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Military of Porpoise Isle (not canon)

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The Porpoisian Armed Forces

- Commander in Chief: Élise Milligan
- Secretary of Defense:

- Porpoisian Army
- Porpoisian Navy
- Porpoisian Air Force
- Porpoisian EMERCOM

NS Defense Force Rating: 4,006.46
(top 17% in the world; 13th in region)

- Total Population: 29,556,970
- Labor Force: 16,110,026
- Total Current: 146,307
- Active Duty: 98,026
- Reserves: 48,282

Budget: 62,856,133,101.03 Clams

Porpoise Armed Forces

The Porpoisian Armed Forces are a very strong part of Porpoisian society with almost every citizen having served in them one way or another. Additionally, it gained a large amount of combat experience during the bloody Revolution against The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles which it eventually won. Because of this, the military is made up of a large amount of soldiers, sailors, and airmen that have had in one way or another had to survive in a combat area at one point in their lives. Additionally, the majority of Porpoisian military equipment has its origins in The Dolphin Isles, but domestic industries have come up with new equipment for each of the branches in the armed forces. The military does not have much power projection beyond its shores, but it still maintains a large military in order to defend itself and can send out very small expeditionary units abroad.


The armed forces have been an integral part of the nation since its inception in the Porpoisian Revolution. This revolution started with groups of armed militias attacking military forces from The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles. It then progressed to a full fledged war and a legitimate army was formed using stolen equipment from UADI forces alongside a transitional government that was put in charge at the time. Due to logistical concerns with the Grecian League severely hampering UADI forces from passing through its waters, UADI forces were not able to be replenished for days after the revolution started to take hold of the island. Loyalist forces were then pushed back enough that Porpoisian forces were able to secure the city of Okuru which became the capital of the new nation and where brutal urban warfare claimed the lives of thousands as both sides came to a stalemate.

However, UADI reinforcements did come with several marine landings and airborne drops occurring around the country that disrupted the Porpoisian army’s advances substantially. This led to Porpoisian forces being pushed far back all across the island. However, UADI forces took heavy casualties during the invasion and a massive increase in guerrilla activity behind its lines weakened it enough to allow Porpoisian forces to make a comeback.
One of the largest battles during this push by Porpoisian forces was the Battle of Prinsen which was where a UADI base and a The Grand Republic of Nation for Mutual Security military base resided. It also served as the provincial capital of the region prior to its independence. This city became under siege as Porpoisian forces began an assault on the UADI garrison with full force. However, the large UADI garrison held strong and the battle turned into a quagmire. Then, marines from Fumathan landed on the beaches near the city of Prinsen and broke through the Dolphinian defense. Following this breakthrough, the battle devolved into several intense skirmishes across the city with blood being shed for every street corner taken. The city became a tensely debated topic during peace talks between the UADI government and the governments of Fumathan and Porpoise Isle.

Command Structure

Porpoise Isle mostly follows the command structure of its parent nation with the Army consisting airborne and regular army contingents. Other than that, it mostly follows that of the real life United States Armed Forces like many other Grecian nations.


Since the dawn of the Revolution, each Porpoise Isle citizen has been required to serve in the armed forces for two years after graduating from secondary school. Citizens that object to war are sent to the EMERCOM branch to serve their conscription. After their two years of service, each citizen has the choice of returning to the armed forces or leaving to join the civilian sphere which is what the majority of citizens do.


Budget: 18,856,839,930.31 Clams
Active Personnel: 49,013
Reserve Personnel: 24,141
Divisions: 6

Motto: Combattre, vaincre ou mourir (French for "fight, overcome or die")

The Porpoisian Army was the first branch created in the armed forces and carries the most prestige in the military as it did the most brutal fighting in the Revolution. During the beginning of its history, the army mostly used stolen UADI equipment and people’s personal weapons. This, however, changed as the war progressed and the army began procuring locally made models of UADI equipment in addition to what it had captured in UADI stockpiles. Nonetheless, the army is a mighty force to be reckoned with and is very fierce in combat.

Porpoisian soldiers cross-country skiing during the winter.

Porpoisian soldiers lined up.

A Porpoisian rebel from the revolution posing for a photo.

Porpoisian forces during the battle of Prinsen.


Budget: 31,428,066,550.51 Clams
Active Personnel: 26,467
Reserve Personnel: 13,036
Squadrons: 4

Motto: Guardians of the Sea

The Navy was created as a small force to try and beat back UADI landing and raiding parties. As the need for improved relations with other Grecian nations and the amount of trade to other nations across the globe increased after the war, this force was increased substantially. The Navy at its inception was very small as most shipbuilding in UADI happened on their home islands. However, after many improvements to the postwar Porpoisian shipbuilding industry, the navy was able to grow much larger in strength to protect its assets and trade routes around Grecia.

Additionally, it should be noted that the nation’s amphibious force is a marine group within the army while the navy still operates the ships that they use.

Surface Fleet


Subsurface Fleet


Porpoisian marines landing from a small landing craft.

Porpoisian ships in a naval exercise.

A Porpoisian vessel detonating an seamine.

Porpoisian forces during a boarding exercise.

Air Force

Budget: 12,571,226,620.21 Clams
Active Personnel: 22,546
Reserve Personnel: 11,105
Air-Wings: 3

Motto: Semper et ubique (Latin for "always and everywhere")

The Air Force faced numerous issues during the Revolution as it struggled to compete with the air force of The Dolphin Isles such as trying to survive against advanced Dolphinian anti-aircraft weapons. However, there was a great amount of expansion closer to the end of the war and after as advanced native airframes began to replace captured UADI stockpiles. Additionally, imports from The Grand Republic of Nation for Mutual Security

A Gripen during takeoff.

Porpoisian airborne rappelling from an Mi-8.

A Saab 105 during an airshow.

A BMD being airdropped.


Budget: N/A -paid for from separate budget
Active Personnel: N/A
Reserve Personnel: N/A

Motto: Omnia vincit animus (Latin for "fortitude overcomes all difficulties")

This branch is mostly non-militaristic in nature, but is still a part of the armed forces. It provides emergency response forces to areas all over the island. These forces may consist of paramedics that saw a large amount of use in the Revolution saving the lives of civilians and soldiers alike, firefighters, and other emergency units.

A mountain rescue team in action.

EMERCOM workers during a training drill.

An EMERCOM worker fighting a fire.

EMERCOM paramedics carrying away a man during the Battle of Prinsen.

Special Operations

Porpoisian special forces are highly skilled warfighters that have seen a massive amount of combat and are heavily seasoned and experienced as a result of this. During the Revolution, they served as commandos that operated behind enemy lines in UADI territory to disrupt supply lines and lead guerrilla forces. This experience is coupled with a large amount of training which both make them a force that is incredibly stealthy and hard to detect. This has granted them the name of the “Phantoms” which was in part a spinoff of the Ghosts in the UADI Army.

Phantoms fighting with guerrilla forces during the Battle of Prinsen.

Phantoms raiding a house during the Battle of Okuru.

A phantom in the Porpoisian countryside.

A group of Phantoms posing for a picture.

Peacekeeping Operations

Porpoise Isle has only participated in a few peacekeeping missions and they were almost always within its own borders. However, once the Revolution ended, the armed forces did send a small amount of its forces to operate on peacekeeping missions on the Grecian League.


(Click on thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)

Infantry Equipment








The Grand Empire of Great Coalition



Standard issue pistol for UADI armed forces. Is chambered in .45 ACP with a 15 round magazine. Weighs about one kilogram.

LinkRk 95 TP

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Assault Rifle


Main assault rifle of Porpoisian conscripted and regular forces.

Link7.62 PKM

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

General-purpose machine gun


Standard light machine gun of Porpoisian forces..

LinkSako TRG

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Sniper Rifle


M145 Light Anti-tank Weapon

The Grand Republic of Nation for Mutual Security

Disposable Rocket Launcher


Stolen during the Revolution and is highly prevalent in military storage and the frontline. The LAW is intended for fighting medium to light armored vehicles or hardened structures at close range. The LAW uses a tandem HEAT warhead to defeat ERA armor.


The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Guided Missile


Useful for anti-infantry and anti-armour operations at medium to close ranges. The missile and container are 13.0 kg and the firing post weighs 4.5 kg. Has an operational range of 50-600m and uses a tandem-charge HEAT warhead in order to defeat explosive reactive armour. Has a soft launch capability so that it can be fired from confined spaces such as buildings. Being phased out in favour of the more powerful and expensive Spike ATGM system.

LinkSpike Missile

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Guided Missile


Comes in the man-portable Spike SR (Short Range: 50 -1,500 m, 9.8 kg), Spike MR (Medium Range: 200-2,500 m, 26.8 kg), and the Spike LR (Long Range: up to 4 km, 26.8 kg). There are also the Spike ER (Extended Range: 8 km) and the Spike NLOS (Non-Line Of Sight: 25 km) which are too heavy to be carried and are mounted to vehicles, helicopters, and ships. The missile has a long list of targeting methods and can do a top-attack maneuver as well as a standard missile trajectory.

FIM-163 Broadsword

The Grand Republic of Nation for Mutual Security

Man Portable surface-to-air missile


Broadswords have an infrared seeker and a solid rocket with an 13 km range. Broadswords are carried and operated by infantry specializing in the use of such weapons as acquiring a lock on a moving aerial target is difficult to achieve in the simplest of circumstances. Broadsword tubes can be reloaded and reused.

Link81 KRH 71 Y

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

81 mm Infantry Mortar


Link120 KRH 92

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

120 mm Heavy Mortar


Ground Vehicles







LinkLand Rover Defender 110

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Utility Vehicle


Comes in 3-door 4x4, 5-door 4x4, 2-door pickup, 3-door van configurations.


The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles



Used as troop transportation vehicles, ambulances, mobile command centers equipped with military communications equipment, to access remote installations, as an engineering vehicle, and more.


The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles



Used in the 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 configurations. Used for vehicle transport, bridge laying, logistics, weapons carrier, and many more applications.

LinkIveco LMV

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Infantry Mobility Vehicle


The Iveco LMV (Light Mobility Vehicle) weighs 5.9 tonnes. Has the ability to carry one driver plus 3-6 passengers depending on the variant. Provides protection against 14.5×114mm AP rounds, shrapnel, and explosions. Has an on-road speed of over 130 km/h and an operational range of over 500 km. Can be mounted with a regular heavy machine gun/grenade launcher or a Remote Weapon System. This vehicle was mostly made for patrol and VIP purposes. It was made after the observed success of Nation for Mutual Security’s widely exported M13 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle.

LinkSisu Pasi XA-180/185

Sisu Pasi XA-202

Sisu Pasi XA-203 OWS

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Armored Personnel Carrier


Main APC of Porpoisian forces. Used in a variety of configurations. XA-180 and XA-185 have less armor and some can be pierced by 7.62 mm in some areas. XA-180 carries 2 crew and 16 passengers while the XA-185 has 2 crew and 18 passengers. They can drive at over 100 km/h and swim at 10 km/h. The XA-200 series has more armor and is protected against 14.5 mm small arms fire, but are not amphibious (can wade up to 1.5 m). These vehicles have an operational range of 900 km.

LinkBv 206
LinkBvS 10

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Amphibious Armoured Vehicle


Is used mostly in the alpine and glacial areas in the southern islands, for marine landings, and for polar expeditions. Used in a variety of configurations with two different main types. The Bv 206 is almost entirely used for non-militaristic missions. Is being sold to the civilian market and replaced by the BvS 10 which is heavier, better armored, and overall more well suited for combat and most utility roles. The BvS 10’s front car weighs 5.0 tonnes and the rear car weighs 3.5 tonnes. The BvS 10 travels with a speed of 65 km/h on land and 5 km/h in water. It is also crewed by at least 1 driver and has room for 4 passengers in the front car and 8 passengers in the rear car. It is protected from 7.62×52mm rounds and IEDs. It is also armed with a heavy machine gun mount ring and smoke grenade launchers. It comes in a variety of roles ranging from a mortar carrier carrying the 120 KRH 92 120 mm mortar in place of a rear car to just being a logistics vehicle.


The Imperium of Foledonia

Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Many were taken during the revolution, but regular imports have begun. Weighs 14.3 tonnes with an on-road speed of 65 km/h, 7 km/h in water, and an operational range of 600km. Has a 30 mm autocannon, an ATGM, and a 12.7 mm machine gun with a crew of 3 plus 7 passengers. Its armor is not the best with only a max armor of 33 mm. It is NBC protected though.

LinkT-72 Wilk

The Imperium of Foledonia

Main battle Tank


Aquired from both UADI stockpiles as well as from arm sales with The Imperium of Foledonia. Currently in reserve.

LinkPT-91 Twardy

The Imperium of Foledonia

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Main Battle Tank


LinkITO 90M (Crotale NG)

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Surface-to-air missile system


Has a range of 11-16 km and a flight ceiling of 6-9 km depending on the variant. Older models are in units of two vehicles. One has the missiles and tracking radar while the other has the surveillance radar that can detect targets 20 km away, can detect 8 targets simultaneously, and can follow both hovering helicopters and jets exceeding mach 2. Newer models have all systems on one vehicle. These are mounted on ships and the Sisu Pasi series.

LinkS-400 Triumf

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Surface-to-Air Defense System


Developed to complement shorter ranged Sky Hammer. The system is fully self-contained and can be set up very quickly. Its variety of missiles have an effective range of 2-400 kilometers. Radar range is 390 kilometers on a 4 square meter object, but detection range can go up to 600 km. This system is integrated with current Sky Hammer systems with the ability for different models of radar carriers and missile carriers to be able to coordinate and share information.


The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Self-Propelled Mortar System


Link155 GH 52 APU

The Principality of Porpoise Isle



LinkArcher Artillery System

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Self-propelled Howitzer



The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Rocket Artillery


Old rocket artillery piece. Has received many recent modernizations Fires 36 110 mm rockets in two clusters of 18. It is mounted on a MAN KAT 6x6.

Ships are listed in increasing size and submarines at the end.







LinkJehu Class

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Landing Craft


Displacement: 32 tonnes
Speed/Range: 40+ kn/200 nmi
Crew/Passengers: 5-6/24
Armament: Guns:
1 × Grenade Launcher
3 × 12.7 mm machine guns
1 × Spike ATGM Launcher

Can be mounted with a small, inflatable motorboat on the rear of the boat.
Can be mounted with a variety of other different weapons as well.

Light Attack boat similar to The Grand Republic of Nation for Mutual Security’s Mk VII Patrol craft except it is also used in amphibious operations. It also has the ability to be equipped with sea mines and depth charges.


The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Roll-On/Roll-Off Catamaran Landing Craft


Displacement: 259 tonnes
Speed/Range: 20-30 kn/800nmi-1,000 nmi
Crew/Passengers: 8/Description
Armament: two unmanned 20 mm guns
Or a towed array system providing submarine detection capabilities.

Sentinel Class

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles



Displacement: 2,500
Speed/Range: 30 kn/5,000 nmi (15 days-food)
Crew/Passengers: 90/24
Armament: Guns:
1 × 100 mm gun
1 × Goalkeeper CIWS
1 × RAM Block 1 CIWS
2 × 4 BrahMos-II anti-ship missiles
2 × quad torpedo launcher
1 × 12-cell VLS
>SM-6 or Aster
1 × Helicopter

LinkKatanpää Class

The Principality of Porpoise Isle



Displacement: 680
Speed/Range: 13 kn/1,500 nmi
Crew/Passengers: 34-38
Armament: Guns:
1 × 40 mm main gun
Depth Charges

LinkGorshkov Class

The Principality of Porpoise Isle



Displacement: 4,500-5,400
Speed/Range: 29.5 kn/4,850 nmi (30 days)
Crew/Passengers: 210
Armament: Guns:
1 × 127 mm main gun
2 × Kashtan CIWS guns/missiles
2 × 8 BrahMos-II Anti-ship Missile
2 × 4 torpedo tubes
4 × 8 VLS Tubes
>SM-6 or Aster quadpacked
1 × helicopter

LinkPorpoise Class

The Principality of Porpoise Isle



Displacement: 7,200 tonnes
Speed/Range: 29 kn kn/4,000 nmi
Crew/Passengers: 243
Armament: Guns:
1 × 127 mm main gun
2 × Kashtan CIWS guns/missiles
7 x 12.7 mm machine guns
8 × Exocet anti-ship missiles
2 × Triple Torpedo Racks
2 × 32-cell VLS
> 24 SM-6 Missiles
> 32 Aster Missiles
2 × helicopters

Gaspard Class

The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Joint Logistic Support Ship


Displacement: 28,246 tonnes
Speed/Range: 18 kn/8,000 nmi
Crew/Passengers: 158/600 non-ship crew
Armament: Guns:
2 × Goalkeeper CIWS
4 × 20mm gun
4 × 7.62mm minigun
6 x 7.62mm machine gun
6 x Helicopters
2 x Jehu Class landing craft inside of the well dock
2 x L-CAT catamaran landing craft
2 x Mexeflote landing craft are suspended from the sides of the ship
More pontoon sections typically inside or sometimes in place of a combat boat or two.

LinkMistral Class

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Amphibious Assault Ship


Displacement: 16,500-21,300 tonnes
Speed/Range: 18.8 kn kn/10,700 nmi
Crew/Passengers: 160/450-900
Armament: Guns:
1 × 127 mm main gun
2 × Kashtan CIWS guns/missiles
6 x 12.7 mm machine guns
25 × Ka-27/29 ASW/Attack/Transport helicopters
10 × Ka-52 attack helicopter

LinkGotland Class

The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Conventionally-Powered Submarine


Displacement: X
Speed/Range: X kn/X nmi
Crew/Passengers: X/X
Armament: Guns:









The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles

Utility Helicopter/Armed Helicopter


A light and agile helicopter used mostly for recon and special forces operations. Has a crew of 2 with 3 possible passengers. Has a max speed of 310 km/h and a range of 670 km. Can be used for transport, recon, and attack roles. It can have AA missiles, ATGMs, unguided rockets, or even 20 mm autocannons mounted on it.


The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Military Utility and Armed Assault Helicopter



The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Tactical Transport Helicopter



The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Tactical Transport Helicopter


The Porpoisian Navy’s main naval helicopter as well as used by Porpoisian Marines.


The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Attack Helicopter



The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Multirole Fighter


F-30 Tiger

The Grand Republic of Nation for Mutual Security

Multirole Fighter



The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Multirole Fighter



The Principality of Porpoise Isle

Strategic bomber/Maritime strike



The Principality of Porpoise Isle



LinkSaab 340 AEW&C

The Principality of Porpoise Isle



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