by Max Barry

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Pan-Asiatic States | Introduction

The World of the Pan-Asiatic States

When the People fear the Leaders, that is TYRANNY.
When the Leaders fear the People, that is LIBERTY.

Not long ago, Asia was a land of inhumane slavery stripped of pride and without a dignifying banner.

Now, it is neither.

Comrades, my Asia is a different Asia.

They betrayed us. Pulling their galleons and ironclads upon our home shores, then, we had sought friendship with our guests. But instead of returning our hospitality, they shackled our spirits and razed our cities. They defiled our holy sites. They erased our history. Turning our own upon each other, we fell divided, one by one, across the centuries, under different banners of the same foreign folk. Aristocrats and loyalist elites dined on stolen fortune; for what good was our harvest when our masters had such big appetites? My people have suffered for centuries.

We slowly dragged our people into the grueling throes of industrialization by picking after their crumbs, and even then they took every opportunity to exploit us under their capitalist system. In Japan and the Philippines, the Americans manifested their destiny: their destiny to dictate conformity. In Indochina, the 'Free' French took slaves. The division of China proved to be the final spasms of a dead Asia.

Power shifted East. The Great Depression came and passed. In the wake of de-colonisation, we workers grew complacent; falling to the utopian ideals of Japanese revolutionaries. We thought we had waged a war against colonialism. Our idols spoke of Japanese emancipation, yet were dumbfounded when the thundering guns had stopped and they were met with incarceration. White masters were replaced by new ones. Again, we suffered; by the iron boots of ruthlessness, lines of coffins in a pointless war of Imperialism, demands of unquestionable servitude to despotic puppet-regimes. It had become clear that we tried to change the world too fast; we tried to change it without abolishing the system of master and slave. But we were eager to.

From this melting-pot of cultures, against a foe that threatened the continent, bore the pyre of resistance. A new sun was dawning upon the Earth. A tidal wave of National Bolshevism and Communism swept the Capitalist powers in Europe, whilst our zealous martyrs plunged bayonets into the heartless ribs of the Japanese imperialists. The fronts closed in, the night passed, and we woke-up in an Asia motivated to consolidate the people's rule above all else. A clean slate upon us, this time, we bore a blood-oath: we would not rest until all lands were cured of the tyrant's wrath.

We pursued an unfamiliar voice of history that challenged those occident ideals; states not dictated by the labor of men, but accelerated by the rhythm of machines. Masochists were humanized, voices were unshackled. We built-up our pride in familial spirit, converse to the Bolshevik union between rivals. We consolidated the will of Father Asia through the New Democracy; lifting millions from poverty, strengthening our industry, raising our cities, and safeguarding the sovereignty of nations. Our long-awaited victory was at hand; the people had finally stood up.

But alas, in a cynical reversal of fortune, our young nation now finds itself surrounded again by reactionary forces. The West hounds us day and night, questioning our century-old struggle; they dare call us bandits, while they continue to plunder. They dare call us subversive, while they continue to terrorize. They have not changed their ways one bit. They desire our subjugation all over again.

We see through them. They have deluded even themselves: that their self-serving aims are services to humanity, and that their corrupt hierarchies are enforced in the name of peace. They scream for sanctions, penalty-actions, embargoes! They prepare to topple our collective prowess. The time for conflict is upon us once more!

Yet it is not us who fear. We are the army of the people. Race hatred will not stop us. We serve no master, bow to no tyrant. Shall we endure hardship again; it will be for love of our families, for the defense of the Fatherland, for the liberation of the toiler. We think back to our founding fathers—to Mao Zedong, to 1991. His armies had survived the whips of the Warlords, the Japanese, and the Kuomintang, delivering a glorious victory in the name of the New Democracy! We, Sons of Asia, uphold his same sacred blood-oath;

For it is the call of the Federation, the hurrah of our historic struggle, the Red chant of Neo-Maoism:



The National Anthem


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