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Defences of Paradeavenlisian States (WIP)

Although Paradeavenlisian States has virtually no military to speak of, it does have a variety of both man-made and natural defences in case of a war were to ever happen despite the extremely low chance of a war ever happening between P.S and another nation or if there were to be a natural disaster. Although all of the defenses focus on defending both the nation and the people, some defenses focus more on protecting the nation(to protect from foreign armies) while other defenses focus more on protecting the people(to protect from any potential natural hazard/disaster). The combination of these defenses would mean that the only way that an enemy could possibly invade Paradeavenlisian States is(most likely) if they have a space fleet, although that would be countered by our own, or(quite unlikely but still nonetheless possible) if they have an underground bases underneath us(which is extremely unlikely).

Defenses Against Military
Guardian Phoenixes
These are by far the strongest varieties of phoenixes in the entire nation and the vast majority are either fire phoenixes or air/wind phoenixes. Air phoenixes are able to create electrically charged storms and can easily shatter or blow anything with just one flap of its wings and they are one of the, if not, the only things that can survive going through a storm completely intact. Fire phoenixes have a higher variety of enhanced abilities such as enhanced agility, balance, endurance, lung capacity, senses, reflexes and strength as well as other abilities such as fire breath, self-resurrection/semi-immortality(like all phoenixes), healing tears and fire mimicry. In times of war, they would be homing in and scanning the storm and just outside of it unless they sense a threat from within the storm ring. This usually indicated if they sense little to no Stangelic energy. Once they have detected a threat like, for instance, a military aircraft, they are locked in a sky battle. If the fire phoenix transforms into its elemental state(become completely made out of fire) then bullets can't really do anything to it(they would simply just melt in an instant before they even make contact to the surface of the phoenix)and neither can bombs(in fact, some bombs can actually strengthen the phoenix, to an extent, especially their "bombing attacks"). Fire phoenixes can also dive bomb into the opponent and depending on how hard they hit it can make a colossal explosion. If the air phoenix transforms into its elemental state, then it is practically unstoppable and could simply just rip the aircraft from the air simply by just flying past it or through it with it's supersonic speeds and wind speeds. If it were to approach a navy, then it would fly low just below sea level and create strong ripples in the ocean and if it circles around an area fast and long enough then it could create very strong currents and mini storms.

These phoenixes have very little weaknesses. In fact, even if they are exposed to the opposite element(water on a fire phoenix), they'll eventually combine with that element and become more powerful(basically they become hybrids). Also, exposing them to their sole element simply just feeds them and enhances their powers. To kill them, the strong bonds of Stangelic Energy must be permanently disrupted using an anti-matter weapon.

Storm Ring
The infamous storm ring is by far the most prominent and well-known defence and is one of the oldest natural defences. It can destroy anything(except the air and fire guardian phoenixes and it can heavily strengthen the air phoenixes, therefore, acting as an energy boost.) that dares go through them. It has been speculated that the storm is made up of a combination of sulphuric acid, carbon dioxide, chlorine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, phosgene and also electrical bolts making it a mixture so dense that it could easily be visible from many miles away. The temperature there is suprisingly hot at about 567 degrees Celsius.

Anti-missile System
Suprisingly, Paradeavenlisian States does actually have a rather advanced anti-missile system that is constantly improving as a result of improving and advancing radar and information technology. This would be important especially if a global nuclear war were to happen and/or a nation with missiles declared war on Paradeavenlisian States and if the guardian phoenixes sensed the missiles too late.

Despite stereotypes, the wizards of Paradeavenlisian States can be viewed as a "replacement of the military" and can be considered as a self defense force. Despite what most people would think, wizards rarely carry anything in combat(unlike an actual military)(usually except for an elemental sword, robes/armour and a hat except for the ones who have the "Rainbow and Aether Legacies" who, in addition, carry a staff to summon in their own unique power). The total number of wizards in Paradeavenlisian States is about 623,000. Like other Stangelic-sensitive beings, they are much stronger than normal humans although they tend to be the most powerful of the Stangelic-sensitive beings due to their experience and training.

They tend to have lightning fast reactions to bullets and attempt to teleport away. In the unlikely case of a war, the wizards tend to be strategist thinkers and would often test their opponents strength and abilities by teleporting around them and away from their powers every the enemy attempts a hit. Suprisingly though, some of them also have very tough armour able to withstand bullets, swords and arrows. Another reason why teleportation is used is because it is used as a way to distract and confuse the enemy and surprise attack the enemy from behind and surround them effectively. A more recent defense is a space fleet with space ships that would be lightly-built which would enable them to travel in quick speeds and they would also shoot an extremely dense Stangelic plasma which would expand until it has surrounded a target and would then compress and completely disintegrate the enemy space ship into nothingness all in an instant. Also, enemy soldiers would be picked off from the enemy army one by one by lifting them with telekinesis, put them into a state of unconsciousness and then crush their weapons and keep their body frozen into the air(this done by the Stangelic-sensitive wizard creating a magnetic shield just in case they might get shot by weapons that can penetrate their armour). This process tends to be completely relatively quickly and can be done with 3 enemy soldiers at the same time(although putting them into a state of unconsciousness wouldn't be done at the same time for each of the targets)

Paradeavenlisian States has many bunkers spread out across the nation in the case of a nuke somehow going through while the shield is off and avoids the anti missile system. They are found near almost if not every settlement of Paradeavenlisian States.

Future Defenses
Despite the efficiency of its current defenses, Paradeavenlisian States still hasn't stopped in terms of defenses and is currently working on both building new defenses and advancing the current ones for the nation. One particular focus is outer space as Paradeavenlisian States' influence and territory beyond its home planet is currently growing. One of the (so far)unfinished defenses is a huge planetary shield in each of the partly occupied planets(there is already one finished for Ecagua). It can be turned on and off and anything that attempts to go through it while it is on would get vaporized in an instant. In addition, due to the fact that phoenixes most likely don't survive(this is unknown due to the fact that this hasn't been tested) in space, except for aether and rainbow phoenixes, they are carried with special phoenix carriers when deployed during a necessary attack. There is also ongoing construction of other space fleets to patrol other controlled solar systems.

Although Paradeavenlisian States tends and prefers to defend itself during an attack, it may also have to go on the offensive if absolutely necessary. This would happen if the enemy is offered white peace, after a certain amount of time, and refuses to accept the offer. During the first refusal, Paradeavenlisian States would send 1000 phoenix carriers, each coupled with 10 phoenixes, guarded by a huge fleet and a group of aether and rainbow phoenixes. Then, once reaching the enemy's planet's atmosphere, the phoenixes would be deployed and destroy any major industrial areas(mainly those focused on military equipment), ports and military bases of the enemy. The enemy would then be given another offer of white peace and if they still reject, then the phoenixes would intend to wipe out all enemy forces if possible until they agree to peace.

Defences Against Natural Hazards
Over time, due to the frequency of natural disasters, the civilians of Paradeavenlisian States have evolved and adapted with them to the point where they view natural disasters like as if they are just a normal thing. These following defences were used to raise awareness of natural disasters and to reduce the casualties which have proven to be quite successful as no one has been injured for 57 years.