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Education in Polar Svalbard

Education in Polar Svalbard is highly standardized in many factors. The structure of schooling is standardized and the options within are standardized. The uneducated population, or those who never attended school is 1.6% it is so low due to the fact that school attendance is strictly enforced, up until High School. The percentage of the population with a High School diploma is 85%. 9/10 Students who attend high school leave with a diploma. Those with a college degree is at a percentage of 40% of the population. 3/4 people who attend College leave with a diploma. To attend colledge is free, although you have to attain certain grades to be eligible.

Type of Degree

Percentage of Population



High School


Associates Degree


Bachelors Degree


Masters Degree


Doctoral Degree


Top Universities
Zazchey Institute of Technology (ZIT) - This is a top tier engineering school. Fielding all the engineering degrees, it has top equipment and produces master engineers. Its grounds hold many athletic programs, although you cannot get in with just athleticism.

Nikla University of Science (NUS) - This University specializes in teaching the future scientists of Polar Svalbard. All sciences are taught here, and the program is vigorous. The best come out of this college.

Ares University of Warfare (AUW) - This is the top tier army/marine officer school in Polar Svalbard. Those taught here are the best and the brightest. Through a rigorous program stretching from the Art of War to modern day terrorist tactics, those taught here show the way for those below them.

Neptune's University of Naval Warfare (NUNW) - This is the top tier naval officer school in Polar Svalbard. Those taught here excell in naval tactics, ranging from the Ancient Greeks to naval warfare today. Those taught here are the best and the brightest.

Zeus' Univesity of Aviation (ZUA) - This is the top tier aviation officer school in Polar Svalbard. Here aviation tactics are drilled into future officers. This school is also a flight school, as they must know how to fly the planes.