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About Me - OOC

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Name: Mike
Birthday: April 18
Nationality: Brazilian
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Agnostic
Ethnicity: Multiracial
Political Party: Independent
Occupation: Student, Unemployed
Nicknames: The Inquisitor, Kommissar Mike
Economic Left/Right: 2.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 4.15

Pax Brasiliana

Imperial republic of arkania
Arkanian imperium
Revolutionary arkania
The Piratini Republic
Monte cruz
Multiversal league of worlds
Kingdom of neotopia
Neo Brazilian Empire
Free State of Piratia

If there is a grammar mistake in one of my factbooks, please TG me!

If something does not make sense (timeline-wise, geographically, or historically) in one of my factbooks, please TG me and tell me what is wrong so I can fix it!

If you have questions, you're welcome to TG me.

If you find something cool or like something within my factbooks, do say!

I acknowledge that the images (and some concepts) used in my factbooks do not belong to me.

[If you want to ask me a question and would like it put here, feel free to TG me!]

  • What's your name?: I will not say my name, but my friends call me Mike.

  • What's your race?: Human.

  • What's your sexuality?: I'm male.

  • What about orientation?: Straight.

  • What's your country of origin? What citizenships do you hold?: Brazil. I hold Brazilian citizenship.

  • Do you have a significant other?: That's something a kidnapper would ask. The answer is no, by the way.

  • Job?: Unemployed student.

  • What do you believe in?: I'm agnostic.

  • So... your ancestry and heritage?: I don't care, but since you're asking, I'm half Portuguese, 1/4th Russian and the rest is composed of Italian, Spanish, and Amerindian ancestry.

  • Your likes? What about dislikes?: I like cold and overcast weather. I dislike sunny hot days. I might do a detailed like and dislike list later.

Political Standpoints:

  • Pro: social centrism, state capitalism, secular state, environmentalism, euthanasia, larger funding for science, most religions, monarchism, legalized prostitution, capital punishment, free speech, LGBT rights, welfare, separation of church and state, universal health care, abortion for specific cases, civic nationalism for New World nations, ethnic (or cultural) nationalism for Afro-Eurasia, eugenics, secularism, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Syria, United Kingdom, Palestine, Japan, revolution, BRICS, Mercosur, South-South cooperation, assimilation of foreigners, nihilism, anarcho-nihilism (the only acceptable anarchism)

  • Neutral: trade unions, religion in schools, the EU, traditional gender roles

  • Anti: communism, conservatism, nazism, progressivism, libertarianism, most forms of anarchism, drug legalization, gun control, republicanism, affirmative action, racism, pornography, republicanism, laissez-faire capitalism, creationism, feminism, gun control, internet censorship, anti-vaxxers, redistribution of wealth, abortion on demand, Islam and Islamism, a world government, China, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, France, Sweden, Canada under Trudeau, Germany under Merkel, Israel, NATO, reformism