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The Grand Kingdom of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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HM Government of Phibeta Cabinet

The Second Sousa Government





RH Douglas Sousa,
MP for Shiledfried

Prime Minister,
Minister for the Realm,
First Lord of The Treasury,
Minister for the Civil Service

Cabinet Office

RH Jonathan Taylor,
MP for Whitington Falls

Deputy Prime Minister,
Lord Chancellor,
The Minister for Justice

Ministry for Justice

RH William Marchant,
MP for Falcon Haven

Chancellor of The Exchequer

HM Treasury

RH Julie Ann Williams,
MP for Pennysworth

Minster for The Home Office

Ministry for The Home Office

RH Robert Bishop,
MP for Yohannesburg

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

RH Lisa Blair,
MP for Hillington

Chief of Staff,
Chancellor for the Duchy of Wellmeiester

Cabinet Office

RH Charles Wilson,
MP for Cadbury

Minister for Defense

Ministry for Defense

RH Beatrice Tallarico,
MP for Korngold

Minister for Housing and Communities

Ministry for Housing and Communities

RH Lucia O’Duff,
MP for Kartaridge

Minister for Health and Social Care

Ministry for Health and Social Care

RH Tanimoto Yumiko,
MP for Appleby

Minister for Energy and Industry

Ministry for Energy and Industry

RH Henry Davidson,
MP for Northhead

Minister for International Trade and Commerce

Ministry for International Trade and Commerce

RH Dr. Julia Gardener,
MP for Chelsea

Minister for Labor

Ministry for Labor

RH Jessica Gallagher,
MP for Creeton

Minister for Education

Ministry for Education

RH Brice Bullion,
MP for Goldenshire

Minister for Agriculture and Environment

Ministry for Agriculture and Environment

RH Silvestro Pelliccia,
MP for Auersteb

Minister for Transportation

Ministry for Transportation

RH Lady Wilma Thompson,
Baroness of Oysterfield

Leader of the House of Lords and Ladies,
Lady Keeper of the Privy Seal

Office of the Leader of the House of Lords and Ladies

RH Aria Duncan,
MP for Eberbruck

Minister for Culture and Media,
Chairman of the PBC

Ministry for Culture and Media

RH Lillian Lawson,
MP for Loughcommon.

Minister for Overseas Territories,
Secretary of the Commonwealth

Ministry for Overseas Territories

RH Thomas Walker,
MP for Llyn.

Minister without Portfolio
(Co-chair of the Conservative Party)

Cabinet Office

Other Ministers Sitting in Cabinet





RH Edgar Walton Sr.,
MP for Robinshire

Leader of The House of Commons,
Deputy Speaker for The House of Commons,
Lord President of The Council

Office of The Leader of The House of Commons

RH Charles Fieldman,
MP for Palessetta

Paymaster General

Cabinet Office

RH Layla Hughes,
MP for Loughcommon

Speaker For The House of Commons

The House of Commons

Lord John Willer,
Baron of Byron

Speaker For The House of Lords & Ladies

The House of Lords & Ladies

Charlotte Becksford,
MYP for Ridderton

Leader of Youth Parliament

Office of The Leader of Youth Parliament

RH Harold McMillen,
MP for Northhead

Chief Minister to The Treasury

HM Treasury

RH Dr. Gregory Piccard,
MP for Korngold.

Attorney General for Phibeta

Attorney General’s Office

The Most Reverend and Right Honourable,
Mother Constance Yates

Archbishop of Drumchapel

The Church of The Cardinal Heroes