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The Federal Commonwealth of
Left-wing Utopia

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Timeline of Major Events

700 BC - First Phoenicians settle the Aurean Isles.
500 BC - The Hellenic era begins.
387 BC - The founding of Okeanopolis (later Pacifica).
6 AD - Romans annex the Aurean Isles.
40 - St Aurea becomes the first female Proconsul.
42 - Christianity reaches Pacifica.
476 - The Fall of Rome. Provincia Aurea becomes independent.
477 - The Aurean Civil War begins between Republicans and Imperialists.
482 - The end of the civil war and the formation of the Aurean Republic.
882 - The Sack of Port Aureus by Vikings.
883 - The Battle of Lucana; Aurean navy defeats the Danes.
1209 - The Edict of Excommunication by Pope Innocent III, calls for an anti-Aurean crusade.
1245 - The first constitution.
1300 - The beginning of the Aurean Renaissance.
1348 - The Black Death arrives, killing approx. 23% of the Aureans.
1416 - Provincia Africa is established, the city of Port Africa founded on uninhabited islands near the west coast of Africa.
1493 - Captain Maria Apearus sets her foot on New World soil.
1495 - Colonia Nova founded in the Caribbean Sea.
1523 - Protestant Reformation, the Lutheran Universalist Church established.
1548 - The Second Aurean Civil War begins between Catholics and Lutherans after a Catholic coup-d'état.
1550 - The civil war ends in Lutheran victory; general pardon to Catholics issued by Consul Marbellus.
1552 - Aurean legions defeat a Spanish invasion attempt.
1598 - The Flumentine school system is established.
1599 - The first recorded Aurean privateer attack against a slave transport.
1602 - The Pacifican Stock Exchange founded by merchant houses.
1612 - Semaphore system revolutionizes the spread of information.
1790 - Consul Fatima Assanicus reforms the Republic into a Federal Commonwealth, becoming its first President.

(This article is still a work-in-progress, to be finished alongside with the History section.)