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The Dozen Giants

In the context of the Palmyrian economic landscape, the term "Dozen Giants" refers to twelve companies that dominate a certain sector of the Palmyrian economy, with each company dominating one of the twelve strategic sectors as delineated by the second phase (1991-1995) of the Fifteen-Year Millennium Recovery Programme via the Strategic Industrial Act 1991.

The following is a list of Palmyrion's Dozen Giants, and the twelve strategic sectors as well as the four biggest companies per sector.

Dozen Giants

  • Continental Consortium - easily the Royal Commonwealth's largest conglomerate in terms of revenue, employment, and owned shares, the Continental Consortium has significant holdings in the mining, construction, energy, logistics, ICT, aerospace, and petrochemical industries, and is led by an Executive Council of seven members led by a CEO.

  • Centrix Group

  • Belleza Dynamics

  • Excellia Confederated - Excellia Confederated started out in 1981 as the robotics company Excellia Electromechanical Systems Inc., founded by then 24-year-old Nicole Excellia. Excellia's first products were manned industrial and service robots, followed by autonomous systems and consumer electronics in the early 2000s. Today Excellia Confederated holds significant dominance in the electronics and aerospace sectors while still being Palmyrion's largest robotics company.

  • Sorel Corporation - The Sorel Electrical Telegraphy Corporation was founded in 1867 by Francois Sorel, an immigrant from France who moved to Palmyrion. It has since then grown to a company with significant dominance in the electronics and ICT sectors.

  • Montessa Heavy Industries

  • GKF Holdings Group - Galois-Karman-Fermat was formed in 1976 by Raphael Galois, a civil engineer who majored in transportation engineering, Henrik Karman, an aerospace engineering major, and Andre Fermat, a mining engineering major, a group of college friends from three different prominent universities of the Royal Commonwealth. GKF, as it is now commonly known, holds major dominance in the construction, mining, aerospace, and logistics sectors.

  • Eton Martin - Eton Martin's predecessor companies trace back their origins to the late 1800s, with Eton Shipbuilding formed in 1871 and Martin Motorworks formed in 1893. It reached its current size, dominance, and prestige in the shipbuilding and automobile industries when the two merged into one company in 2007, with the merger symbolised by the (arranged) marriage of the family-owned companies' corporate heirs.

  • Avila-De Blas Technologies

  • Martelino Aerodynamica - Martelino Aerodynamica was founded in 1923 by Armando Martelino, an aerospace engineer hailing from a line of carpenters and metalworkers. Armando was mechanically inclined from a young age due to his exposure to his family's carpentry and metalworking artisanship, and was particularly noted for creating and experimenting with gliders and kites during his teens. Now the company has grown to secure absolute dominance of the Palmyrian aerospace sector and continues its tradition of innovation, and is the Armed Forces of Palmyrion's leading supplier of military aircraft. It is now starting to diversify into other heavy industries such as automobiles and shipbuilding, with MA's technical knowledge prowess easily transferred and applied into said sectors.

  • Daza Heavy Industries

  • Galleno Industrial Holdings, Inc.

  • Honourable mentions include:

    • Rentoria Logistics Corporation - the mighty Rentoria Logistics Corporation was formed in the 1820s by a family of stevedores and haulers providing logistical and mail services to local communities. It has since then grown into a large company with a market share of 33% of Palmyrion's logistics sector.

    • Cherrytronic


  • Continental Energy (part of Continental Consortium)

  • Belleza Energy Corporation

  • Infante-Garcia-Noriega

  • Centrix Energy (part of Centrix Group)

Agriculture and biotechnology

  • Belleza Biotechnical (part of Belleza Dynamics)

  • Gaston Agrodynamique

  • Garin Biodynamics

  • Avila-De Blas (a subsidiary of Avila-De Blas Technologies)


  • Rentoria Logistics Corporation

  • Continental Industrial Logistics (part of Continental Consortium)

  • GKF Transportation Engineering Company (part of GKF Holdings Group)

  • Transtek


  • Martelino Aerodynamica

  • Excellia Aerospace (part of Excellia Confederated)

  • Continental Aerospace

  • Karman Aerospace (part of GKF Holdings Group)


  • Cherrytronic

  • Electronica Excellia (part of Excellia Confederated)

  • Sorel Electronique (subsidiary of Sorel Corporation)

  • ADB Computers, Inc. (subsidiary of Avila-De Blas Technologies)

Metallurgical engineering

  • Herreria Montessa (a subsidiary of Montessa Heavy Industries)

  • Daza Metallurgy (a subsidiary of Daza Heavy Industry)

  • Avila-De Blas Materials Engineering Corporation

  • Belleza Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Belleza Dynamics)


  • Daza Automobile (subsidiary of Daza Heavy Industries)

  • F.d.A. (Fábrica de Automóviles) Montessa (a subsidiary of Montessa Heavy Industries)

  • Eton Martin Motorworks (subsidiary of Eton Martin)

  • Martelino Autoworks


  • Galleno Shipyards (a subsidiary of Galleno Industrial Holdings, Inc.)

  • Montessa Shipbuilding Company (a subsidiary of Montessa Heavy Industries)

  • Eton Martin Shipwrights (subsidiary of Eton Martin)

  • Martelino Shipbuilding

Information and Communications Technology

  • Sorel Telecomms (subsidiary of Sorel Corporation)

  • Centrix Network (subsidiary of Centrix Group)

  • Avila-De-Blas ICT (subsidiary of Avila-De Blas)

  • Continental Telecommunications Corporation


  • Continental Mining Corporation (part of Continental Consortium)

  • Fermat Mining Corporation (part of GKF Holdings Group, Inc.)

  • Asteria Rare Earths, Inc. (a subsidiary of Centrix Group)

  • Sarabia Mining Incorporated (a subsidiary of Galleno Industrial Holdings)

Petrochemical industry

  • Continental Petroleum (part of Continental Consortium)

  • Centrix Petrogas (a subsidiary of Centrix Group)

  • Avila-De Blas Gas And Oil Company

  • Guzman-Gervero Worldwide Petroleum


  • Continental Development Corporation (part of Continental Consortium)

  • GKF Civil Engineering Corporation (part of GKF Holdings Group, Inc.)

  • Centrix Construction and Development Company (part of Centrix Group)

  • Galleno Civil Engineering and Development Corporation