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House of Brisdor (WIP)

House of Brisdor

House of Brisdor

House Coat of Arms

Parent House

House of Waringham






1872 (150 years ago)


Lady Wilma Price Gleasy Brisdor

Head of House

Queen Diane II

Heir Apparent

Princess Olivia


King/Queen of Phibeta
(1912 – Present)

Marquess/Marchioness of Beakdale (1872 – Present)

Emperor/Empress of Xofrautan (1912 — 1967)


Beakdale, Weston

Cadet House(s)

Korngold, Durmstien

Table of Contents

I. Introductory
II. History
III. Lineage
IV. Realms
V. See Also

The House of Brisdor is the current royal house of Phibeta and the other Commonwealth realms. In 1912, following the death of Queen Diane I (without an heir), the House of Lords and Ladies came together in an emergency session to elect a new ruling family. The family that came out on top was the members of the House of Brisdor. Lord Matthew Price Johnson Brisdor was made King of Phibeta and Emperor of the Phibetan Raj of Xofrautan. The current head of the household is Queen Diane II with the heir apparent being Princess Olivia.


During the 1870s, following the sinking of the SS Imperial Xofrautan, the wife of one of the brave sailors was given a peerage for her husband’s efforts in protecting lives during the disaster. Beakdale was a thriving town by the sea and is considered the county's metropolitan area, meaning the peerage she received was that of a Marchioness. During the late 19th century, her children inherited smaller titles of Esquires and were notable for going around their community to provide for the population. They built homeless shelters, funded soup kitchens, passed legislation with the city council to keep the beaches pristine, and held contests to make amusement attractions for the town, all while their mother was serving in the House of Lords and Ladies.

Their mother died in 1902, and the eldest son, Matthew Price Johnson Brisdor inherited his mother’s seat in the House of Peers. In 1912, Queen Diane I died without an hier and thus ending the reign of the Second House of Waringham. Thanks to the new Act of Succession in 1814, Lord and Ladies began voting on which house was to succeed the House of Waringham. With various lords wanting themselves to be monarchs, one of the lords suggested that the House of Brisdor be elected as the new ruling house with their philanthropy and their good standing in their domain.

With majority support of the House of Lords and Ladies, Lord Matthew was claimed King Matthew VI, the first monarch of the House of Brisdor in 1912 and the lineage continues. Walter and William Brisdor both changed their names to Winifreed III & IV respectively and ruled as co-monarchs from 1919-1932 upon Winifreed III’s death (Winifreed IV died in 1939).







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