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European Heritage Program

Site Name: Cathedral of St Juliana (Cathedralis Sanctae Iulianae)
Location: Port Aureus
Category: Historical/Cultural
Approved: June 23rd, 2012

Why It Should Be Chosen:

This beautiful cathedral is a majestic testament to the exemplary craftmanship of medieval Aurean stonemasons, glass artists, and sculptors, and a prime example of the gothic architecture in the then-Republic of Pax Aurea during the Late Middle Ages. Constructed in the busy mercantile center of Port Aureus between 1432-1460, it stands between two eras, borrowing its beauty from them both: the ecclesiastical monumentalism of the Middle Ages and the freely-flowing artistic brilliance of the Renaissance.

The interior of the cathedral is decorated with spectacular stained glass windows, exquisite marble statues, and frescos from the 15th and 16th centuries, painted by such prominent Aurean names as Cornelius Salveni and Jean-Baptiste Murcellius.

The cathedral was named after its patron saint, St Juliana (or Julian) of Norwich, a 14th century English canoness and mystic. It played a crucial role in Pax Aurea's Protestant Reformation, being the key location to the religious upheaval that eventually led into the formation of the Lutheran Universalist Church of Pax Aurea, the denomination that half the Aureans still follow. Today, it is an important shrine to both Lutherans and Catholics alike, a site of pilgrimage, and a popular tourist destination.