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The Sangkapuluáng Patria of
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Political Map of the Pan-Asiatic States


Executive Capital (Region I, NCR): Neo-Manila City

Regional Capitals:

  • Region II: Timor-Leste

  • Region III: Neo-Singapore City

  • Region IV: Bangkok

  • Region V: Victory City (Naypyrdaw)

  • Region VI: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

  • Region VII: Beijing

  • Region VIII: Pyongyang

  • Region IX: Neo-Tokyo City

The States follow a system of Devolution, wherein power is localized and federal authorities have more liberal rights of self-governance. All States must still pay tax and follow the Constitution of the central government. Representatives of each state are democratically elected and represented within the central government. The administration is primarily One-Party, and Federalist in nature; with different political factions which correspond to different interpretations of Communism.

The Neo- prefix indicates that the city is a reconstruction of its old self. Tokyo, for example, had completely been wiped out by the Atomic Bomb dropped by the Soviet Union, and thus was reconstructed. The City therefore gained the Neo- prefix to indicate this fact. Some parts of these cities remain to be contaminated by Nuclear fallout, but heavy efforts have been underway since 1991 to restore and clean-up these sectors.