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Pan-Asiatic States | Introduction

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The Perpetual Cold War


"Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend."

- Mao Zedong


The 20th Century was a period of intense destitution for the Asian people. The feudal warring-states broke bonds between brothers, the colonizing West sucked us dry of our resources, and the crony puppeteers of the Asian working-class continued to hide behind false promises. The thalassocracies, the mandates of heaven, the laws of Confucius; Asia was written out of history, 'civilized' to conform with the commands of our new Western masters. When the tide of power shifted drastically East as the West began to suffer from the effects of the Great Depression, our ancestors clung to the empty promises of the Japanese overlords who brought nothing but ruthless aggression, lines of coffins in a pointless war of imperialism, and demands of unquestionable servitude to dictatorial puppet-regimes.

Only from this melting-pot of cultures, from the threat of a common foe, did we learn to embrace our irredentism. Even while both the Capitalist West began to collude with the Fascist demagogues, whilst Europe became doused with Soviet power and National Bolshevism; did our zealous pioneers carry-on the fighting, the bleeding, and the dying. And in this cesspool of suffering, we found fraternity.

After the triumphant war waged over Japanese aggression, a revolutionary spark buried the final grip of the Western world on our beloved Asia. We pursued an unfamiliar voice of history that challenged those occident ideals; states not dictated by the labor of men, but accelerated by the rhythm of machines. We gave everyone a say in everything, unlike the leeching Imperial loyalists. We built-up our pride in familial spirit, converse to the Bolshevik union between rivals. We consolidated the will of Father Asia through the People's Democracy; lifting millions from poverty, strengthening our industry, sturdying our cities, and safeguarding the sovereignty of nations.

In a cynical reversal of fortune, our young nation now finds itself surrounded once more by reactionary forces, but this time, with the strength of our Bolshevik alliance and the power of Europe on our side. It is not us who fear. The Red tide now dominates the Eurasian continent through the Fourth Internationale. Our faithful leaders now look further West. We shall defeat them in every battle they so choose. The Asian people are unbroken, we are unconquerable! How long shall it be until retribution takes full-circle, and the rallying mobs sound the trumpets of war once more?

The answer is learned by the Obliteration of the Self, recited by the scientists of our cloning facilities, legislated by our industrious Congress of Soviets. It is the raw paranoia of our Western adversaries.

It is the call of the Federation, the hurrah of our historic struggle, the Red chant of Neo-Maoism;

"Serve the People!"

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