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Exarch Sera of Platinia


Exarch of Platinia














173cm (5'8")







Economic Ideology

Closed, Mixed, Green

Political Ideology

Autocracy, Devolution

Moral Alignment

True Neutral







Sera is the Exarch of Platinia and its territories. Her rule began with its founding.







Early Life

Due to the nature of how Sera arrived in this universe, there is no record of her childhood. However during her initial arrival, she began her search for a suitable planet to start off her personal nature project, which was to locate suitable planets within habitable zones of star systems, terraform, and preserve them. She started off by creating a system from scratch using her already vast magical and technological knowledge, which eventually progressed to the point where she had the basics completely built. Her next task consisted of building automated systems to further speed up the process of the project. After years of work, the project took off. Sera’s magitek based system continued to build itself on a massive scale, constructing spaceships with terraforming equipment and the capability to hop from star to star. Sera decided to settle herself down on the first planet she arrived at, which was already untouched by civilization. This was to be her very own planet, her home.

After a while, Sera decided to visit other star systems to see if there were any other similar habitable planets. She found others, but they were occupied by civilization. Curious, Sera went down to take a look at who lived there, since she had been away from any social contact for quite a while. Unfortunately, her first encounter was not a good one, as she had arrived at a city that had been ravaged by warfare. The citizens were left broken in spirit, struggling to survive with the devastation of war that hit them. Worse yet, it seems as if their government had either abandoned them, or they had already lost to whoever invaded. Needless to say, Sera’s emotional side felt compelled to help them. At first, the citizens of the war torn city had concerns simply because of what she was. But eventually, Sera managed to convince them to come to her home planet to live out their lives in peace.

The space ships were able to transport them back to Sera’s home planet, to which then she set out to have a town constructed for them using the systems she had already built for her project. It took a mere few days, but she had managed to house everyone comfortably. Sera had not originally intended to have a society under her, but she felt that leaving them for death would be wrong. Eventually she began to treat them as if they were of her own, building more infrastructure to support them and establishing services. The society grew and stabilised, although it was too quiet for them. Sera, having a great interest in culture, brought up the suggestion of having them work their minds in creative arts, or if they wanted to help aid the advancement of her personal projects, work in science and research. She offered incentives to those who contributed, and eventually the interest picked up greatly…

It had been centuries since then. Sera’s home, now named Platinia, has become a cultural and scientific hotspot. Sera continues to let them live their lives peacefully under her while she continues to further progress her own personal project of terraforming planets teeming with natural life, which has since then spanned over many solar systems.



Void Entity

Sera is a cosmic entity who resides deep in the void where she is unreachable. She is capable of manifesting and controlling physical forms of herself anywhere in the omniverse, but is only able to do so in one at a time. Even though she has total freedom of how she lives, Sera seems to enjoy the idea of living like a mortal being and experiencing everything that it has to offer. It is for this reason that Sera shows a big appreciation for life when it comes to all others. She does the best she can in Platinia to ensure that everyone gets the chance to live theirs to the fullest. Sera is also very protective of her own, putting herself in front of anything to ensure that those around her are kept safe.


Darkness Alignment

As with most void entities, Sera is one of those aligned with a specific element. Darkness is the element that which she keeps the balance of. Because of this, she is often mistakenly viewed by mortal beings as someone who is evil. This is due to the history of darkness often being the easiest ways to power among those who desire it, very often by those who have evil intentions. Sera is one of those who breaks the stereotype of darkness, only ever using it to protect others and maintain the balance of existence with it.



Sera does not believe that she is any way better than anyone else. Whether she is communicating with a deity, a national leader, or a common citizen, she always looks at them as an equal to her. Sera often prefers a more active approach to life, enjoying getting into her own manual work for the experience instead of having others do things for her, caring little for the mess that comes with it.


Mostly Peaceful

Sera always chooses to respect and eventually befriend everyone she meets regardless of their standing. Fighting has only ever been a last resort and she does defensively where possible, either disarming or incapacitating those who choose to attack her. She will not hesitate to kill if absolutely necessary and all else has failed. Despite this, her view on warfare beyond Platinia is neutral, calling it a necessity to maintain the balance of life and death.


Friendly Fighter

Even with her pacifist nature, Sera loves a good fight, taking the opportunity to enjoy a friendly spar with anyone whenever the chance is offered. Most would consider her the perfect sparring partner to train with, due to her extremely vast knowledge in almost every form of combat in existence, and that she never tires out.


Emotionally Sensitive

Despite Sera’s experience over many millennia, she is still affected by emotions depending on the circumstances, such as the loss of life or destruction of something she holds close. Because of her love for the natural world, she is even more susceptible to the unnecessary death and suffering of wildlife. This sometimes ends up progressing into anger, to which she then takes action against it to ensure that it ceases.




Sera believes that all citizens have the right to free education, healthcare, and essentials such as food and water. She also freely offers private self-sufficient housing to all citizens to ensure that no one in Platinia is without a home. She also believes in a society where everyone should live among each other as equals, regardless of their race or sexuality. Everyone has the freedom to live their lives however they wish, providing that it does not come at the expense of anyone else or threaten stability of the state or society. Freedom of speech is also protected providing that it is not hateful or threatening. Sera considers marriage a sacred bonding between two individuals regardless of their gender, so she strongly protects the right to same-sex marriage. It is also just considered a culturally recognised union, not used for legal reasons or money. Sera takes a more unique approach to social classes in Platinian society. Rather than classed by wealth, they are classed by standard, science, or culture.



Platinia belongs to Sera entirely, therefore she has full rule over it and no one else. The people that now live there were brought in from another planet out of the kindness of her own heart. Despite this, she is committed to give their very best for them to live comfortably. Sera does however allow the people to govern themselves so that she can focus on her own personal projects. As Platinia consists of small towns of no more than 10,000 each, Sera has adopted devolution so that each one governs itself. Sera will only ever intervene and remove those in power that are either corrupt or jeopardise the natural environment. Sera does not approve of large scale democratic elections when it comes to the leading of an entire nation, believing that the large majority of political candidates that run for office are nothing but dishonest con-artists who turn back on what they promise to the people once they are elected into power. Regardless, she is fully capable of getting along with the nations that practice it as it is entirely their own choice to do so, and would be willing to work on friendly terms with such, providing they don't try to push it onto her.



Sera follows the idea of a closed mixed economy, allowing individuals to run their own private businesses through self-employment or partnership with other like minded individuals. Anything larger is entirely state-owned. Being closed, she does not import or export with the outside, believing that a nation should never be dependent on foreign trade. Since citizens are already well off with the help of the state’s extremely strong social welfare, they do not need to work, however, Sera allows citizens to freely make more of a better living by becoming an Entrepreneur to create and sell off their products or services to the state, or become a Solopreneur and build a career on something they would enjoy by themselves. Because Sera wishes for Platinia to be a cultural powerhouse, career choices such as designing, culinary, entertainment, writing, music, and art are highly rewarded. Sera outright forbids corporations that are not state-owned, believing that they are corrupt, hold no moral standards, and do not act in the interest of the wellbeing of their employees or the general populace.



Sera maintains a neutral stance with religion as of current and allows freedom of all beliefs providing that no one enforces them upon others. But until she considers one worth following herself, she does not implement a national religion.



Sera promotes science as one of the core focuses of Platinia, especially when it comes to eco, medical, and biomedical. This goes extremely well with her vision of keeping a healthy population along with a healthy environment for which they and the local wildlife can live in. All technology that is created within Platinia is kept as environmentally friendly as possible, while also keeping as efficient and productive as possible. Sera feels that true scientific progression should benefit all and come at no expense to anything else.



Pro - Deep Ecology, Environmentalism, Welfare State, Equality, Pacifism, Science, Culture, Creativity

Neutral - Democracy, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Sexuality, Religion, Militarism, Warfare

Anti - Corporations, Corruption, Slavery, Genocide



Forged by herself, the Gunblade is
Sera's weapon of choice. LinkFull Image


Sera has very little in the ways of offensive power. She is pretty much capable of performing everything a typical human can do, only her physical form makes her much stronger and faster than one. She is also capable of using basic elemental magic. Her capability of learning in an instant, along with her experience which spans over many millennia, means that she is masterful in almost every form of combat in existence. This also makes her the perfect sparring partner for those wanting to hone their own skills. The absorption of a star would amplify all of this immensely, however it is extremely rare that she does due to the potential dangers to everything around her that come with it. Sera would only ever utilise star absorption against other entities that were intent on threatening entire solar systems or greater. Anything less would not be worth the risk.



When it comes to actual damage, absolutely nothing is able to harm Sera due to being in the void. Her physical form, being manifested from astral energy, are also capable of defying all damage from any attack or ability, but are still able to be moved or knocked back by kinetic energy, which does lead to some rather comical situations where Sera can be practically rag-dolled around by a much bigger or stronger foe and leaving her shouting all sorts of profanities at them in the process. If she has had enough of being overwhelmed, she is simply able to retreat or phase out of existence. She is also able to get herself out of being sealed or contained in any way in a matter of seconds. If she never wants to encounter anyone for whatever reason anymore, she is able to make herself non-existent to that individual.



Sera's eye after absorbing a black hole.

Sera's eye after absorbing a neutron star.

Instant Learning

Sera is capable of picking pretty much everything taught or experienced in an instant, whether it be related to combat, tactics, strategies, spells, weapons, languages, scientific knowledge, or pretty much anything else. Whenever she encounters someone who is a master of such. they only need but to show her once before she is capable of repeating it just as well as they can. Over the many millennia of experiencing life in the omniverse, Sera now has an extreme wealth of useful knowledge to utilise however she pleases.


Star Absorption

Sera has the capability of storing the energy of entire stars within her. This could then be used in multiple ways, but most notably to strengthen the intensity of her physical or magical attacks to destroy planets and superstructures. Sera would have to either get close or go into a star in order to absorb it. This ability however is extremely dangerous as it can cause unintentional collateral damage to everything around her if left unchecked. Her eyes change based on what type of star she has absorbed. They return to normal once the star energy has depleted.


Gravity Manipulation

Sera is able to control gravity in close proximity to her. This is often used to make her able to levitate where there is already natural gravity, or even prevent her from being pulled by other extreme gravitational forces such as black holes. This also helps her move around freely in any direction where there is no gravity, such as space.


Time Manipulation

Another close proximity ability, Sera can create a time bubble around her form to either speed up, slow down, or even stop time. For example, to the naked eye of anyone within view of her, it would seem like Sera is able to move at light speed. But to Sera, it would seem like those outside of the bubble would move in slow motion, or not move at all. This does not affect her actual speed.



Sera has a big weakness for other dragons, either refusing to fight them or becoming infatuated. This has often led to some interesting relationships shortly after, but nothing negative has ever come of such.

Sera is usually seen as serious, professional, and no-nonsense when it comes to her political side. It is only when someone reaches her on a much more personal level that they find her to be quite the deviant and care-free type.


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