginebase has altnernating layers of isolation material and anti-rocket armour. These are to defend the engines from incoming missiles and stop it from enemy lasers overheating them. The enginebase also ensure that a Corvessels is able to land. Corvessels are able to land on mostly flat terrain to serve as a command station in terrastrial war. It does this by turning the engines down and slowly descending onto a surface or planet. Then it would dig a few holes using anti-matter so supports could be placed. It would cement itself into the ground using anti-gravity and hydraulic pillars. The Corvessel can now be used as a stronghold or a supply centre in battle.

Around the base and enginebase are the shields. The shields are 3 gigantic plates which rap around the rest of the Corvessel. They are the most armed of all parts with each one holding 20 light laser cannons, 6 heavy anti-matter cannons, 2 small superheavy cannon, 1 large superheavy cannon, 3 heavy laser cannons, 4 missile launchers, 6 medium plasma cannons and a large amount of AA units and drone launchers. It supplies most of the fire power of the Corvessel. Each arm also has a large superheavy anti-matter cannon which are mostly used against other commando ships. Each shield also holds multiple repair bays and hangers for smaller ships. Together with each 2 shield generators. Most hangers are located at the belly of the wing to give more protection to ships. In the rim of the shields escape pods are located, able to evecuate everyone from the Corvessel. in the tips of each shield are ports to equip a Stella sail.

amount: 600
Powerlevel: 250.000


the Aqualitus is the Corvus Rčjk main oceanic vessel. it has a size of 60 by 45 metres. the Aqualitus is also able to be used as a spaceship and is more often used in space battles than oceanic battles. both in space and water it is used for the same purpose, to be used as a tank unit which can bring heavy blows to enemy ships while having enough armour to defend itself.

the aqualitus has 2 main guns. two heavy anti-matter auto cannons located on it's belly. these are mostly used for bigger ships. these two cannons are the main energy consumer of the ship and they each have their own seperate reactor which could help fuel it while not taking of all the energy of the main reactor. on it's sides the Aqualitus has two ION battery cannons. these are used to shoot smaller targets like small ships or starfighters. these guns are the most frequently used weapons on the ship. for the rest there are 6 AA cannons. which help protect the ship from other small ships and incoming fire. two of these are placed on the topside, protecting the bridge at the bigger guns. two of these are placed on the backwings, used as tail guns to defend when being chased. the other 2 are located on the bottom to defend the belly of the ship. some Aqualitus will also have torpedo launchers placed on it's belly, only used in sea battles.

the Aqualitus has a small starfighter bay beneath the bridge. it is able to store a small amount of starfighters or subs. it has a doors leading to it where vehicles can enter. these door is guarded with force field when open but also have a door that can close. inside that is also a reparations bay and a recharging station. here small damaged vehicles can be repaired or recharged so that can go back in battle. everything in the bay is able to be sealed of during an oceanic battle. this is so that vehicle can enter without the equipment getting wet. when a vehicle has entered the doors to the bay will close and all the water can be drained via vents in the ground. the bay also leads to other parts of the aqualitus such as the bridge. through here other materials can be moved.

the reactor of the Aqualitus is placed under the bridge. it's the most heavily armoured due to the engine being the most vital point of the vehicle. the engine connects to the 8 thrusters of the ship. 6 of these are placed on the back wings and 2 are placed on the main wings. the ones on the backwings are mostly used to thrust the ship forward or move it up and down while the ones on the sides are used for steering. before the reactor there is a shield generator placed. this supplies the main defence for the ship.

amount: 110 million

throng Soulgodia

induvidual Throng

Throng shepherd

the Throng is a Soulgodia sharing a family with the considious Soulgodia, being part of the family mechabiologia. they're a self growing species of mechanical creatures. the Throng consist of billions of flying space creatures. they mostly measure at 4 metres long and 1 metre wide. they Throng are sometimes called the fleet devourers due to their tactics. the Throng are used in large swarms consisting of million to overwelhm an enemy space fleet. a Throng itself isn't much of a threat but they are produced in the millions everyday. the Throng would swarn at enemy space ships and pick them off one by one. they would overwhelm the spaceships with gun fire and explosians untill basically nothing is left. the Throng are sometimes also used to serve as a shield for friendly fleets.

the Throng are made in hive astroids. these are massive organic factories located in astroid belts. something called a nurture throng would travel from the hive to collect resources from astroids. it would bring this back to the hive astroid and the hive astroid would use the materials these hive astroids are mostly located in random astroid clusters in the middle of nowhere. once a Throng is made it would be send to the closest Porian base to be put into a swarm. the ive astroids are rather well defended due to their seperation from the rest of the Rčjk. it has multiple weapon systems on the outside and has it's own shield generators if someone were to find it. finding a hive astroid is rather rare tho as they have camouflage and are located far from solar systems.

once a Throng arrives at a swarm it is give antimatter. each Throng has an antimatter core which will be filled. this antimatter can be used for a number of things. a Throng has only one weapon. an antimatter gun located on the front of it's body. due to it's small core compared to the size of the guns it can only be fired a few thousand times before it runs out of energy. but it's not expected that a Throng uses up all it's energy as it probably will be destroyed before it has the chance to. the anti-matter gun is capable of destroying small crafts in a few direct hits. on itself it can't do much against capital ships but together with millions of others in a swarn it's able to do quite a lot of damage. this is the main way of attacking of the Throng. Throng tactics mostly consist of getting close to the enemy instead of staying at large distances like the rest of the Porian fleet. this is why they also have an options to self detonate them. they're able to unclip some of their body parts which protect from a core explosian and are able to detonate the core. creating a large anti-matter explosian. this is used a lot on larger ships as a Throng would be able to use up all it's power before it gets destroyed. at last a Throng can use it's power to create a smal absorbing shield. this isn't used a lot but it is handy to defend damaged ships. the Throng would create a sphere around the ships to protect it from enemy fire.

a Throng swarn is controlled by a Throng shepherd. this is a circular ships that's able to communicate with the Throng and give them orders. the shepherds mostly stay behind the front lines to get protected. once no shepherds are left on the battlefield the swarn will automatically retreat so it can do no accidental damage to friendly ships. the thing that is directly controlling the Throng is something called the shepherd brain. these are placed upon the shepherd ships but can also be placed on other ships. the shepherd ship itself is basically also a hyperloop segment. it's able to boost a Throng to quickly enter the battlefield.

amount: 10 billion

CGS Rčjkmarine
core class

The core class is the standard class for a bit smaller vessels, it includes the most battleships in the Rčjkmarine. Most of the ships in it are around 250 meters in length, withes can vary. There are around 12.000 Core Class battleships in the Rčjk’s hands. The Core class battleships can vary in features. The longest Core Class battleship, RMS. Rčjkvúúr, goes up to 420 meters in length and is the longest ship in the Core class. Most ships in the Core Class include 3 triple barrle-heavy AM artillery, most likely 2 in the front and 1 in the back. These serve as the main weapons and can anhililate enemy ships. As secondary weapons there are around 2-5 medium artilery cannons, which can be laser, plasma or anti-matter. around 12-24 AA guns are placed on the battleships which defend against enemy aeroplanes/missiles and can do light damage. Some ships also have a few missile silos which can defend against large enemy aircraft. Each ship can also have 2-4 torpedo launchers placed to the side, tho some have none. Each battleship also contains a shield to give itself more armour. The plate armour of each ship can heavily very with some patrol ships being thinly plated and some heavier cruisers haveing very thick plating. Most ships also have anti-torpedo bulges for extra defence. The core class has a dubble level bridge with a large fortified window which give a lot of view of the surroundings, on the front is also a small bridge. Some battleships in the core class may also include a small platform on which space ships can land. The Core class most often has a crew which can vary from 100 ti 1000 people.

Grand class
The Grand class is the class with the second biggest battleships of the Rčjkmarine, only beaten by the (at the time of writing this) still constructing sailling fortresses. Most ships in the Grand Class are between 400 and 700 metres in length. The Grand class serves as the main fire power in the Rčjkmarine. They often function as a flagship in a naval battle or are one of the main ships in it. there are around a 1000 grand class battleships, substantially less than the core class. The RMS. Jordon is het largest ship in the Grand class, with a lentgh of 790 metres. It is so large that it doubles as an aircraft carrier. Most Grand class battleships have 5 of the main, triple barrle-heavy AM artillery canons. Most Grand Class ships got 4 missile silos against large ships and got around 6 medium guns. In the missile silos weapons of mass destruction can be placed if needed, if this is done the grand class battleship is reclassified as a grand destroyer, weapons such as nuclear missiles, thermo nuclear missiles and AM missiles can be stationed. Each Grand class battleship has a minimum of 20 AA guns dotted over the ship. Most battleship in the Grand class have room for 2 torpedo launchers on each side and some have a dock underneath their hull where a submarine can be stationed. A grand class battleship most often has a crew of 500-2000 people, for maintenance and for battle. Some of the Grand class battleships double as aircraft carriers, being able to hold around 5 or so aircraft/spacecraft which can be dispensed. Each Grand class has atleast one landing pad for spacecraft. Grand Class battleships have a large bridge, with a multy level deck which gives clear overview of the area. The bridge is most often placed in the back, but in some scenario’s it is placed in the front area of the ship. A smaller bridge is sometimes also placed on the peak of the ship. The Grand class battleship almost always have thick armour plating, due to it being used a lot on the frontlines, a Grand class battleship normally has 2 shield generators to defend itself. Which are fueled by it’s large anti-matter core. The side have a lote of bumps to defend against enemy torpedeos.

The D-class is the submarine class of the Rčjkmarine. The sizes of Submarines can really vary from being 12 metres in length to being over 500 metres in length. The average submarine is around 150 metres long tho. Most of the submarines are primarly AI controlled, it wouldn’t need much crew as crew in the Rčjkmarine is mostly used to fight off incoming enemy soldiers. There are around 24.000 subs in the Rčjkmarine, not counting any under 50 meters. Most subs large enough to carry multiple personal have a bridge located in the front, mostly likely you’d find more formal crew such as maintenance workers and navigators there and only a few soldiers. The bridge also has most of the time 2 exits to the outside one leading tot he upperdeck, which is located on top of the bridge and one leading tot he lower deck, which is on top of the submarine itself. The lower deck most likely houses a medium gun for if the sub was to go above water. A lot of the larger submarines have an area in which scuba soldiers can be placed, to be dispatched under water. The front of the sub is most likely fully controlled by robotics. Usually you will find a few torpedo launchers on the front and an anti-matter gun on each side which is able to operate underwater. There would also be fins or thrusters to steer. In the bottom back there is mostly likely a shield generator placed and the main thruster/thrusters. Above that there could be an area for troops tob e stationed. There are a few smaller guns also placed on a sub. Most common areas are on the bridge, on the sub’s belly, on the side and on the lower deck. These are all made to be fired undewater. Some bigger subs, mostly likely above 250 metres, also have a small dock very a very small sub. The RMS. Atlantis is the largest submarine of the Rčjkmarine. With 650 meters in lentgh it has some of the largest torpedo launchers in the Rčjkmarine. Multiple missile launchers for WMDs. A dock so big it can house a sup of over 100 meters in length. Multiple heavy guns and it’s own repair bay.
The CLSV-07, or the Corvus Light Submergible Vehicle. is a small sub in the Rčjkmarine. It’s around 10 meters in length and there are 110.000 of them. They are used as a smaller attack vehicle in the Rčjkmarine. They are lightly armoured and easily produced. They have a torpedo launcher on the front, which can house all sorts of small torpedos. 5 torpedos can be stacked as ammo. It also has 2 light guns to the side of it. the CLSV is completely AI controlled, which is located in an extension on the top of the sub. Due to it’s size there is no room for crew in them. They are able to go 200 kms an hour with the small thruster placed on it’s back and sides. The two thrusters on the side are also used for steering. The CLSV has two other varients. The CLSV-11 is a heavy version of the original CLSV. It is 20 meters in length and there are 30.000 of them. The CLSV-11 has thicker aromour than the 07 and 2 additional torpedo launchers. It’s guns are a bit stronger and it has an extra light machine gun placed on it’s back. The 11 also has a small space in which troop scan store extra ammo or equipment, they’re able to easily get this out during battle. The biggest varient of the CLSV is the CLSV-30. It’s a total 40 meters in length and there are 7000 of them. The 30 has 4 torpedo slots and a medium cannon on the front. It still has two guns on the side plus and additional 2 light machine guns. The AI of the 30 is located in a small bridge placed on the front and in the back is a small area were a few troop scan sit in.

Support class
The support class is overall the smallest class in the Rčjkmarine, in length that is. Ships in the support class average out on around 100 meters in length. There are around 21.000 ships in the support class. The support class mostly consists of destroyers and corvettes with the role of defending larger ships. You barely find any larger ships alone as they will, most of the time, be escorted by a support class ship. The support class ships are fast and manouvreable, with light armour and light weaponry. It will most of the time only have a crew consistig of a handful of people. A support class can have a wide arangement of weapons onboard. As it used as a defending vessel it must be able to fend of against all types of foes. Most of the time it has between 2-8 AA-guns, which can vary in strength to defeat any enemy aircraft. also as AA weaponry it can be equiped with missile launchers, which can be fired at bulkier enemy aircraft. it is most of the time equiped with one medium gun, which is most likely used against small speedy enemy ships. This is, apart from the AA gun the most commonly found weapon on the support class. The support class could also be equiped with shield cannons. Which would most likely be the only weapon on the ship, apart from a AA gun or two, because of it’s heavy weight and the large amount of space it takes in. Minesweepers also fall under the support class. Some support class ships will be equiped with minesweeping devices. A support class ship most likely has a small, 1 or 2 level bridge placed in the front, leaving a lot of room for weapony on the back. The support class doesn’t really need weapons on the front as most of the time it needs to fend of enemies from the side.

Transport class
The transport class is a class used for transporting material, vehicles or troops to the frontline, battleships from this class would most likely be used in the form of a naval invasion. The ships in this class can vary in size a lot, the lengths most commonly seen are the heavy transport class battleships, which are around 300 meters in length and troop carriers which are around 50 meters in length. The heavy transport class battleship is the one that could be seen on the first image. It’s a bulky ship most likely shipping vehicles or material to the frontline, there are around 2000 of these. The ship is most of the time build out of 3 portions, the front deck, the cargo space and the high deck. On the high deck the main bridge is located. There is not really anyting special here apart from a few AA guns and a triple barrle heavy canon. Heavy transport do have a fair bit of weaponry, but most of the time they are expected to be escorted by some other ships. Under the high deck the engines are most likely placed of the carrier ship and it’s shield generators. The cargo bay is the area where the cargo is placed. It’s a large open area where containers can be placed. These containers most likely contain a vehicle or two, or some equipment. In some cases the containers ever store soldiers. The containers are moved by a large crane attached on a rail on the side of the ship, this crane can move of the whole cargo bay and can move to the side to placed containers next to the ship. The front deck serves as a secondary bridge of the ship and is also equiped with a few weapons. This again includes a few AA guns and another tripple barrle gun. Sometimes there are also missiles and or medium guns on the front deck. Under the front deck a gate is located. Once landed this gate can open and it’s a placed to store extra vehicles/troops. The gate area is also connected to the cargo bay, so it can also get out containers through there. On the side of the ship there could be railings included for soldiers to fire off or get out of. Troop carriers are a way smaller transport class. they have as much room as possible for troops and are only equipped with two machine guns. This ship will only be used to transport troops. It is able to go 200 kms an hour. There are 40.000 of these.