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A brief overview of Waukeenism - the officiol religion of Port Ember WIP

The Religion of Waukeen

Waukeenism is the worshipping of the deity named Waukeen, more commonly refered to as the "Golden Lady".

Waukeen (pronounced: /wɑːʌˈkin/wau-KEEN) is a deity of the Faerūnian pantheon known as the Merchant's Friend, Liberty's Maiden, and the Golden Lady. Her portfolio includes everything related to commerce and the accumulation of wealth through free and fair trade, as well as the beneficial use of wealth to improve civilization. Those that venerated and appeases her includes merchants from lowly peddlers to the wealthy owners of trading companies, investors, accountants, entrepreneurs, caravan guides, warehouse owners, philanthropists, deal-makers, moneylenders, and so on. Waukeen is also the goddess of illicit trade and the patron of many smugglers, fences, black marketeers, and "businessmen" on the shady side of commerce. Collectively, her worshipers is known as Waukeenar.

According to doctrine, Waukeenism advocates no creation myth, instead believing in the scientific Big Bang as the origin of life. Waukeen was created along this creation and has fostered the spirit of trade ever since.

Furthermore Waukeenism is a very liberal religion, allowing its followers to believe in other deities, making no claim that Waukeen is the one true god. Waukeen is pleased when one conducts trade, whether you believe in Her or not. Simple lip service is also accepted.

Waukeen followers believes that after death, their spirits will spend eternity in the Marketplace Eternal, a massive open bazaar in the spiritual plane.

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