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Ana Sofia, Empress of Brazil

Ana Sofia de Bragança, Empress of Brazil
Ana Sofia

Empress of Brazil


27 January 2020 - Present


4 May 2021


Pedro V

Head of the Imperial House of Brazil


27 January 2020 - Present


Pedro V

CK2 Attributes






EU4 Attributes





18 April 2003






Ana Sofia Carla Samuela
Roberta Francisca Gonzaga




Pedro V of Brazil


Charlotte of Bavaria


Roman Catholicism

Dama Ana Sofia (born 18 April 2003), nicknamed "the Victorious", is the ninth and current monarch of the Empire of Brazil. Born in Rio de Janeiro, the first-born daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro V of Brazil and Empress Charlotte, therefore a member of the house of Braganza. A lovely child, Ana spent her entire childhood and adolescence studying in preparation for ruling the empire in the future. Ana was described as a humble, generous, and gregarious girl until her adolescence. By the age of 15, Ana hoped to become a painter or a photographer and even thought about renouncing her rights to the throne. In 2020 her father Pedro V died, and the Empire was left in turmoil, with various factions warring against each other for control of the country. Her uncle, Pedro Filipe, led a coup that prevented Ana Sofia from ascending to the throne. It angered her, and with the support of Prime Minister Augusto, she resisted against the coup, starting a civil war.

Early Life

Ana was born at 09:32 on 18 April 2003, in Hospital Dom Pedro I, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her full name was Ana Sofia Carla Samuela Roberta Francisca Gonzaga. Through her father Dom Pedro V, she is a member of the Brazilian branch of the House of Braganza. The first child of Pedro V, she was officially recognized as heir apparent to the throne with the title Prince Imperial on 7 October 2003. She began attending the Padre José School in 2008. Her favorite activities were drawing and painting.

A talkative girl, Ana wasn't a girl of many friendships. She spent many hours of her day studying - the common Brazilian student has 5 or 6 hours of study per day, while Ana had 10. Her father was also very demanding, and any slip in her grades could end in harsh punishment. Ana developed a strong relationship with her guardian, Tadeu da Cruz, in the absence of her father, a busy man.

Ill at the age of 75, Ana's father Dom Pedro V died on 27 January 2020. Ana Sofia's uncle Pedro Filipe, backed by some generals, led a coup against her and usurped the throne. She had the support of many generals and the Prime Minister, thus starting a fight for the throne. Rebellious fascists, communists, separatists, and republicans who wished to install their own governments took advantage of the power vacuum and organized rebellions, starting the civil war.


The majority of the population supported Ana Sofia. Pedro Filipe was a controversial figure, unpopular especially with Spanish speakers for his xenophobic comments, and his ascension would be a good reason to be a separatist. With the support of the government and more than half the army, in addition to having virtually the entire navy under control, Ana Sofia would win the war after a year and three months of struggle. She left her school during the conflict to lead the country against the government. An inspiring figure, Ana Sofia came to personally attend hospitals where the wounded were treated and was the front line against Pedro Filipe's army. Despite the army's conquests against Republicans in the Northeast, the government was defeated by communists in Belo Horizonte in June. With that, Ana sought to form a temporary alliance with the communists, seeking to destroy Pedro Filipe. The communists accepted, but in return, the government would have to provide them with more weapons.

Despite NATO's support for republicans, they were defeated by the end of the year. By December The communists defeated the fascists, and now only Pedro Filipe remained. A good orator, Ana's speeches inspired the people to fight and rebel against the reactionary Pedro Filipe. Each day becoming more unpopular, Pedro Filipe feared for his life and tried to escape to Europe. Thanks to the intelligence service, Ana Sofia intercepted his plan and planned a naval invasion of the thin coast occupied by Pedro Filipe's army. Personally leading 100,000 soldiers, Ana encircled the city of Belém in three hours. Pedro Filipe, hiding in the city, couldn't leave by plane since the aircraft would be shot down. He resisted for 16 days before his capture by Brazilian special forces.

Merciless, Ana Sofia promptly gave Pedro Filipe and his generals a death sentence, without proper judgment. Most of his soldiers, however, were pardoned. On 30 January the fight between communists and the government restarted and would last until April. Ana Sofia met with the communist leader in São Paulo on 14th April, where they discussed a peace agreement. Ana Sofia made an offer that would partly fulfill the republican ambitions of the communists: the Prime Minister would be elected by the people, not by the parliament. The communist leader, Marcos Lopes, accepted the offer, with two extra conditions: the communist rebels would not be persecuted, and the Northern Brazilian kingdoms would be dismantled. Ana Sofia agreed, and peace was signed the same day.


Ana considers herself neither left-wing nor right-wing, but center, despite constantly expressing her support for the right-wing prime minister, Eduardo. Ana also considers herself a nationalist and a Catholic. However, there are rumors that Ana only uses religion to please her subjects, and that deep down she would be a Republican born in a royal family, as she forgave the rebel republican leadership.

  • For: Centrism, Diplomacy, Science funding, Capitalism, Nationalism, Rehabilitation, a secular state

  • Undecided: Militarism, Social Democracy, Social Conservatism, Imperialism, Feminism

  • Against: Anarchism, Communism, Fundamentalism, Fascism, Free Market Capitalism, War, Punishment, Abortion, a religious state


CK2 Traits
Midas touched, Organizer, Flat Terrain Leader, Quick, Groomed, Shrewd, Administrator, Chaste, Kind, Greedy, Wroth, Honest.

EU4 Traits

  • Inspiring: This ruler is an Inspiring Leader. Great personal leadership can lead to even the most cowardly men to finding their courage. +5% morale of armies

  • Silver Tongue: This ruler is considered to have a Silver Tongue. In our communication with other state our ruler is able to present our past actions in much more favorable lighting. Once our neighbors see the reasons for our actions they are much more likely to forgive us in the long run for any transgressions. +20% improve relations

  • Obsessive Perfectionist: This ruler is an Obsessive Perfectionist. A keen interest in detail and minutiae is not always coupled with an equal talent for such things. Constantly causing interruptions and delays our ruler is doing a lot more harm than good when it comes to developing our internal infrastructure. +10% construction cost

Personal Trivia

  • Ana's height is 166 cm (5'5")

  • Her favorite hobbies are painting, handball, and tabletop games.

Leader Traits (Victoria II and HOI 4)

    Personality: Merciless (+2 attack, +2 defense, -20% morale)
    Background: Aristocrat (+10% morale)
    Leader Traits: Popular monarch (+20% stability)


    Princess Ana at age 18

    One of Ana's paintings