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Overview of the Colony of Point Chayenne

Point Chayenne
Point Chayenne is a consumerist state located on the Planet Imitar of the Ranfut System. It is a capitalist state with 190 million people(OOC: 20 Aug 2021). It consists of a large continent, with some remote islands surrounding it.

There was three political parties going to war, The ruling party of Abraham, the Haivon supported Worker's Union Party, and the Coldian supported Syncretic Republic of Chayenne. After the collapse of the Party of Abraham, the WUP claimed victory and is now the ruling faction.

After the great soar of the agriculture industry, Point Chayenne now supplies crops to other nations like Haivon, Josora and SaneSauceLand.

The economy is dominated by the burgeoning agriculture industry, which in recent years has boomed to the top, and it is also helped by the fishing and arms manufacturing sector. Although it has the highest GDP of all the colonies, a point has to be made that it is the first colony.

President: Jonathan Cheya Jr.
The government of Point Chayenne is currently a self-reliant republic made up from a parliament with 100 seats. The current ruling party is the WUP, with the breakup being this:
Worker's Union Party(WUP): 68/100
Syncretic People's Faction: 21/100
Republican Coalition Party: 9/100
National Pride Party:2/100
The people vote for members of the parliament every 5 years, which coincides with the vote for the leader, similar to how the votes for NKB work.

The current manpower of Point Chayenne is 38 million, with reserves of 7 million.

Highest Point: Bunnear Rock Mountain, 957m above sea level
Lowest Point: Samouska Valley, -20m under sea level