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Welcome to the Republic of Iran!

Republic of Iran
جمهوری ایران

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Dorood! Welcome to Iran! The so-called "Jewel of the Middle East" filled with cultural attractions and natural wonders. From landmarks such as Imam Reza shrine, the Golestan Palace, and the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque to the Damavand Mountain and Desert Lut; Iran is filled with wonders for the eye to see.

Iran is also the home to many cities such as its vibrant capital Tehran, Shiraz filled with traditions and Persepolis of the old Achaemenid Empire. Us Iranians are welcoming and hospitable towards anybody if you treat us the same with dignity and respect. Tourists are welcomed to enjoy the Iranian city lifestyle and nightlife as long as they abide our laws and customs.

A major economic power in the Middle East and a rising power in the world; Iran is one of the largest producers of oil coupled with a flourishing manufacturing industry in all sectors.

We Iranians, together as a nation, has faced numerous events throughout history that has drastically impacted our society in one way or another. The Iranian Revolution in 1979, a courageous and noble effort by the Iranian people, has led to the downfall of the autocratic imperial regime of the Shah. It is now 1979 and, the free and democratic Iranian Republic was born out of the people's will.

Most of the information listed here is mostly a work in progress but however, we will continue to develop them in our free time. Although, our Leaders, Gallery, OOC, and States factbook are one of the few that is remotely done. And thus, I bid you bedrood and thank you for reading this short message.

~ Sincerely, Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan of Iran

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