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Bopindar Daily Press: Live!

Bopindar Daily Press

Bopindar Daily Press is a News Broadcasting corporation in Bopindar, and one of the top broadcasting networks in Pilarcraft. The Use of this Factbook is to give you, dear readers, a better understanding of the stuff you see down in my Signature in the Forums, and is divided into appropriate segments, as you can see!
In Every one of our Six Segments, the higher an article is, the most recent it will be.
It is obvious that news older than 6 months from the current Pilartic Time will be erased from this Factbook and sent here.

Breaking News
Battle of Aldur Borgends with the Alliance victorious. The Confederal Alliance reestablished
Aldur Borg, SS, 14 March 2018, 20:34

The Neo-Imperial Regime has fallen, and the Alliance is reestablished on the fallen city of Aldur Borg, again. The Neo-Imperials have fled the country to the Backwater of Folknoren, and the Imperial forces all over the country have abdicated. Chief Director Grov has assumed his office again. We hope that the country will return to status quo ante as soon as possible.

Political News
Chancellor Grov proposes change of name for the office of the Chancellor
Bopindar SD, 6 March 2018, 12:30
Chancellor Grov, the current leader of the Triumvirate, proposed a unique and yet opinionated action to The Council of Ambassadors. Citing the official definition of Chancellor, as well as the Constitutional and Defined duties, privileges, and rights of the Chancellor in Pilarcraft, Mr. Grov has expressed that perhaps the name "Chancellor" should be changed.

"Look. I know the we've been using the word since before it got its current meaning in the rest of the world... I get it, the duties of the Chancellor have, for the most part, been the same as when General Vesuvius established The First Alliance. But here's the point. The Word gives other meanings. As your Chancellor, I'm neither under command of a king, nor the leader of our Legislation. If anything, most of the job a Chancellor's supposed to do are in the Chief Spokesman's Jurisdiction. It's for this simple fact... and the fact it just sounds cooler... that I propose thus: Let's change the title 'Chancellor', and use 'Chief Director' instead."

Mr. Grov did also propose a change of name for The Council of Ambassadors and the title 'Ambassador', expressing that the title 'Ambassador' may be complicating for a legal jurisprudence when there are two sets of people with two different sets of duties using the same word as title, and he proposed using 'Dorenligplassen' for The Grande Embassy, 'Dorenligar' for the Council of Ambassadors, and 'Dorenporsen' for Ambassador instead, translated into "Representative's Place", "Representative Body" and "Representative" instead, in the translation of the Common Code.
His proposal has not yet been voted on, and perhaps may be yet to decided.

C.L Hoag's military proposal passes with high support.
Bopindar, SD, 27 February 2018, 09:45
The Military Overhaul Resolution has passed with 783-332-85. The Changes will be commencing in the next few days.
Chief Lawbringer Hoag's current requests are as followed:
1) Changes the Unitary Navy:
1- Renamed into Planetary Navy, to enforce Pilarcraft's status as an interstellar power.
2- Change in uniforms, rank titles, and unit divisions.
3- Decrease in funding from 46% of the annual military budget to 38%.
4- Change in juriscompetence: In charge of All naval issues of importance to Pilarcraft both in and around the atmosphere of our planet, Earth.
2) Changes the Interplanetary Navy:
1- Renamed into Interstellar Navy, to enforce Pilarcraft's status as an interstellar power.
2- Increase in funding from 45% to 60% of the annual military budget.
3- Change in juriscompetence: In charge of all Naval issues of importance to Pilarcraft outside of Pilarcraft's core planet, Earth.

3) Adds another branch. Following the possible colonization of Pluto and Mars, give each of the colonies their own self-recruited Planetary Navy and Peacekeeper Army.

Military News

Latest Crime

Planetary Coverage
Colony on Mars established, The Interstellar Navy announces.
Bopindar SD, 1 March 2018, 17:30
Grand Overseer Asmund Bjornsson announced today that the first colony on Mars has been established. The Colony is a massive structure, a domed sector of Mars approximately with an area of 150 square meters, terraformed to immitate the climate of Aldur Borg, and has a population of 5,000 settlers, with 250 Interstellar Naval Personnel who operate in the nearby Interstellar Naval base nearby.

"Look, this might sound big -it certainly is, to everyone else- but truth is, this is small." Grand Overseer Bjornsson explained, "for all the distance, if the Moon was our backyard, Mars would be the end of the alley we're in. All we've done is make a small home-away-from-home there -no, actually, we've just occupied an empty room in the complex. we're hoping we can build more colonies, and that at some point, we can get rid of the domes around our colonies. If we can make a home in Mars, we can be sure that we are safer. Hopefully, we can reach five colonies by the end of this term."

As the Grand Overseer explains this, a call for volunteers for the next colony has been issued. The Colony is on a very small -and stable- Warpline, and that means that traveling between the two planets can be done in less than 10 days. To compare, the path to Pluto, the farthest planet in our system, is four warplines, and takes 60 days. We are hoping this number can be decreased in the future, but this is still a big step for the mankind. The Council has yet to make a comment on whether the colony is part of Pilarcraft, the Confederal Alliance, or something bigger. we are not sure if there can be 'something bigger', but it is certainly something to think about.

Domestic News
Abrahamist minority in Pilarcraft decreased, statistics show.
Bopindar SD, 3 March 2018, 16:35

Official Statistics released by five different organizations have shown that the number of people worshipping the Abrahamic Religions of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the rest, has decreased from 0.09% of the population to 0.03%. Many of the worshippers have, following the events of the last five years, immigrated from the country, particularly a proportional number of Syrian and Iranian refugees who, following the regime changes in their home countries, decided to return home. A smaller majority have converted to the popular local religions, with a minority even turning into agnosticism, atheism, and other nonspecific ideologies.

Ironically, the Crime has decreased proportionally as well, with this year's criminal activities, particularly terrorist acts, murder, rape, and assault, 65% lower than that of last year.

The Abrahamist Party, Abrahamic Congregation, has announced that they are considering dissolvement, but no official comment has been made yet.

Interstellar Coverage
Mananaut base found somewhere between Sol and Alpha Centauri, Overseer Berano reports.
Mananaut Base AlCenSol 3221, Orion Spur, 4 March 2018 (Terra Time), 20:42

The Latest report from Overseer Berano and the Fifth Interstellar Fleet, which recently left the borders of the Solar System for Alpha Centauri, show that the Medium sized Military-Pioneer base was found somewhere between the cold of space between the two solar systems. Overseer Berano and Mutbortemut were able to overcome the station's defenses, all reportedly using the similar tactics, technology, and methods, as the Mananauts that invaded planet earth more than eighteen years ago. The Overseer reported that they had the base secure, requested a permanent garrison from the Interstellar Navy to man the station, and reported that they would continue searching for information on the Mananauts until the garrison were to arrive. The Home-base on Project Stardust has affirmed that a permanent garrison is to be sent to the station in question.