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The Pragmatic Cynics of
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Founding History of The Pragmatic Cynics of Plain Hopeless

Refugees from a tyrannical empire, the founding people of Plain Hopeless trekked countless miles outwards to flee the prosecution of their land of birth. With no particular destination in mind, they wandered aimlessly further out till they finally found a vast plain of fertile land unclaimed by any other regional power.

No longer nomads, the survivors set about implementing a rudimentary societal structure. The first elected leader was Bob Hopeless, a gruff man who had been instrumental in keeping the ragtag band of refugees alive during the trek with his pragmatic advice. With steely eyes and wizened beard, Bob was a no-nonsense man who ruled by the law and meted out decisions in a fair and impartial way. People did not always like him, but they respected him and the fledging society flourished under his reign.

Initially single, Bob finally married when the newly-founded nation was stable. His wife was Jane Luck, and when generations later, both passed away, the once named nation, Sweet Home, was renamed to Plain Hopeless in honour of its founding leader and a representation of the terrain, and the currency was officially named the Luck in honour of his wife, and a representation of the happiness found in a stable nation.

The official animal, the Duck, came about as the domesticated bird was instrumental in keeping the people well-fed, and its down kept them warm in bed.