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[OOC] Other Nations/Puppets

Below are the nations which I, as a user, run (and one I used to run).
The planets of Equinox (Goldonia's planet) and Thalassa (ST's planet) exist in all three nations' separate (but somewhat similar) continuities.

Piste-Land/Goldonia (You are here) [Master]

Together we stand.

Full IC Name: The Republic of Goldonia
Government Type: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Leader: President Semyon S. Gots
Current Canon Year: Equivalent to 2020 on Earth (notated as simply 2020)
Tech Level: MT
Location: Equinox, an Earth-like planet thousands of lightyears away (but still within the Milky Way)

NS/OOC Founding Date: Aug. 2016
IC Founding Year: Equivalent to 1856 on Earth

General Seriousness Meter: 6.5/10 | Goldonia can currently be described as generally lighthearted, with not that many problems around and an OOC dedication to creating F7 memes. It, however, has had multiple instances of political instability and some racial tensions in the past, and the current general geopolitical situation on Equinox is not necessarily stable.

Southern Tzhelarhaai/Southern Thelarai

Live for unity, die for liberty.

Full IC Name: The Commonwealth of the Peoples of Southern Thelar'áí / The Commonwealth of Southern Thelar'áí
Government Type: Federation of states; federal parliamentary constitutional republic with an executive presidency
Leader: President of the Government Lucas Kasketal, native name Kəskét'al Letísz Lijúthrəx
Current Canon Year: 2120
Tech Level: Mid-Late PMT, largely due to a lack of FTL capabilities
Location: Thalassa, an Earth-sized habitable planet between Earth and Mars

NS/OOC Founding Date: May 2020
IC Founding Year: 2065

General Seriousness Meter: 8/10 | Despite Kasketal's supposed obsession with Alastair making things less serious, Southern Thelarai is meant to be a serious nation, being plagued by racism and waning political instability. Its democracy is still recovering from former leader K'arótesz's self-coup attempt back in 2113.


While I try, I hope.

Full IC Name: The Kingdom of Kehrernesia
Government Type: Unitary semi-constitutional monarchy with an executive monarch serving as both head of state and government
Leader: HRM King Alastair IV (not to be confused with his counterpart from a less serious universe)
Current Canon Year: 2020
Tech Level: MT
Location: Earth (specifically in the Southern Pacific)

NS/OOC Founding Date: Oct. 2020
IC Founding Year: 1815 (as British protectorate), 1931 (total independence)

General Seriousness Meter: 7.25/10 | Being an alternate Fardelshufflestein, Kehrernesia's seriousness would, by virtue of simply being one, take a hit. It is, however, meant to be a more serious and arguably more realistic counterweight to the various zanier Fardelshufflesteins found in The Council of Fardelshufflesteins.
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