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PID Dossier on some of the observed Home-worlds

Official Dossier
Declassified by the ITB

To the Triumvirate's representative, Chief Lawbringer Astrid Hoag,

The PID's Interdimensional Time Bureau has been observing, documenting, and archiving a list of the parallel home-worlds to our own. We have, in the last 1349 days, recorded and archived a total number of 25,000,000 home-worlds. The majority of these worlds are almost identical to each other, and in some forms and shapes, can fall in a similar group, however a select number of these home-worlds are unique in their difference. Below is a list of home-worlds that the PID has declared to be points of interest.

A number of fellow NSes will inevitably be part of this Factbook. If your nation/collective universe is mentioned and you wish the anything about it to change (the description, the nickname, or if you just want me to erase that part) or if you want your collective universe/nation to be added to this factbook, please, TG me.

Designated ID: HW-00001
Nickname: Prime-World (Erstwelt)
Description: The Prime-world was the first Alternate home-world that the PID managed to discover. There is an extensive Article Basis for this nation that can be found in the factbooks the members of that world have allowed in the Convergence

Points of Interest: Frievolk, Folknoren, Allied Iran, Neu libertalia

Designated ID: HW-12037
Nickname: Grov-World
Description: In this home-world, alternate to HW-00001, Pilarcraft fell in a short and bloody civil war, one that led to the foundation of Imperial pilarcraft, a heavily militaristic, nationalistic, anti-Abrahamist, and extremely ruthless Imperial State that began a long and bloody campaign, eventually slaughtering almost a quarter of the World's Population (every single Abrahamist that would not stop in their belief), before setting about their very own New World Order. We have, in the last few months, lost contact with this home-world, presumably due to the discovery of extensive scissor technology by their scientists.
Points of Interest: The PID predicts that this home-world may prove a threat to the security of the Prime-Earth should they find a method of transporting their troops within the tears of The Convergence.

Designated ID: HW-230518
Nickname: The Pilartic Federation
Description: In this Home-world, alternate to HW-00001, converged with its line in two centuries, The hostilities between the NATO and CSTO led to a major conflict on earth named 'The Third World War', which ended, as predicted by the Conference of July Equinox, with a total Pilartic victory. The World Assembly federalized the planet, and formed a colonial Space empire with a style almost identical to that of the Confederal Alliance. The Pilartic Federation, commonly called Pax pilartica has begun battling another space empire, and we estimate this war to end in a status quo ante.
Points of Interest: The PID Predicts a possibility of 65.3% of this time-line being our definite future, and we do not believe that The Federation will be a threat to the Prime-world, or Pilarcraft in particular.

Designated ID: Gaia PX-00 (Zitravgrad)
Nickname: Zitravgrad's Universe, or Gaia PX-00
Description: This homeworld (refereed to as HW-270917 in the PID documents but Gaia PX-00 in official correspondence) faced a number of different political events in the years leading to the 20th century, and the result was an all out "War of the Empires", eventually leading to a massive overhaul in how the countries were ran. The World has a political structure of the early 19th Century Europe after the Congress of Vienna, while technology is seen to be slightly less anachronistic than our own technology compared to the regular tech-level.

Points of Interest: A number of Member-nations of this Home-world often frequent the Convergence. Zitravgrad, Eisenhurst, Weissenberg, and Tbilosia are the ones most active, but a full list of their member-nations in the convergence can be found here

Designated ID: HW-281116
Nickname: Kaizerwelt
Description: Another Alternate Home-world of noticable difference, The Kaizerwelt (Literally "The Emperor's World" in Lethen, one of the most influential languages in the homeworld) is home to a world order of mixed-to-absolute monarchies, small uninfluential republics, colonial strongmanning, and general monarchist antics. Of the most noticable oddities in their world is the fact that The British Isles was colonized by a Germanic race -that, indeed, kept a language almost similar to that of their German brothers- and, for good or ill, took power in their own Homeland before starting a campaign of world domination, with their influence spanning from Japan (in this world, Hinodia') to the southest regions of the Great Continent. Other important notes include the lack of international influence from Islam, a more powerful Roman Empire, and a much much more Latinized (and westernized) world.

Points of Interest: Hinodia, Lethen empire, and Notovasian tsardom are three member-nations of this home-world (all three under the influence of the Lethen house of von Alertz.

Designated ID: HW-01351
Nickname: Mission Civilisatrice, Beta-A7
Description: One of the first Home-world's the ITB ever discovered. Originally, it was archived as a peculiar universe in which a Monarchy ruled the New World, but eventually the ITB's third pro-tem administration sanctioned a unique infiltration op in the Home-world, despite general orders not to intervene, even marginally, in the affairs of primitive Home-worlds. The so-called mission civilisatrice was an almost immediate success. The native intelligence discovered the Agents within record time, and retaliated with their own infiltration op -which even now feeds the natives information. It is expected that the American Empire -and its satellites- will reach Post-Modern level Technology in record time, and thus the ITB requests permission to implement Operation mission civilisatrice on more primitive home-worlds, provided the mission results in complete success.

Points of Interest: First American Empire, a monarchy on the territory commonly known as North America. Implements pseudo-progressive policies despite its corrupt totalitarian tendencies.

Designated ID:

Points of Interest: