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Pan-Asiatic States | Introduction

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Break the Chains!

Blessings of the heavens, foreigner; and behold! The New Order of Asia prevails!

Through generations of revolution we sought to define ourselves as distinguished peoples, stemming from the endeavors of, we, the oldest and greatest civilizations of mankind, to unlock the secrets of the universe. The ancient ingenuity of the Oriental peoples are haunted by the grace of righteousness and peace above all else; shattering mandates of heaven only to build ones stronger than the last. This resilience of our ancestors breathed life in the face of hardships, in order to entrust to us, their children, a world of unlimited possibility. Even when warring colonies established themselves with banners under different foreign tyrants laying claim on all the Earth's lands, our forefathers worked hard to secure a stable future. Faced with captivity, the Orient's legacy endured.

But in the 20th century, the entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. The Oriental peoples awoke from the American dream, realizing the boundaries of the freedoms they were given. We tried to change the world too fast. Rising Asian empires went against each others' throats, and the world awaited Armageddon. Then, a miracle happened. We came together.

The smoky skies of imperialism cleared way for the radiance of a new age to come forth: a new age, not dictated by the labor of men, but accelerated by the rhythm of machines. Hand-in-hand, marching towards the future; as a single Federation. Workers of the world—united.

The world called us to lead our brotherly nations into a golden age of prosperity. We are the brainchild of the New Democracy, a new type of political organization, based not just on the man, but on the collective. Where every man can own his own home and have room to breathe, where every neighbor's a friend, and every Mayor, a buddy. Here, we've not given chase to theft masquerading as freedom. This is a nation where a man's home is his castle, and his community, a Kingdom. A quarter acre of the dream made possible by the spoils of war, but built through our pursuit for peace in a cold, unforgiving world. We're a Federation of pioneers, a People's Republic of dreamers.

And in a cynical reversal of fortune, our young nation now finds itself surrounded again by reactionary forces, by those who would oppose our onward march and continued solidarity: the skeptics, the megalomaniacs, the marionette old democracy of the West. With the eyes of the world upon us, lust to steal away heaven's blessings to our Federation was inevitable to those who have the audacity to shackle us once more. We aren't afraid to take up the gun in defense of the paradise we've built for ourselves.

It is not us who fear, for we think back to our families, our friends, our colleagues, and those who have struggled before us. We think of those victims abroad, continued to be oppressed and alienated from each other by the nations of the Occident and the will of a world that resists to share in our prosperity. And when we see them in contrast to us, we dare proclaim that this great Federation of ours shall never rest, until every tyrant is ridden of, every masochist is humanized, every worker is free, every culture is celebrated, and every man is a master of his own destiny. We proclaim that this test of East versus West will result in the victory we shall secure for ourselves and our kin, a legacy to be honored for generations!

We are the brave, we are the chosen, we are the proud. The world revolves around us and us alone.

We are the Pan-Asiatic States.

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