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Eugenics in the Pan-Asiatic States

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An Igarashi Propaganda Poster depicting RSS, 2001, Neo-Manila Post

Igarashi Eugenics is the collective term referring to a number of Eugenics reforms implemented by the Pan-Asiatic Congress of Soviets. Igarashi Eugenics, also known as the The Red Strings of Science (RSS), refers to the collective of government-mediated marriage matchmaking systems, birth control policies, parental licensing and statewide human cloning programs primarily designed to directly control overpopulation in the Pan-Asiatic States. Created in 1999 and proposed by the late Soviet Congressman, Ryou Igarashi (1939-2016); the broad Eugenics agenda aims to "relieve the pressure of [current] welfare programs on the Pan-Asiatic Communist Economy." (Igarashi, 1995)

A State-Arranged marriage in Seoul. (2018)

Statistical Union

A Statistical Union refers to couples engaged through the systematic government-aided matchmaking process enforced on citizens of the Pan-Asiatic States. The process itself is rather bureaucratic, and aims to provide two individuals with genetically similar traits deemed by the system "moral" enough to raise children. A series of tests are provided to citizens by the Bureau of Population Control (BPC) to determine personality types, interests, outlooks on life, and philosophies of each individual.

These tests are annual, and are required by the Ministry of Education:

    Grade 1 - Morals Test I, Assumptions and Surveillance of VAT-Manufacture Defects
    Grade 5 - Molotov-Fayobski Personality Test, Learning-type classification
    Grade 7 - Psychological Analysis Test; Check for Mental Health defects
    Grade 8 - State-Patriotism Test; Possible Re-education of the subject if necessary
    Grade 9 - Morals Test II, Final Corrections: Assignment of Statistically Perfected Spouse

By age 25, the couple must take the Parental Psycho-Analysis Exam; which is the final examination that will determine whether re-tests are required to select a new possible spouse for both subjects, i.e separation; or whether the couple will be ready to accept a Parental License. A VAT-manufactured Child can be claimed by the parents soon after this test is passed. They are required by law to take care of their child until the child has reached 18 years of age; when their child will have been expected to move into a new assigned household by the government.

Couples who break this law (i.e. Marrying someone they are not assigned to or calling off the arrangement) are punished in form of fines and are socio-culturally marked as social outcasts. It will be hard for them to find a job or apply for schools. Though technically legal, it is worth noting that according to many illegal emigrants who have experienced breaking off Statistical Unions, have reported that the impact of doing so can tremendously affect the course of one's life in the Pan-Asiatic States.

The World Census has noted that this may have been an underlying factor for both the high-ranking suicide rates in the Pan-Asiatic States (Top 11th in the World, 2017) and the eventual implementation of the Euthanasia Legalization Law of 2004.

Bokanovsky's Process

Bokanovsky's Process (2000, National Archives)

Bokanovsky's Process is a scientific convention for human cloning adapted by Igarashi Eugenics, first founded by Aldous Bokanovsky in 1984 and further developed by different Russo-Asian scientists after his death in 1987 during the Third Pacific War.

In layman's terms; the process is applied to fertilized human eggs in vitro, causing them to split into identical genetic copies of the original. The process can be repeated several times, though the maximum number of viable embryos possible is 96.

Body cells are tampered with and manipulated by artificial cells and through tedious Sakuradite-infused chemicals, known collectively when manufactured as Variable Attraction Triphosphate; or simply, VAT-Cells.

"One egg, one embryo, one adult, that is the status quo. But a Bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, and will divide. From eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before."

- Dr. Eva Pollisco, Bokanovsky Theory Refined (1996)

Bokanovsky's Process, combined with Molotov's Technique for speeding up the maturation of unfertilized eggs from an ovary, is used to produce massive numbers of a genetic group; which then spur from the VAT-Cell

In highly controlled social nations such as the Pan-Asiatic States, the ability for the government to control the number of humans is important, as is the ability to control the function of those humans. By cloning, manipulating, and altering appearances before birthing; according to the Asian Communist Party, prejudice can be cured. Racial difference becomes a nature of the past and indifference abolishes individualism in all its forms.

Mandatory Contraception

Biological reproduction in its natural form was outlawed by the Magna Carta on Igarashi Implementation in the year 2002, primarily to eliminate the competing demand from domestic repopulation which destabilized the central planning established by the Bureau of Population Control. Contrary to popular belief, this does not outlaw the act of sexual intercourse, rather it only outlaws the act of impregnation. Citizens caught violating the ban are immediately executed regardless of age, with the illegitimate child being confiscated by the federal government for re-assignment to an Igarashi Couple.

Racial Control

With the powers of life and death in the hands of the State, the Federal Government, through the Igarashi Law, decided to utilize the ability of human cloning to generate Austronesianesque generations of offspring. The "Srivijayan Asians" which the States have been attempting to create, resemble Filipino-Malaysian characteristics. The aim is to create a light-brown "Kayumanggi" populace; as a tribute to the nation's Austronesian ancestry. The entire system seeks to abolish individualism in all its forms to enhance and secure Communism in the Pan-Asiatic States.

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