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The Confederal Alliance of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Confederal Alliance of Pilarcraft

The Confederal Alliance of Pilarcraft
Konfederaligallestaten du Pilarkraft




Motto: That world will cease to be.
Dar verden halt dar lebe.

Anthem: The Mystic's chant
Dar Kopf Gesang

Population: 70,321,271
-Density: 35.17

Capital:Bopindar, SD
Largest City: Imperial City, SC

Official Language: Pilartic

National Language: Pilartic


Governmental offices:
The Triumvirate:
- Chief Director: Lynkåpe Grov
- Chief Spokesman: Drethayn Free-raven
- Chief Lawbringer: Astrid Hoag

Establishment: from Mede Empire
Independence: 10/18 1259 CE

Land Area: 1,836,000

Highest Point:7,931m
Lowest Point:-3,280 m

GDP (nominal): 421,294 Trillion Credits
GDP (nominal) per capita: 284,235 Credits

Human Development Index (NS Version): 0.968


Drives on the:Right

Calling code: (+32)

Internet TLD: .pc

The Confederal Alliance of Pilarcraft commonly called Pilarcraft, is a parliamentarist Confederacy. Pilarcraft covers 1,836,000 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 70,321,271. Pilarcraft comprises of 11 States.

Check here for complete list of puppets and my shared-universe.


Pilarcraft, or in Pilartic Pilarkraft, means "Flight of the Eagle". The Name was first put on the nation about three hundred years before the Grov Empire was formed, but wasn't legally used as the name until Aldur Grov united the Nine Provinces into a singular Empire and named it Pilarcraft (originally, he wanted to name it "Kerliggrov" but he was overruled after he named two cities after himself)

Check here for an overview on the Classic Age of Confederal Alliance History,
or here for an Overview on the Modern Age of Confederal Alliance history.

The Confederal Alliance was originally founded after a violent civil war that ended with The Red Battle on 7 of First Seed, 1259. The Grande Assembly drafted a short and brief Constitution that made the Six States of Volɒrfolen, Patermut, Ulya Sten, Resedayen, Reptieren and Syroden into a Confederacy with a Floating City as its capital. Over the course of the Early Era, The alliance slowly annexed and conquered other regions not yet part of it, and consolidated itself as the sole power in Pilarcraft. in the Golden Era, after a long-term Scheme by Pelicus Orsavo, Pilarcraft fell into a civil war that ended with him as the Emperor with his Neo-Imperial Party the single party ruling Pilarcraft.
The Next Era, almost three hundred years long, was a long era of oppression that ended with a massive, bloody and death-filled Civil War that brought the Empire Down and reestablished the Alliance again.
The Modern Era, or the time of the New Alliance (now more libertarian and centrist in approach) started with the Pilartic Renaissance, when the Newly reestablished Alliance inherited the destroyed Pilarcraft and begun rebuilding it.

on 9 March 2018, Former Emperor Pelicus Orsavo, after about two hundreds of years after the Neo-Imperial Regime, couped and took control of the Land-provinces of the Confederal Alliance, declaring a new Empire. Four days later, a Battle began to take back control of the City and bring down the Young Empire. on 16th of March, Pelicus Orsavo's empire fell, with him and most of his Inner Party fleeing to Folknoren. a New Confederal Alliance was, once again, formed.

Check Here for a detailed article on Pilarcraft's Geography.
Pilarcraft is consisted of Eleven states with completely different Geographical climate. Patermut, the northernmost Region, is a Tundra with dark forests and Snowy Mountains, while Syroden is a big meadow. according to legends once, Syroden was a jungle, but now the most trees there could be classified as Forests. Resedayen is a region full of Ash-covered lands and mountains with a Volcano in the giant Island of Vvardenfell. Reptieren is a swamp, Valenskov is a gigantic Jungle while Felver is mostly deserts and meadows. Summerset Isles has a geography similar to Syroden while Volɒrfolen is a mix of Desert and coastal cities. Ulya Sten is the most diverse of these climates, a geography that The Reach also shares (As they were originally part of Ulya Sten)
The State of Dalaran does not exist, geographically speaking, but the Four (and Counting) cities that form it each have a unique architecture in and for themselves.


The Eleven States all contain a grand sum of 70,321,271 people (As of the last Consensus)
The Population is unevenly distributed, Syroden, the most populated State, has about a 18,038,219 People, while the lowest populated State, Dalaran, has a small population of 2,732,801.

The Official Language of the Confederal Alliance is Called Pilartic. however, Other languages spoken in Pilarcraft include Norentong, Alfestong, Feltong, Reptong and Ra Gada. Since the Revelation, the neighboring languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian can also be found commonly.


Pilarcraft is home to many religions.
The Most Populars are the Church of the Divines, Sect of the Others, The Hist, The Tribunal, and Ancestor Spirits.
Articles on each of these Religions can be found here

Pilarcraft is home to many a races:

Noren, the children of the sky, A race of tall and fair-haired humans from Patermut, Making almost 14% of the nation's population, who are known for their incredible resistance to cold, warmongering, Singing, Drinking, skill in craftmanship, and Piracy.

Syrodmit or Syrodics, a well-spoken, diplomatic race of humans from the civilized, cosmopolitan State of Syroden, who are known for their Ancient Legions, The Foundation of Grov Empire, and the First Guild System. They make 13% of the nation's population.

Vesemenor or Vesemen, the human descendants of the a mix of humans and the mysterious Alfe who lived in the region of Ulya Sten. the Vesemen are now the inhabitants of the State of Ulya Sten, known for their common civil wars, their skill in Science and Ancient Magic, and united Culture. The Vesemen make 14% of the population.

Re'gade or The Regad, The dark-skinned, wiry-haired people of Volɒrfolen, are known for their famed Skill in Sword, Sea-faring, resistance to poison, quickness of foot. and Strategy, making 5% of the population.

Reachmen or Witchmen of Ulya Sten, a tribal group of primarily Breto-Nedic descent who inhabit the Reach, and are known for their primitive culture. so known in fact that the majority of Pilarcraft considers them their black Sheep, making 0.5% of the population.

Alfemar a tall, golden-skinned race of Alfe, hailing from Alinoren, who are known to be the first Settlers in Pilarcraft, long before men traveled from the Mainlands in Eurasia and Americas. They are known for their affinity to build tall structures. This race of Alfe is normally extremely supremacist, and their leadership used to be one of the most hated Leadership in Pilarcraft, making 2% of the population..

Alfevet the ash-skinned, typically red-eyed Alfe of Resedayen, Who are known for their misunderstood culture, history of Slavery, and extreme Xenophobia making 11% of the population.

Alfeskov or Forest Alfe, were a race of Ancient Alfe People who left Alinoren, and are now shorter and more colorful than The Alfemar. They are known not to eat anything but meat, and their culture of not harming any Flora or vegetation in their home of Valenskov. even now, in modern times, the majority of Alfeskov live in Their Tree-cities, and even though modern, none of the Vegetation and Flora in their region has been touched for the last Four Eras making 12% of the population.

Alfepar, a sophisticated, beastlike Alfe hailing from Parenborg, (literally translated as "Pariah-Town") and Valenskov, are noted for their unshakable courage in war and their unflinching endurance of hardships making 1.5% of the population.

Felit, a colorful race of anthropomorphic mammals (mostly predators such as Vulpine, Lupine, Canine, Ursine, and Feline) who come from Felver, known for high intelligence and agility, and Misunderstood Cultures making 13% of the population..

Reptier the reptilian or avian natives of Reptieren, are known as the foremost experts in guerrilla warfare throughout the Pilarcraft, a reputation brought upon them by defending their borders from enemies for countless centuries making 13% of the population.

(The remaining 1% is the outsider races not native to Pilarcraft, or races that do not fit a Pilartic race. Note that North-germanic people would be considered Noren by Pilartics, while many middle eastern or african races could be considered Ragade, etc. etc.)
Largest Cities



Metro area population



Aldur Borg










Ulya Sten
















Summerset Isles













Check here for the Laws of Pilarcraft, and here for the Political Parties

While Each state is allowed to govern itself according to its State Constitution, The Federal Union of these Eleven States (as it was originally a Confederation, it was named Confederal Alliance, when it turned into a Federation, the government did not change it.) is a body of Legislators, Executives, and Judiciaries named Ambassadors, that are elected Democratically from every faction, state, union, corporation and Organization.
These 1800 Ambassadors Gather in a Floating City named Bopindar, the capital of Dalaran Region, to discuss Larger Scale Politics, making legislation and Alliance Rules, as well as Judging any criminal of a status high enough that Local Judiciaries are out of their Jurisdiction to Judge.

The Confederal Alliance prides itself on its military. While, as per the Common Code, Military Action isn't justified unless as a counter attack, or against a rogue person Breaking The First Right, the Pilartic Military is not something to be trifled with.
The Confederal Alliance Armed Forces have three Uniform Branches: Peacekeepers, The Unitary Navy, and The Interplanetary Navy, and the Nation's Militia Parties, allied in a Coalition, while not uniform, are unofficially recognized as part of the C.A.A.F.

Economic Indicators

Currency: Credit

GDP (nominal): 238.1 Trillion Credits
GDP (nominal) per capita: 766,235 Credits

Pilartic Economy is led by a mixture of Private Industry, and Worker Unions.
The People of Pilarcraft being workaholics through extreme brainwashing, conditioning, and free will, work hours are high in the Nation, but so is the possibility of Strikes should a corporation or other Employer act too out of touch with the common Worker.
The Pilartic Economy is Led by the IT sector, Weapon Manufacturing, Retail, and Tourism.

While Each of the Ten Races have a rich Culture, often completely unrelated to each other, their common history as a unified nation under the Confederal Alliance and then the Neo-Imperial Regime has given this people a few common traits that can be seen publicly.

National Holidays




Festival of Renewal

30 December-2 January

A three day festival celebrating the change of the calendar and the Gregorian new year.

Trials of Golden Blood

11 February

A Memorial day for all who lost their lives to the Neo-Imperial Regime, both the wealthy who were murdered for the crime of being wealthy, the people who were malnourished and oppressed, and the people tortured in the Orsavian death camps.

Day of the Marpat

25 February

The National Marpat appreciation day. The Marpat worshipping plurality enjoys this day as an official holiday, with the other religions free as well.


19 March-21 March

The Natural new year, This three day festival is a Stofdoten tradition, but it is celebrated by everyone, and is famous for its free and loud debauchery.

Federation day

3 April

The newest holiday, this day commemorates the council's decision to make Pilarcraft into a Federation after centuries of Confederalism.

Day of the Salute

9 April

This day is the day of historical remembrance, both the first Alliance, and the Neo-Imperial Regime.

Day of Dalaran

19 April

This day commemorates the foundation of the Capital State of Pilarcraft, a congregation of floating city-states.

Day of the Other

20 April

The last of the three religious holidays, this day commemorates a daring act by the worshippers of the Sect of the Others, building and rebuilding temples in response to the Vigil's slaughter of their people.

Day of Change

8 September

This day commemorates the political changes that have happened to the people of Pilarcraft

Day of The Collapse

12 October

This day is a memorial of the day the First Alliance fell and the Neo-Imperial Party took power.

Day of the Union

18 October

This is the anniversary of the foundation of the First Confederal Alliance.

Day of the Mutual Aid

5 November

This is a national Common Code remembrance day.

Day of War

8 November

This is the anniversary of the day Folknoren Invaded Pilarcraft, and is a memorial for all who lost their lives in the bloody war.

Battle of Aldur Borg

1 December

The first of the thirty days that the Battle of Aldur Borg took, this day is the commemoration of the destruction of the Neo-Imperial Regime.

Day of the Revelation

10 December

The anniversary of the revelation of Pilarcraft to the world.

Higher Education
Ever Since the foundation of the Confederal Alliance, Higher Education has been something of a high demand. while not quite appreciative of the new universities that started rising slowly, soon enough, High Education became something of a high demand. because of this, The Alliance has a number of Colleges, Schools, Universities and Institutes.
Check Here for Higher Education in Pilarcraft.

Pilartics have always had a hatred for Authority. Since the original Confederal Alliance was founded, it was built on values such as Liberty, Equality, and Freedom. Add that to the fact that Two of the Eleven States in Pilarcraft are outright Anarchic, at least three cities in the nation, apart from those, have declared themselves anarchic, and two of the Eleven National Parties are also anarchic, and you can easily realize that Pilartics have for long hated Authority.
This Hatred only increased after the Neo-Imperial Regime was implemented, and by the time the New Alliance had been founded, claiming Authority on a fellow citizen can be a great cultural offense.

Another output of this hatred of authority is the Pilartic obsession over flight, floating, and landlessness. Bopindar's popularity as the Capital City of Pilarcraft only encouraged Pilartics to invest in Airships, or even floating Houses. The Biggest Example for that would be Coven, a colony of Floating Houses that started as a settlement of former slaves.

Gun Culture
As a common rule, Pilartics are obsessed with weapons. Even before the Alliance, many people were armed, the poorest only with small daggers. after the Establishment of the Alliance, this only grew. Small Firearms, Energy Weapons, Swords, and Air Rifles are the most popular weapons. Pilartics are reluctant to give up arms or to appear anywhere completely unarmed.
In the days before the Neo-Imperial Regime, this obsession was not this widespread, but after the tyrannical governing of the Orsavian Dynasty and the necessity of Arms in the revolution that overthrew it, the people were driven towards Gun ownership so hard that the average middle-class household has an Armory in their house's basement.

Common Good
Even though relatively individual-oriented, There are a few traits of public matter that many pilartics share.
One is their irreverence to Religion. a few Native Reptierenns, Nords, Bosmer and Khajiit aside, the majoirty of Pilartics have, through the course of events, stopped caring about religion.
of course, many are in fact, personally religious. The Church of Divines, The Sect of Others, The Hist, and traditional Dunmeri Ancestor worship being the most popular of these religions. however, The Neo-Imperial Regime's tendency to belittle religion and to even denounce religious rights, while not intentionally, made talking about religion in public a form of social taboo. Unlike Before the Alliance, the government is totally and completely Secular, and has been so for eras.

Another relic of the Neo-Imperial Era is the sense of Love for working. The Average Pilartic is a workaholic. many of them work more than one shift even though not in need. that said, the Pilartic hatred for authority has made them quick to go on Strikes when they fell an Employer is unjust towards them.

Common Addictions
A particular trait is the Average Pilartic's addiction to Holos and The Warp. many pilartics spend most of their day on their Holos and the Warp.

Anti-Abrahamic Sentiment
Ever Since the Revelation, and the familiarization of Pilarcraft with the various Abrahamic Religions on Earth, a great many of Pilartics have started to see it as an absurd affront to Pilarcraft. calling those with any Abrahamic Religion (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Baha'i Faith, Mormonism, etc. etc.) Dɒmpessen (which, in Pilartic, means Dumb Pest) the majority of Pilartics have come to the common agreement that you can't be both moral and a Dɒmpessen, and for the first time in three eras, there are movements to ban Abrahamic Religions and Faiths, burn down their places of Worship and force them to evict Pilarcraft. this movement has no, yet, had any success, considering the Abrahamic Congregation is one of the fifteen Pilartic Parties (albeit the least popular)