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All issues and their worded effects *SPOILER ALERT*

#000: Should Democracy Be Compulsory?
1. voting is voluntary
2. voting is compulsory
3. elections have been outlawed
#001: Where's The Love Gone?
1. divorce is illegal
2. married couples have to call each other 'darling' or risk a fine
3. same-sex marriages are increasingly common
#002: Reclaim The Streets!
1. cars are banned
2. bicyclists are banned from major roads
3. the automotive industry soaks up huge government handouts
#003: Harry Potter Censorship Row
1. Harry Potter books are banned
2. the latest Harry Potter book is a best-seller
#004: Economic Collapse Looms!
1. all industry is owned and run by the govrnment
2. the government is attempting to revitalize a gutted private sector
#005: Child Casino Shock
1. gambling is outlawed
2. young childen are regularly seen wagering pocket money at blackjack tables
#006: Appointment Of Spiritual Advisor
1. the government is seen to favor Catholics
2. the government's religious works are headed by a New Age guru
3. the country's official head of religious affairs is an atheist
#007: Animal Liberation Front Strikes Again
1. animal liberationists are regularly jailed
2. meat-eating is frowned upon
3. vegetarianism is compulsory
4. meat is a luxury afforded only to the wealthy
#008: Nudists Demand Time In Sun
1. citizens can be frequently spotted going about their business stark naked
2. public nudity is compulsory
3. nudity is frowned upon
#009: @@ANIMAL@@s On The Dinner Table?
1. @@ANIMAL@@s are considered a delicacy
2. a nation-wide cull of @@ANIMAL@@s is in effect
3. the @@ANIMAL@@ is a protected species
#010: Social Inequality Reaching Embarrassing Levels
1. the streets are increasingly clogged with poverty-stricken beggars
2. the government is slowly introducing social welfare programs
3. the country is preparing for war
#011: People Request Not So Much Dictatorship, If That's All Right
1. political activists are routinely executed
2. the government is cutting back on the number of political prisoners executed each year
#012: Death Penalty On Agenda
1. the death penalty has been reintroduced
2. extreme political groups are outlawed
#013: Too Much Yakking, Already, Say Delegation
1. the right to free speech is being drastically curtailed
2. @@NAME@@'s children are widely acknowledged as the most foul-mouthed in the region
3. it is a crime to offend someone's religious beliefs
#014: Military Demands Increased Spending
1. military spending is on the increase
2. military funding has been stripped back
#015: More Police Needed
1. the police force is on a recruitment drive
2. education and welfare are on the rise
3. thieves are flogged in public for their crimes
#016: @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ Workers Strike!
1. the nation is ravaged by daily union strikes
2. employers may fire workers without any given reason
#017: Corporations Demand Political Say
1. corporations donate huge sums of money to favored politicians
2. political parties are banned from advertising and receiving private donations
3. a dictator has seized power and outlawed elections
#018: Citizens Struggle Under "Unfair" Tax Burden
1. the government is reining in on public spending
2. high-income earners pay a 100% tax rate
3. citizens select which government department gets their income tax @@CURRENCY@@s each year
#019: @@NAME@@ Awash With Red-Rimmed Eyes
1. marijuana is legal in the privacy of your own home
2. all recreational drugs are legal
#020: Gunman Kills Three
1. kids are arrested at gunpoint for playing with toy rifles
2. the nation is completely gun-free
3. movies and computer games are strictly censored for violence
#021: Police Consider "Big Brother" Anti-Crime System
1. surveillance cameras are banned
2. all major public areas are watched by police surveillance cameras
3. citizens are barcoded to keep track of their movements
#022: Nazi Sympathizers Plan Rally
1. it is illegal to make racist remarks in public
2. the tenet of free speech is held dear
#023: Uranium Deposit Promises To Enrich @@NAME@@
1. the country's famous rainforests are being bulldozed by the mining industry
2. tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests
3. the mining industry is making inroads into environmentally sensitive areas
#024: Budget Time: Accountants Excited
1. a large-scale revitalization of the education system is underway
2. military spending recently hit a new high
3. a well-funded social safety net protests the unfortunate
4. citizens are enjoying a recent large cut in taxes
#025: Cloning Research Promises New Breakthrough
1. scientists regularly clone human beings for research purposes
2. genetic researchers have been expelled
#026: Compulsory Organ Harvesting Proposed
1. organ donation is compulsory
2. organ donation rates are among the lowest in the region
#027: Cash for Colons?
1. college students make ends meet by selling their kidneys
2. organ donation rates have hit a new low
#028: Cancer Sufferer Demands Euthanasia Bill
1. euthanasia is legal
2. euthanasia is illegal
3. euthanasia is illegal
#029: Minorities Demand Representation In TV Soaps
1. TV shows must meet strict ethnicity quotas
2. the government awards prizes to television shows for featuring stereotype-breaking minority roles
3. the alarmingly racist TV show 'Bigtopians Say the Darndest Things' is a hit
#030: Auto Industry Struggles Against Foreign Imports
1. punitive tariffs protect local industry
2. there are no minimum wage laws
3. all tariffs have been abolished
#031: Get Efficient, Private Sector Tells Nature [MantiCorp GroundForces]
1. citizens must pay to enjoy @@NAME@@'s pristine beaches
2. a government program i sunderway to revitalize @@NAME@@'s beaches
#032: One Wife Is Never Enough, Say Polygamists [Fantasan]
1. polygamy is legal
2. the institution of marriage is held sacred and strictly enforced
3. there have been reports of people marrying housepets
#033: Genetics Brings New Life to Extinct Species [Badger Lozzate]
1. scientists recently cloned the long-extinct feather-bellied @@ANIMAL@@
2. genetic research has been halted
3. genetic research is temporarily tied up in government red tape
#034: Don't Puff On Me, Say Non-Smokers [Sirocco]
1. smoking is banned in public areas
2. an underground movement of cigarette smokers has sprung up
3. eight-year olds can be seen lighting up in public areas
#035: Refugees Want To Call @@NAME@@ Home [The True Scroat]
1. the nation has opened its arms to an influx of refugees
2. the Navy has outraged the international community by sinking a boatload of refugees to prevent them reaching the shore
3. shanty towns are forming in the suburbs of major cities
#036: International Community Comes Doorknocking [Guadalcanal]
1. the nation is an internation reputation for compassion
2. the nation refuses to give international aid
3. the government extracts trade concessions from poor countries in exchange for humanitarian aid
#037: Traffic Cops Needed on Information Superhighway? [Snowcat]
1.  the government snoops on private internet connections
2. the country has unplugged its internet connection to prevent subversive content
3. anti-government web sites are springing up
#038: @@NAME@@ Looks to the Stars [Sentient Peoples]
1. billions of @@CURRENCY@@s are being poured into a space program
2. the nation's first space rocket -- sponsored by Pepsi and shaped like an enormous soda bottle -- is being developed
3. religious classes are complusory for all school students
#039: Scandal Rocks @@NAME@@'s Government! [The SLAGLands; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. newspapers may not print any negative stories about the government
2. government officials are held to the highest standard of morality
3. government officials frequently cut taxes as a distraction from antics with their secretaries
#040: Hukd on Fonix Workd 4 Me! [Bostion; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. funding for education has been redirected into the military
2. the education system has gotten a recent boost in spending
3. the government spends millions of tax @@CURRENCYPLURAL@@ on vouchers to pay for expensive private schools
4. students returning from overseas study are questioning the status quo
5. scholars are leaving the country at an alarming rate
#041: Software Giant Stomps on Competition [1 Infinite Loop; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. small businesses are gobbled up almost daily by corporate giants
2. the government has begun breaking all large businesses into thousands of mom-and-pop general stores
3. citizens frequently whisper of the Internet as 'the domain of the devil'
#042: Turn Down That Racket, Say Morality Police [The Prelapsarian State; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. radio stations are forbidden to play anything with too much drum or bass
2. elevator music has been replaced by thrash metal played at maximum volume
3. angst-filled teenagers are rushing off to buy government bonds for some odd reason
#043: Prisoners Demand Elbow Room [Lucazmodei; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. gigantic new prisons are springing up all over the nation
2. all prisons have been eliminated
3. citizens are frequently held up at gunpoint by their local pizza delivery boys
#044: No Pain, No Gain! [Independent Planets; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. torture is commonly used to extract information from suspected criminals
2. torture is illegal
3. people regularly disappear off the streets and all evidence of them is destroyed
#045: Baseball League Steps Up To The Plate [Pilot; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. major cities shut down as their local sports team takes to the field every day
2. the nation is experiencing a sever shortage of sporting events
#046: Jennifer Government Censorship Row [Sirocco; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. Jennifer Government is banned
2. Jennifer Government is a best seller
#047: The Great Wall of @@NAME@@? [1 Infinite Loop; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. a large concrete wall is being built around the country's borders
2. refugees from other nations are flocking to @@NAME@@'s border
3. the controversial show 'Who Wants to be an Immigrant?' has become wildly popular
#048: Give Us Healthcare Or Give Us Death! [Dictator Amanda; ed:Reploid Productions]
1 (have private industry). the government is spending millions to provide full health care for all citizens
2 (have private industry). the military has had to quell a recent insurrection by uninsured revolutionaries
3 (have private industry). the government covers the basic health care of its citizens
4 (no private industry). the government is spending millions to provide full health care for all citizens
5 (no private industry). the military has had to quell a recent insurrection by uninsured revolutionaries
6 (no private industry). the government covers the basic health care of its citizens
#049: Diving For @@CURRENCY@@s [Nogero; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. the government seizes all major gold finds
2. citizens are regularly found digging for treasure in their gardens
3. the mining industry has taken a hit from tighter environmental regulations
#050: Whips, Chains, And Leather, Oh My! [Yacatizma; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. a niche industry catered to BDSM enthusiasts has sprung up
2. leather-clad individuals can be seen walking their slaves in public parks
3. midnight raids drag couples from their homes in the name of decency
#051: Streaker in Snooker Game Fiasco [Sirocco; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. naturists are jailed regularly for indecent exposure
2. streakers swamp all public events in order to bare it all
#052: Is It Art Or Is It Porn? [Imnsvale; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. artists regularly face criminal charges and art-burning parties are common
2. all artwork is carefully screened for offensive material
3. nude art is becoming wildly popular
#053: Orbital Armageddon? [The US Marine Corps; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. billions are being blown on orbital weapons research
2. space funding has hit a new high while several military bases are shut down
3. the space program has been scrapped in order to focus on more terrestrial pursuits
#054: Time To Put The Older Senators Out To Pasture? [Pangaa; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. strict term limits have been applied to all elected offices
2. elected officials often serve for decades in a single term
3. elections are outlawed and a hairstylist has recently received a government appointment
#055: Bigtopian Protesters Cry For Full Integration [Grantwold; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. government police forces protect public schools from the threat of protest
2. minority children spend hours bussing to schools miles away from home
3. members of majority races are forced out of their homes to make way for Bigtopians
#056: "Give Us Money!" Quoth the Poet [Ursoria; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. people reciting Shakespeare is a common sight
2. the government has cut its subsidies for all special interest groups
3. poets and writers are regularly rounded up and shot for entertainment
#057: Electronic Plague in @@NAME@@! [Sentient Peoples; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. citizens must have a license to operate a computer
2. much of @@NAME@@'s computer network is controlled by a rampant artificial intelligence
3. the recent ban on computers is causing havoc throughout the nation
#058: Violent Violetists Demand Blood! [Total n Utter Insanity; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. homeless people are periodically found dead upon altars to assorted deities
2. "The Daily Sacrifice" is a routine segment of morning news shows
3. a crusade against barbaric religious practices has begun
4. the government pours millions of @@CURRENCYPLURAL@@ into rehabilitation programs annually
#059: Drunk Driving On The Rise [Cspalla; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. drunk drivers are sent to rehabilitation paid for by the government
2. drunk drivers are sentenced to death
3. all alcohol is banned
#060: Supreme Court Nomination [Nuttylnd; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1 (allows private industry). the judicial branch is strongly influenced by major corporations
1 (bans private industry). the judicial branch is strongly influenced by the Communist Party
2. the judicial system legislates morality
3. the Supreme Court vehemently protects civil rights and the right to privacy
4. @@ANIMAL@@s have more rights than the average citizen
5. the government has become increasingly militant
6. the people elect the Supreme Court justices directly
#061: Should The Government Grant Estates And Titles Of Nobility?[Leptonia; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. society and government have been organized according to a feudal hierarchy
2. citizens are allowed to rise or fall based on their own merits
3. notable individuals are granted land and titles
4. @@NAME@@'s Medieval Faire is renowned as one of the best in the region
#062: Oh, The Angst! [Uni Students; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. citizens are encouraged to report friends, family members or co-workers who seem depressed to the government for "counselling"
2. psychological disorders are a taboo subject
3. schools have extensive counseling programs for troubled students
#063: Tykes With Tools? [New Parakeet; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. child labor has been outlawed
2. children as young as eight can be found working in factories
3. the adult unemployment rate nears 100% as all available jobs have been filled by young children
#064: Put The "Board" Back In Board Of Education [Curia; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. teachers regularly paddle unruly students
2. teachers are routinely tested to keep their jobs
3. the nation is currently revamping its entire education system
4. all children are supposed to be schooled by their parents
#065: Should Martial Law be declared? [American Militarists; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. riot and unrest sweep the nation
2. martial law has been declared and the populace is kept under tight control
3. ad hoc militias patrol the streets in an effort to control rampant crime
#066: Transgender Recognition Demanded [Melmond; ed:Enodia, Candlewhisper Archive]
1. sex changes are routinely performed in @@NAME@@'s hospitals
2. people talk about things being better when men were men
3. women wearing male lounge-wear are quizzed for hours by mental health practitioners
#067: Most Likely To Secede [Leptonia; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. terrorists have the right to secede if they aren't happy
2. the government violently suppresses separatist movements
3. citizens are remarkably well involved in the political process
#068: Ornery Overcrowding Problem [Frigben; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. the government regularly hires contractors to construct high rise apartments
2. factories are regularly demolished to make way for low-cost housing areas
3. the number of children one can have is restricted by law
#069: Power Problems Need Bright Solution [Plumbumia; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. prime real estate is devoted to wind farms and solar energy generators
2. vile black smog from coal power plants has enveloped several major urban centres
3. protestors are up in arms over new nuclear power stations
#070: Purge The Infidels! [SalusaSecondus; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. citizens who fail to follow the official national religion are executed
2. the government is avowedly secular
3. religious people are committed to mental institutions for treatment
4. atheists are heavily taxed
#071: Minority Group Demands Language Recognition [Pragmas; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. a National Academy regulates grammar and usage
2. children are raised bilingual from an early age
3. the government is attempting to impose a new national language on the public
#072: Widening Buttocks Cause Movie Theater Havoc [The Velvet Cockatiel; ed:The SLAGLands]
1. citizens rise at daybreak every day for mandatory exercise
2. college students sell their most valuable possessions just to afford pizza
3. city sidewalks are crowded with overweight people
4. the state subsidizes liposuction
#073: @@NAME@@ - Without Cars, Going Nowhere Fast [Reploid Productions; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. the ban on cars has been repealed
2. the government is spending millions on alternative clean-burning fuels
3. anti-environmentalist dissidents must beware of government plants in their midst
#074: @@NAME@@'s Racers Growing Fast And Furious [Nascar Thunder; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. the @@NAME@@ Automotive Racing Series draws millions of spectators annually while those near the tracks complain about the noise
2. police spend their Saturday nights breaking up illegal street races
#075: Cutting Off Sex Offenders? [Istar; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. sex offenders find themselves cut off from the ability to repeat their crimes
2. re-education centers are being added to most prisons
3. criminal rehabilitation takes place in re-education centers
4 (allows private industry). convicted felons are forced into slavery for their crimes
4 (bans private industry). convicted felons are forced into slavery for their crimes
#076: Suits in Protest [Xibonia; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. Pinkerton agents are called in to forcibly break up white collar strikes
2. CEOs and corporate executives are frequently found striking for better stock options
3. protestors are prohibited from blocking traffic
4. local executives are seen on the corner with cardboard signs reading "will oppress the masses for food"
#077: World To End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary {One Year Anniversary issue, now an Easter Egg bonus}
#078: Easter Egg: Should We Pull The Lever? [Meddlers; ed:SalusaSecondus]
#079: @@NAME@@'s @@ANIMALPLURAL@@: Going The Way Of The Dodo?[Naelosia; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. the @@ANIMAL@@ is protected from hunting and slowly coming back from the brink of extinction
2. woodcutter axes are cited as the most common cause of death amongst @@ANIMALPLURAL@@
3. the only places to see @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ now are at local zoos
#080: Easter Egg: Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement [Exiled; ed:SalusaSecondus]
#081: Close Encounters Of The Sci-fi Kind? [Spyr; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. UFO sightings are listed daily in the morning news
2. birds and children’s kites are regularly brought down by anti-aircraft fire
3. X-Files ratings have hit an all-time low
#082: AI Researchers Rally For Android Rights [Eniqcir; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. only 'organics' are permitted to be citizens
2. major internet servers have acquired citizenship
3. research into artificial intelligence has been banned
#083: High-Speed Monorail Service Promises Connections [Baudrillard; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. government spending has hit an all-time low
2. only the wealthy can afford monorail fares
3. vast monorail network carries people all over the country
#084: Compulsory Gun Ownership? [Tristram; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. gun ownership is compulsory
2. citizens are permitted to carry concealed handguns
3. all guns must be registered
#085: Illegal File-Sharing Flares [Frigben; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. a cyber-war between file sharers and the music industry formats hard drives across the country
2. copyright laws have been abolished
3. CDs are regularly copy-protected
#086: Save The @@ANIMAL@@ [Oddballfullness; ed:SalusaSecondus]
1. in pet stores nationwide @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ are growing in popularity
2. many believe that the only good @@ANIMAL@@ is a dead @@ANIMAL@@
#087: Burn! Burn Everything! [PRC China; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. crowds of flag burning protestors tend to accidentally become crowds of burning protestors
2. firebombing politicians' offices has become a common way of expressing dissatisfaction
3. people caught mistreating @@NAME@@'s flag generally wind up in a great deal of pain
#088: Cannibals Demand To Taste What @@NAME@@ Has To Offer[Sovereign Discord; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. murder rates are on the rise as the popularity of soylent products grows
2. soylent products are an expensive commodity due to a lack of volunteers
3. there has been a series of riots between local cannibals and health food advocates
#089: "Don't Dam Our Rivers, Damnit!" Say Protesters [Frigben; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. flash floods that dams could have controlled regularly ravage small towns in mountain valleys
2. scenic mountain valleys are flooded with water as damming projects get underway
#090: Organic Outburst [Dark_Zephyr; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. all-natural foods are becoming a major fad
2. a survey of the nation's rivers and children has shown that pesticide levels are at an all-time regional high
3. people are moving into treehouses in record numbers
#091: Sacramental Tax Time? [Rational Self Interest; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. religious organizations are being forced to leave the country or pay income taxes like everybody else
2. televangelists flaunt their expensive cars when they attend charity events
3. membership in the state-owned Church of @@NAME@@ is mandatory and all other faith organisations are banned
#092: @@NAME@@ Officials Needled About Mandatory Vaccinations[GDrabble; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. people faint regularly as they get stuck with compulsory vaccinations
2. the state pays for care of easily preventable illnesses
3. only vaccinated citizens may have free healthcare
#093: Affirmative Action in @@NAME@@? [The Orange Freestate; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. colleges adhere to rigid ethnic quotas for admissions
2. ethnic minorities are often refused admission to some of the nation’s best schools
3. @@NAME@@'s educational system is the envy of many and regarded as a pinnacle of academic achievement
#094: Computer Users Fed Up With Heaps of Spam! [Bored Yawning; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. the government spends millions of @@CURRENCY@@s every year prosecuting spammers
2. computer users are buried daily in thousands of unsolicited emails
3. the government is making attempts at curtailing the flood of spam emails with little progress
#095: Painful Prices Paid At The Pump [Aljerfribish; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. pristine wilderness has been trashed in the quest for cheaper oil
2. the government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system
#096: Water Supply Problems Becoming A Major Drain [Calvin n Hobbes; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. major cities are suffering under water rationing
2. suburban families are finding themselves increasingly short on food as they waste precious water on their lawns
3. riots have broken out as a water shortage threatens @@NAME@@'s stability
4. crooks and people with too many kids are being kicked out of the country
#097: Landfills Filling Up [Edolia; ed:Sirocco]
1. space shuttles regularly launch rubbish into outer space
2. cities are engulfed in smog
3. many of the country's largest dumps can be seen from space
4. waste is frequently shipped to other countries
#098: Police Want More Than Shiny Badge [Hata-alla; ed:Sirocco]
1. police officers compete for the highest commissions from fines
2. citizens are regularly shot for parking on the double-yellow line
3. the streets are plagued with knife-wielding madmen
4. citizens are expected to be armed at all times
#099: We Need Cash, Sharpish, Say Librarians [Os Cosia; ed:Sirocco]
1. books are considered luxuries only available to the incredibly wealthy
2. libraries are now installed with jacuzzis and mini-bars
3. all writing must pass a censorship board before being allowed on the shelves
4. libraries are bulldozed to make way for internet cafés
#100: Road Rage Rampage [SatanSpermSpawn; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. traffic jams are a common sight due to construction work from a massive overhaul of the nation’s freeways
2. the government has started a campaign to crack down on road rage and encourage alternate means of commuting
3. it’s a common sight to see angry commuters with grenade launchers mounted on their vehicles
#101: Tiara Sign Of Oppression, Declare Feminists [The Prelapsarian State; ed:Sirocco]
1. all beauty contests have been banned
2. women who display their ankles are shunned by society
3. Max Barry is this year's Miss @@NAME@@
4. vanity is considered the fifth cardinal virtue
#102: For Whom The Road Tolls [Ta Kala; ed:Sirocco]
1. motorists must pay to enter inner-cities during peak hours
2. new urban roads are threatening city parks
3. cars are banned from built-up areas
#103: Plague Of The Hybrids! [Serenthis; ed:Sirocco]
1. wildlife near farms is slowly becoming extinct
2. bizarre-looking creatures called '@@ANIMAL@@dogs' dominate wildlife preserves
3. @@ANIMAL@@ populations thrive as dogs are slaughtered in the millions
#104: Public Loudspeakers Shrill With Controversy [Alpha Centauri; ed:Sirocco]
1. public loudspeakers constantly tell citizens they are "happy people"
2. citizens are bombarded by advertising from their compulsory miniature radios
3. all forms of advertising are banned
#105: Compensation Culture Must End, Say Corporations [Zhudor; ed:Sirocco]
1. corporations cut costs by taking away safety-features on their products
2. every product goes through extensive safety-testing by the government
3. manufacturers are sued for almost anything not covered in their catalogue-sized manuals
#106: Give The Red Light District The Green Light? [Lmaortfmolia; ed:Sirocco]
1. sales of fishnet stockings have reached a record high
2. an enormous health awareness programme is underway
3. government-run brothels can be found on every street corner
#107: Private Lab Holds @@NAME@@'s Sick To Ransom [Silverbrook; ed:Sirocco]
1. only the wealthy can afford the latest medical innovations
2. pharmacies close down as medicinal drugs are sold freely by the government
3. the religious lobby has the power of veto over health initiatives
#108: Gambling Interests Offer High Stakes [New Sweden X; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. rumor has it that the government was paid off by the mob to allow casinos to reopen
2. the mob and the police have recently had numerous clashes in the back alleys of @@NAME@@'s cities due to the government's steadfast anti-casino stance
3. gambling addicts regularly lose their families' nest eggs at Native @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ casinos
#109: Karate Kids Cause Controversy [Yarrum; ed:Sirocco]
1. the government helps teach children how to kill a man from six paces
2. the army's shirt ninjas are the most feared assassins in the region
3. the use of martial arts is banned
4. the state believes that nature-oriented summer camps will somehow solve youth crime
#110: Too Low On Laws, Say Citizens [Kandarin; ed:Sirocco]
#111: Southern @@NAME@@ Demands Semi-Autonomy [Ceroo; ed:Sirocco]
#112: Put The Phone Down On Cold Calling? [Frigben; ed:Sirocco]
1. a ban on unsolicited cold calling in all forms is in effect
2. door-to-door salesmen are frequently beaten up by 'vigilantes'
#113: Test Results Deemed 'Ungood' After Global Survey [Der Angst; ed:Sirocco]
#114: Wipe Out Graffiti? [Gelvanie; ed:Sirocco]
1. grafitti artists spend lengthy periods of time in jail
2. graffiti graces every city's streets
#115: @@NAME@@'s Schoolchildren Not Learning The Lingua Franca[Travis Dominicus; ed:Sirocco]
1. citizens are expected to be proficient in at least five languages
#116: Soda Sales Hits New 'High' [Foe Hammer; ed:Sirocco]
1. 'Mountain Doobie' is widely regarded as the nation's favourite drink
2. drug distribution is tightly controlled by the government
3. reports of attacks by bright purple sixty-foot high spiders have recently shot up
#117: Stop The Suits, Say Surgeons [Ravenspire; ed:Sirocco]
#118: Need For Speed? [Atlantic Rim; ed:Sirocco]
#119: Watershed Down? [New Cyprus; ed:Sirocco]
1. programmes of questionable content are shown at peak hours
2. Rupert Bear is considered to be the most risque TV programme in @@NAME@@
#120: Two Parties For Too Long? [Ren Yi; ed:Sirocco]
#121: A Uniform Plan For @@NAME@@'s Students? [Scheelia; ed:Sirocco]
1. school uniforms are compulsory
2. students are known to arrive at school in their pyjamas
#122: Pensioners In Protest [Emperor Matthuis; ed:Sirocco]
1. retirement homes are often fitted with luxurious suites
2. senior citizens can usually be found doing heavy manual labor
#123: Now, Vat's Food For Thought [Tahar Joblis; ed:Sirocco]
1. human tissue is grown in vats as a delicacy as well as for transplants
2. replacement organs are grown in vats
3. traditional vegetarians are fuming over the introduction of vat-grown meat to the menu
5. citizens are grown in vats
#124: To Paint Or Not To Paint? [Aoifambia; ed:Sirocco]
2. artists are pillars of society
#125: Bring Back The Ballot? [Centralis; ed:Sirocco]
#126: Outsourcing An Outrage, Say Demonstrators [Enerica; ed:Sirocco]
1. corporations are forbidden from employing outside the nation
2. unemployment rates have skyrocketed as businesses abandon the country in search of cheap labour
3. corporations are either above the law or corrupting it
#127: Aging Concerns In @@NAME@@ [Sirocco; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. retiring citizens are dragged away in the middle of the night by mysterious men in black suits
2. elderly citizens regularly buy posh multimillion-@@CURRENCY@@ mansions
3. politicians cheer the nation's surging death rate
4. senior citizens are often found slaving away in factories
5. immigrant Bigtopians work themselves to the bone to support gold-plated @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ pensions
#128: Ban The Burka? [Much Benham; ed:Sirocco]
1. students and teachers are regularly stopped and searched for symbols of religious affiliation before class
2. there have been sightings of people walking around dressed in nothing but leopard-skin g-strings for 'religious reasons'
3. government officials raid public buildings to remove all mention of G*d or r******n
#129: Tribal Troubles [Olasonph; ed:Sirocco]
#130: Filibuster Bust-Up [The Kennedy Family; ed:Sirocco]
3. the government is forced to pander to the will of fruitcake politicans
#131: Raise Duel Standards, Say Fencers [The Gaelic Freedmen; ed:Sirocco]
1. murderers frequently escape punishment by claiming they were protecting their honour
2. long arduous trials are held for the most trivial of offences
#132: World Assembly Woes [Sanctaria; ed:Frisbeetria]
2. dozens of additional foreign policy specialists have been sent to the country's WA Mission
#133: When @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ Attack! [The Class A Cows; ed:Sirocco]
1. @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ deemed dangerous to the public are shot and hanged by the town hall as a warning to others
2. the government funds large training centres to turn @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ into functioning members of society
3. expensive lawyers are hired to defend citizens in court for public urination charges against their pets
4. @@ANIMALPLURAL@@ are frequently shot for looking at people 'in a funny way'
#134: The Truth Is Out There? [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
1. the military has grudgingly released all top secret information in an effort for greater transparency
2. strange lights seen in the sky are officially regarded as weather balloons or hoaxes and nothing else
3. the government blames all suspicious phenomena on flying saucers
4. reporters sent to cover suspected UFO visits come back with stories about quilting bees
#135: A Taxing Dilemma [Claraxia; ed:Sirocco]
1. government officials have to mortgage their homes to make ends meet
2. the sound of wooden legs echo throughout @@NAME@@ after the recent introduction of the Foot Tax
#136: Much Ado About Abortion [Aquilla; ed:Sirocco]
1. abortions are routinely performed in @@NAME@@'s hospitals
#137: Arms Industry Demands Respect [Koternacht; ed:Sirocco]
2. the arms industry has been shut down in a surge of pacifism
3. the arms industry is strictly regulated
#138: Keep The Greenbelt Green, Say Protesters [Big-Yellow-Taxi; ed:Sirocco]
1. private business has started paving paradises and putting up parking lots
3. there's a shortage of swinging hot spots as land development grinds to a halt
#139: Drug Debate Hits The Streets [Docere; ed:Sirocco]
1. shops were recently ransacked as cigarettes returned to the shelves
2. the police have reaffirmed their tight stance on drugs
#140: A Grave Problem [Eta Carinae; ed:Sirocco]
1. tombstones are ten feet high to accommodate the names of inhabitants
2. cremation is compulsory for the deceased
3. houses and businesses are bulldozed to make way for ever-expanding cemeteries
4. the dead are minced up and sold to people in burger form
#141: Police Too Pushy? [Myrth; ed:Sirocco]
2. citizens are regularly arrested in queues for 'loitering'
#142: Roads Like Roller Coasters, Complain Motorists [Mirkai; ed:Sirocco]
#143: An Archaeological Altercation [Fiscali; ed:Sirocco]
#144: Democracy Going To The Dogs? [Libertarian Haven; ed:Sirocco]
#145: Hackles Raised Over Fur Clothes Debate [Naturhio; ed:Sirocco]
#146: Evolution: Truth Or Witchcraft? [Holbrookia; ed:Sirocco]
#147: Military Budgets Up For Approval [Greater Philadelphia; ed:Sirocco]
1. army rations are served on silver platters
2. the nation's massive battleships are often mistaken for islands
3. the nation's gigantic air force is both respected and feared
4. most of the military's funding goes into researching space-age weaponry
6. the military frequently holds bake sales to raise funds
#148: Spare The Rod, Demand Welfare Activists [Eastern Newfoundland; ed:Sirocco]
#149: With Liberty, Freedom, And Guns For All? [Frigben; ed:Sirocco]
1. @@NAME@@ is renowned for its lax gun laws
2. citizens are frequently searched for illegal weapons
#150: Bug 'em All, Say Police [Niziania; ed:Sirocco]
2.  it is illegal for police officers to carry out searches due to strict privacy laws
#151: Build Bigger Bombs, Advise Scientists [Benevolent Nations; ed:Sirocco]
1. citizens live in superstitious fear of the mysterious glowing clouds that float over @@REGION@@
2. the nation has recently been attributed to the funding of terrorist organisations
#152: A Capital Idea [Hestrael; ed:Sirocco]
2. the words 'private' and 'enterprise' must never appear in the same sentence
3. the government has legalised small-scale capitalism
#153: Protesters Have Gone Too Far, Claim Police [Utopian Gandhism; ed:Sirocco]
#154: Ban The 'Boards, Say Pedestrians [HappyFluffyBunnies; ed:Sirocco]
#155: Curfew Meets Minor Opposition [Daedor; ed:Melkor Unchained]
#156: Waste Going To Waste, Says Industry Lobby [DeFranzania; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. @@ANIMAL@@s with strange deformities like three eyes and tentacles have been seen prancing through the countryside where industrial waste is dumped
2. the nation's drinking water tends to glow green at night
3. heavy industry must go to expensive lengths to dispose of waste
#157: Sergeants Are Too Nasty, Say New Recruits [Mirkai; ed:Sirocco]
1. military barracks resemble five-star hotels
2. the nation's infamous boot camp is more brutal than most battlefields
3. soldiers are slaughtered in their thousands due to lack of training
4. newborns are being raised as mindless killing machines
#158: Regarding Robbers' Rights [Robmuirpoems; ed:Sirocco]
2. burglary is widely regarded as the national sport
#159: Think Tank Proposes Privatised Prisons [Yejuda and Shomron; ed:Sirocco]
1. hundreds of thousands of convicts work as slaves in @@NAME@@'s many privately-owned prisons
2. convicted murderers are free to walk the streets provided they attend rehabilitation classes
3. criminals are executed and their property seized
#160: Truancy On The Rise [Nouvelle Quebecshiree; ed:Sirocco]
#161: Where There's A Will There's A Tax [Rehochipe; ed:Sirocco]
1. the government seizes the property of the recently deceased
2. inheritance tax has recently been abolished
3. the government is notorious for leaving citizens with almost nothing from their inheritance
#162: Animal Experimentation Laws Under Scrutiny [Voroziniya; ed:Sirocco]
1. dog breeding has been banned in accordance with recent animal experimentation laws
2. several citizens have complained about scientists abducting their pets for experimentation
#163: Referenda: Are they Right For @@NAME@@? [Ideal State; ed:Melkor Unchained]
1. a referendum must be held in order for any new law to be passed
2. referenda are banned by law and the Parliament has absolute control of the legislative process
3. referenda can be called for any law at the request of at least one third of the voting population
#164: Licence To Breed? [Kazcaper; ed:Sirocco]
1. citizens wishing to be parents must undertake a series of gruelling tests to evaluate their capabilities
2. almost half of the child population live rough on the streets
3. welfare funding has recently gone through the roof
#165: Wedlock Worries [Ice Hockey Players; ed:Sirocco]
#166: Vote For 'None of the Above'? [Kamikachidonia; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. elections have become procedural nightmares due to voters persistently rejecting candidates
2. voters must frequently select what they view as the lesser of two evils on the ballot
#167: Fluoride Controversy A Toothy Problem [Enlightened Harmony; ed:Sirocco]
1. the people are famous throughout the region for their bleached-white teeth
2. the public health bureaucracy is wrapped in miles of red tape
3. most of the nation's wealthy aristocrats are dentists
#168: @@NAME@@ Plagued By STD Epidemic! [Eta Carinae; ed:Reploid Productions]
#169: @@ANIMAL@@ Hunting Laws Under Dispute [Vigorithia; ed:Sirocco]
1. the upper class have been throwing riots after hunting was recently banned
2. the nation is famous for having one of the world's largest @@ANIMAL@@ hunting institutions
3. main battle tanks stalk the woods of @@NAME@@ in search of @@ANIMAL@@s.
4. hunters have been known to lose limbs while attempting to 'play tag' with their prey
#170: Deserts Devouring @@NAME@@'s Countryside [Goobergunchia; ed:Sirocco]
3. @@NAME@@ has become a gigantic dustbowl filled with tourists and mean desperados
#171: Kids And Criminality: Whose Responsibility? [East Stalinia; ed:Sirocco]
1. eight-year olds with lemonade stands are known to be locked up on charges of embezzlement
2. the nation's youth is held blameless for all crimes
#172: Church Attendances Reaching New Low, Warn Priests [Realm of Idiots; ed:Sirocco]
1. religious organizations are being forced to leave the country or pay income taxes like everybody else
2. televangelists flaunt their expensive cars when they attend charity events
#173: Women Demand Equal Opportunities [HammerCrusher; ed:Sirocco]
#174: Maternity Leave A Must, Say Mothers [Vashaan; ed:Sirocco]
1. the nanny industry has had a boom after maternity leave was recently banned
2. all mothers are allowed six months fully-paid maternity leave
3. untold millions of @@CURRENCY@@s are going into a new government-funded maternity leave scheme
#175: Is @@NAME@@ Too Promiscuous? [Masalium; ed:Sirocco]
1. adultery has been made a capital offence
2. those found guilty of illicit affairs are jailed
3. @@NAME@@ is notorious for its citizens' infidelity
#176: History A Mystery To Most Of @@NAME@@ [Diet Mug Root Beer; ed:Sirocco]
#177: Power To The People? [Whatia; ed:Sirocco]
#178: Free Press Too Free? [Ice Hockey Players; ed:Sirocco]
1. reporters often lose their jobs over fact-checking errors
2. truth is often impossible from fiction in the evening news
#179: Mad @@ANIMAL@@ Disease Outbreak! [The Stevillian Empire; ed:Sirocco]
4. people all over @@NAME@@ are dying of 'Mad @@ANIMAL@@ Disease'
#180: Mobile Maladies [Grindleria; ed:Sirocco]
2. mobile phone masts are being erected all over the country
3. children have taken to using semaphore in light of the recent mobile phone ban
#181: Radio Rebels Ruffle Government [Dupeksland; ed:Myrth]
#182: Younger Voters a Cure for Apathy? [South Westerburg; ed:Myrth]
#183: Buy A Better Baby? [Sci; ed:Myrth]
1. wealthy parents-to-be can select their perfect baby
3. government-run screening operations screen out embryos with severe genetic disorders
#184: Compulsory Military Service Under Attack [Randino; ed:Myrth]
#185: "Bring Back Our Booze!" Cry Revellers [Eta Carinae; ed:Myrth]
#186: Carjacking Concerns [Vortengard; ed:Myrth]
#187: @@NAME@@'s Underclass Drowning In Debt [Crazahkistan; ed:Myrth]
#188: Video Games Too Violent, Say Parents [The Stakanian Isles; ed:Sirocco]
1. Tetris has been banned for its graphic violent content
2. the children of @@NAME@@ are often remarked upon for their cheery attitude to extreme violence
3. only adults may buy violent video games
4. students everywhere have been despairing after the recent ban on video games
#189: Dangerously Cheesy [Disposablepuppetland; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. cheese has become the new icon of political dissent
2. popular political cartoonists are thrown in jail for inciting dissent
3. cheese has been labelled a dangerous weapon and banned
#190: Immigrants Import Homeland Rivalries [Rowaria; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. immigrant Maxtopians are routinely sold on popular internet auction sites
2. children are brainwashed at an early age to accept "Love and Peace!" as a way of life
3. the government's new 'Crime Can Fight Itself' policy appears to be backfiring rather badly
4. a massive campaign is underway to ensure the race of @@NAME@@ remains pure
#191: Blood Banks Running Dry [Karmanyaka; ed:Sirocco]
1. citizens are forced to donate blood once every three months
2. blood donations have been banned because of the risk of eternal unrest
3. the poor are often seen pale and dizzy after selling their blood to make ends meet
4. jails have become colloquially known as 'vampire houses'
#192: Coup d'Etat In @@NAME@@! [Miravesel; ed:Sirocco]
#193: Robots Leaving Workers Jobless [The Ethics Union; ed:Sirocco]
#194: A Request For Military Aid [The Rogue Soldiers; ed:Sirocco]
1. @@NAME@@ has been recently classified as an international menace after 'liberating' several nearby territories.
3. the country has been 'going shopping' by annexing nearby nations for their resources
#195: Right Of Way Or Wrong Of Way? [Teaberry; ed:Sirocco]
#196: Violent Violetists Protest Artists [SalusaSecondus; ed:SalusaSecondus]
#197: Breastfeeding In Public: Innocent Or Indecent? [Bronteland; ed:Sirocco]
#198: Gypsies In A Field [CR Oscilloscopes; ed:Sirocco]
#199: More Jails Needed [Deleuze; ed:Sirocco]
#200: Birds, Bees, And Breeding Teens [Eta Carinae; ed:Sirocco]
1. schoolchildren have twice-weekly sex education classes
5. the lowest age at which one can marry has been recently lowered to 12
#201: Jolly Roger Sighted Off The Port Bow! [I V Stalin; ed:Sirocco]
1. @@NAME@@'s navy has been named the scourge of the seven thousand seas
2. the government is frequently held to ransom by the increasing demands of bloodthirsty pirates
3. the nation has become a pariah for giving pirates letters of marque
4. piracy is the nation's most popular pastime
#202: Guns Or Butter? [Roman Republics; ed:Sirocco]
1. politicians are often seen with soldiers pointing guns at their heads
4. corporate 'hostile takeovers' now involve ICBMs and main battle tanks
#203: Suffer The Starving Children? [Eta Carinae; ed:Sirocco]
#204: Lack Of Doctors Needs Cure [Emperor Matthuis; ed:Sirocco]
#205: No More Broccoli, Beg Meat-Eaters [Eta Carinae; ed:Sirocco]
2. illegal hunting is rife after veganism was recently made compulsory
#206: @@NAME@@ Narrowly Misses Nuclear Accident [Takuma; ed:Sirocco]
4. @@NAME@@'s nuclear power is imported from neighbouring countries
#207: Secret Police In @@NAME@@? [GX-Land; ed:Sirocco]
1. rumours have it that a secret police is responsible for the recent spate of missing persons
2. anti-government political posters adorn every building like wallpaper
3. the police force is rumoured to be made up of evil shadows with no souls 
#208: Mine Collapse Rocks @@NAME@@ [Emperor Matthuis; ed:Sirocco]
2. mining is the nation's most dangerous occupation
#209: Students Demand Financial Aid [Rajlworld; ed:Sirocco]
1. the number of students attending university has reached a record high
#210: Going Postal [Emperor Matthuis; ed:Sirocco]
#211: Unconventional Weapons Under Fire [Hellenic Glory; ed:Sirocco]
1. the commercialisation of highly deadly weapons has instilled @@NAME@@ with a very polite populace
#212: Police Wanting Help With Their Inquiries [Prasland; ed:Sirocco]
#213: Bus Drivers Say No To Double-Decked Deathtraps [Angels World; ed:Sirocco]
#214: Voting For More Money [Not Quite Dead Peoples; ed:Sirocco]
#215: Easter Egg: What's Your Favourite Colour? [Antioch and the East; ed:Sirocco]
1. the nation's favourite colour is red
2. the nation's favourite colour is blue
3. the nation's favourite colour is yellow
4. the nation's favourite colour is green
5. the nation's favourite colour is orange
6. the nation's favourite colour is purple
7. the nation's favourite colour is pink
8. the nation's favourite colour is gold
9. the nation's favourite colour is black
10. the nation's favourite colour is white
11. the nation's favourite colour is grey
12. the nation loves all colours indiscriminately
#216: Eminent Domain: Inherent Right Or Daylight Robbery? [British Londinium; ed:Sirocco]
#217: Healthcare Services Underfunded, Claim Patients [Lunar Village; ed:Sirocco]
#218: Two Mommies One Too Many? [Duffla; ed:Sirocco]
3. homosexuality is a crime punishable by death
#219: Nobody Expects The @@NAME@@ Inquisition! [Habardia; ed:The Most Glorious Hack]
1. the Holy Office of the Inquisition is the highest court in the land
2. radio shows frequently feature people denouncing religion
3. atheists and evolutionary biologists are fleeing the country like rats from a sinking ship
#220: Voter Apathy Rising But No One Cares [Clorse Ivy; ed:Sirocco]
#221: Outdated Tax Code Crushing @@NAME@@? [Padosistan; ed:Reploid Productions]
#222: Terrorists Strike City Centre [Silicar; ed:Sirocco]
1. the armed forces are locked in an expensive and bloody war abroad to stamp out possible terrorists
2. prisons are crowded with possible terrorist suspects
4. the government seeks peaceful forum with terrorists
5. the government regularly crumbles under the pressure of terrorists
6. the streets are ravaged by murder and violence to prove political points
#223: Easter Egg: Zombie Attack! [Naliitr; ed:Sirocco]
3. international organisations everywhere are united in their condemnation of the nation's zombified military
6. the undead roam the streets and countryside at night
#224: Minimum Wage War [Vincon; ed:Sirocco]
#225: Prayer In Public Schools? [Vincon; ed:Sirocco]
#226: Expats Plea For Help In War-Torn Country [The Mones Islands; ed:Sirocco]
1. the nation has welcomed its expats back with open arms
2. citizens who leave the country are officially classed as traitors
3. the world outside is only known of in folklore
#227: Underage Drinkers: Social Menace Or Misunderstood? [Amisdar; ed:Sirocco]
#228: Mice In The Walls [Esarchia Marksista; ed:Sirocco]
1. nerds everywhere are rejoicing as they are reunited with their computers
4. it is firmly believed that cameras steal souls
#229: Government Saturated In Corruption [Kordothistan; ed:Sirocco]
1. politicians accepting drinks in bars are executed for taking bribes
2. the government has enacted freedom of information
3. the government is a law unto itself
#230: Extremists On The Ballot Sheet [Omigodtheykilledkenny; ed:Sirocco]
1. the government has outlawed extremist parties
2. most governmental positions are filled by zealous nationalists
3. the government has repealed elections for fear of 'mob rule'
#231: Jungle Fever [Luxtizeria; ed:Sirocco]
1. the government is financing an extremely costly war against malaria
2. rice shortages have risen after paddy fields were drained to combat malaria
3. swamplands and bogs have been put under quarantine
4. DDT is used widely to repel disease-carrying insects
#232: Suffragette City [Night Island; ed:Sirocco]
1. the government has cautiously opted to support women's suffrage
2. new laws have paved the way for female politicians
3. opening doors for ladies is never seen as misogynistic
4. women are often jailed for failing to fetch their husband's slippers
#233: I Spy A Diplomatic Crisis [Good old Communism; ed:Sirocco]
1. foreign nationals are widely distrusted
2. shaken martini sales have soared in nations surrounding @@NAME@@
3. diplomats in @@NAME@@ are furious at constant police surveillance
4. spies caught in @@NAME@@ are never heard from again
5. citizens have reported seeing strange rays of light emanating from the moon
6. the military has had its funding stripped back as the nation seeks a smaller role in international politics
#234: Corruption In The Lobby [The Seniors of Zion; ed:Sirocco]
1. corporate lobbying has been outlawed
2. Tesco was recently named as the new national treasurer
3. petitions to the government are being used to insulate politicians' office walls
#235: From Green Pastures To Grey Wastelands [Airstrip thirteen; ed:Sirocco]
#236: Quickie Marriages Under Scrutiny [Plutocycloptika; ed:Sirocco]
#237: Tourists On Death Row [The New Inquisitors; ed:Sirocco]
1. international tensions are high as @@NAME@@ threatens any government with the audacity to arrest its citizens
2. the people are furious with the government for allowing citizens to be executed for petty crimes in foreign countries
3. drug-related crimes carry the death penalty
4. @@NAME@@'s soft-touch approach to diplomacy has made it known as the 'push-over' of the region.
5. the government is well known for declaring war on other countries for suspected slights
#238: We Need A Few Good Men Who Like Men? [Scolopendra; ed:Sirocco]
#239: We Who Are About To Die Would Rather Go Home [The Lost Romans; ed:Sirocco]
1. it is a common belief a sport isn't a sport without any decapitations
2. badminton was recently banned due to 'unacceptable violence' inherent to the game
3. criminals are thrown to the @@ANIMAL@@s to repay their debt to society
#240: Plea Bargains: Tipping The Scales Of Justice? [Jacobaea; ed:Sirocco]
#241: A Capital City For @@NAME@@? [Sirocco]
1. @@NAME@@ has designated @@CAPITAL@@ as its capital city
2. @@NAME@@ recently decided against having a capital city
3. all government facilities are built in the subterranean citadel of @@CAPITAL@@
4. Mr Happy's Funland has just been named @@NAME@@'s new capital
5. the government has adopted a more thrifty attitude to administrating the country's needs
#242: Follow The Leader [Sirocco]
1. @@LEADER@@ has just been declared ruler of @@NAME@@ in an international press conference
#243: A Question Of Faith [Sirocco]
2. the government has declined to declare any particular religion as its 'official' one
3. the government's official stance on religion is that it is so very silly
#244: Foreign Invasion Force Takes On Small Farming Community[Altlands; ed:Sirocco]
2 invading armies are given hard glares for their cheek
#245: Clash Of Cultures [Drunk Cowboy Junkies; ed:Sirocco]
1. immigrants are required to salute the flag five times a day
2. racial and religious segregation has become rife as the various groups are loath to mingle
3. religious figures have been banned from public holidays to make them more multicultural
4. all citizens must pass a 'multicultural sensitivity test' to be deemed fit for society 
5. property values in suburbs have nosedived after the middle class were forced to live next door to ethnic minorities.
6. the word 'foreigner' is considered a highly vulgar expletive
#246: @@NAME@@ To Hold The Olympic Torch? [Yenen; ed:Sirocco]
1. @@NAME@@ has successfully hosted the @@REGION@@ Olympics
2. organized sports are frowned upon as frivolous
3. the importance of winning Olympic gold medals is indoctrinated from an early age
4. chess hooliganism is on the rise after the banning of organised sports
#247: Where There's Smoke [Avartinate; ed:Sirocco]
1. reports of arson have doubled since the introduction of a privatised fire protection service
2. the fire protection service is wholly government-funded
3. most citizens in @@NAME@@ are abject pyrophobes after extremely graphic pamphlets were mailed nationwide by the government
4. the government's only official statement on the burning down of @CAPITAL@@ was that 'they shouldn't have been so careless'
#248: The Sky Is Falling [Freedomstaki; ed:Sirocco]
1. frequent fliers are obliged to submit to invasive security procedures by government security
2. airport screening is provided by private companies
3. bombs are permitted on planes for the 'security of the passengers'
4. the wreckages of bombed planes that litter @@NAME@@ are highly popular tourist destinations
5. aeroplanes have been converted into housing units after all air travel was outlawed
#249: Particle Accelerator Sparks High Energy Debate [Milostein; ed:Sirocco]
1. construction of the Really Big Hadron Collider is underway
#250: Recession, Depression, And Deficit [The Realist Polities; ed:Sirocco]
1. the country spends an increasingly large amount of its budget on grand scale projects of pharaonic proportions in a bid to boost the economy
2. the government spends its days financing the delocalisation of its own economy
4. the crackdown on private property seems as endless as the government issued food stamp lines
5. the country is effectively ruled by large corporations and business consultants
#251: The Trouble With Hobos [Responsible; ed:Sirocco]
1. the recently unemployed can often be seen at the local homeless shelter
2. citizens applying for their first jobs face fierce competition from the homeless
3. homeless people are frequently charged with trespassing on public property
4. citizens who become homeless are immediately executed
#252: Great Balls Of Fire! [Unibot; ed:Responsible]
#253: How Much Democracy Is Too Much? [Kandarin; ed:Kandarin]
1. the government has ordered a moratorium on referenda
3. referenda are held for every conceivable government action
#254: Freedom Comes At A Price [Responsible; ed:Responsible]
#255: Welfare Programs Not Faring Well [Glen-Rhodes; ed:Glen-Rhodes]
3. penurious citizens die from easily remedied ailments because they aren't 'taking enough initiative'
#256: Easter Egg: Suburbs Are Out Of This World [Scolopendra; ed:Sirocco]
1. the country is constantly under siege trying to protect soccer moms who've settled in occupied territory
#257: @@LEADER@@ Assassinated... Almost [Hessinator; ed:Responsible]
#258: What's In A Name? [Zombitosis; ed:Sirocco]
2. @@ANIMAL@@ is one of the most popular forenames in @@NAME@@
#259: A Taste Of Revenge [South Von; ed:Kandarin]
1. the nation's diplomatic missives are now delivered via sniper rifle
2. the nation's new foreign policy of 'very disproportionate retribution' has its neighbors on edge
3. the government tries to improve relations with hostile countries by sending gift baskets
#260: Taxpayers On Strike! [Makinsanity; ed:Kandarin]
1. the government has cut taxes in the face of widespread tax evasion
2. the police crack down on tax evaders without mercy
3. tax evaders are regularly visited by agents of the @@NAME@@ Blood Tithe
#261: Plastic, Plastic Everywhere [Nation of Quebec; ed:Kandarin]
2. the nation's industries are scrambling to switch to biodegradable plastics
#262: Sticks And Stones [Zwangzug; ed:Sirocco]
1. a fashion designer has been arrested for inciting hatred after claiming redheads couldn't pull off vermillion
2. violently opinionated speakers can be heard preaching their hateful views on every street corner
3. the government is promoting multicultural values with the new 'Just Be Nice, OK?' initiative
#263: Wind Farms Blowing Up A Storm [Alathaea; ed:Sirocco]
1. renewable energy projects have ground to a halt
2. @@NAME@@'s famous countrysides are shrouded by wind farms
3. @@NAME@@ has one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world
#264: Not A Drop To Drink [Vincon; ed:Kandarin]
1. fewer people are bathing as citizens must show ration stamps before they can turn on their faucets
2. almost all of @@NAME@@'s water is piped into the country from abroad for exorbitant prices
3. @@NAME@@'s newly-famous raindances to summon storms instead attract tourists from all over the @@REGION@@
#265: To Bail or Not to Bail? [Niryuugoku; ed:Glen-Rhodes]
1. the government is spending billions of taxpayer @@CURRENCY@@s to support industry
#266: Breaching the Great Fourth Wall of @@NAME@@ [Reploid Productions; ed:Reploid Productions] {Easter Egg}
#267: Controversial Coup Causes Commotion [Sedgistan; ed:Sedgistan]
2. the art of conversation has been rediscovered
#268: Don't Want Your Kid Anymore? Good News! [Aligeretha; ed:Glen-Rhodes]
2. mothers are routinely abandoning their children in the name of women's rights
#269: Stop The Presses! [Lenyo; ed:Sanctaria]
1. morning coffees are no longer the same since the disappearance of newspapers
2. the newspaper industry is subsidised by the government in order to keep it afloat
3. daily newspapers are permitted to run only pro-government stories
4. abacus sales outpace those of the personal computer following the closure of the Internet
#270: Space Spectacular Sours Small Stargazers [Luna Amore; ed:Frisbeeteria]
#271: Vigilantes: Heroes Or Hoodlums? [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
1. police are arresting costumed characters at comic book conventions
2. embarrassed police officers wear spandex and carry net guns
3. terrified neighbors cowerbehind concertina wire and machine gun nests
4. the government now pays the "Really Awesome Super Heroes" (RASH) to catch evildoers
#272: Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast [Frisbeeteria; ed:Frisbeeteria]
#273: Is our children learning? [Panageadom; ed:Lenyo]
1. students cut up leftover @@CURRENCY@@ during Arts and Crafts
2. rag-wearing teachers are often mistaken for homeless people
#274: Brotherly Love - A Bit Too Close to Home? [Afforess; ed:Sanctaria]
1. inter-species marriages are ignored by the government
4. divorce lawyers are found begging on the streets
#275: Wiki Worries [Maurepas; ed:Lenyo]
1. the "Underwear of Women in Power" issue of The @@CAPITAL@@ Times is sold out.
2. popular websites like NationStates are blocked for "national security"
3. the Ministry of Truthiness now manages the entire media industry
#276: Circus Clowns Cause Chaos! [Sanctaria; ed:Maurepas]
#277: Say Cheese! [Crazy girl; ed:Sedgistan]
#278: Relief is Coming... in Four to Six Weeks [Luna Amore; ed:Sanctaria]
1. contrails and thunderous rumbles have returned to the skies above
#279: A Vat Lot Of Trouble [Luna Amore; ed:Sanctaria]
1. the government is pouring billions into replacement brains
#280: Oh the Humanity! [Prevania; ed:Reploid Productions]
1. the airship business has been driven out of the country by strict regulations and high fines
2. airship use has soared while property values beneath their routes have plummeted
3. the new hit series "@@NAME@@ Got Trauma" has corporate executives fleeing the country
#281: Free Internet For @@NAME@@? [Solisbury; ed:Sirocco]
#282: Slum Village Extraordinaire [Foxopolis; ed:Dustistan]
3. a large percentage of the poor live from cradle to grave in subterranean wage slavery
#283: Wealthy Flee to Tax-free Havens [Gior Altheriod; ed:Lenyo]
2. citizens wishing to leave the country must surrender half their wealth to the government
#284: Drug Legality Run Amok [Kahleb Il Vilan; ed:Lenyo]
#285: A Right Not to Work? [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
1. emergency room admissions for 'stampede injuries' have skyrocketed since the introduction of weekly Sabbath Eve sales
2. police and sick people alike fear the Day of Rest as all institutions are forced to shut down
3. retail stores offer sales every hour on the hour
4. midnight pizza breaks are common among the work-from-home population
#286: A Whale of a Problem [Doom and so on; ed:Luna Amore]
2. seafood restaurants assure customers 'If it lives in the sea, it's on our menu'
#287: Maxtopians Demand Return of the King [Gior Altheriod; ed:Luna Amore]
1. museums stand half-empty as all foreign exhibits are returned to their countries of origin
2. the new 'Things We Stole From Other Countries' exibition at the National Museum of Antiquities is a hit
#288: Super-Sized Pizzas Recipe For Disaster? [New Ziedrich; ed:Luna Amore]
#289: Blizzards Serve Calls Cold, Says Mayor [Unibot II; ed:Sanctaria]
1. politicians constantly ring their voters to remind them how good a job they're doing
3. calling out of the blue has become taboo
#290: Wheels of Misfortune [New Ziedrich; ed:Lenyo]
3. heavy industry grinds to a halt as new equipment must be biked in
#291: A Question Of Sport [Dustistan; ed:Sanctaria]
1. glittering new sports stadiums adorn every city and town
2. marketing departments of corporate giants compete to sponsor little league teams
3. tourists are kicked out if they express interest in their national sport
4. kids laugh off vandalism and arson as "just fun"
#292: Tourists Wearing Out Their Welcome? [Virtualila; ed:Luna Amore]
3. tourists outnumber citizens two to one
#293: Maestro, Please [Castle in the Sky; ed:Luna Amore]
1. conductors wield diamond-encrusted batons to fit in with their freshly gilded surroundings
2. concert pianists lie about their occupation to avoid ridicule
3. commercial jingles have been ham-handedly forced into world renowned symphonies
4. terrified tympanists are finding themselves on the front lines armed only with kettledrums
#294: Ghost Riders on the Sly [Fmyeram; ed:Luna Amore]
1. legislators work 24/7 due to an influx of single-issue bills
#295: Give Us Pockets or Give Us Something Else [Ferringinar; ed:Maurepas]
#296: Come On Baby, Fight My Fire [Kukes; ed:Luna Amore]
1. CEOs can't hear the term 'Fire Sale' without bursting into tears
4. the minority party is vilified for everything from fires to earthquakes
#297: Intersex Athletes Demand Level Playing Field [Gior Altheriod; ed:Sanctaria]
1. muscular women are banned from competing in sporting competitions
2. the 'kind of scrawny' 500 meter hurdle is a popular event
3. national parks have long lines of different gender-specific 'Porta-Pottys'
4. hairdressers are among those who have disappeared overnight
#298: Cults: Harmless or Heretics? [Tybusenia; ed:Frisbeeteria]
#299: Some Like it Hot; Others Don’t [Kotlas; ed:Lenyo]
4. the state has declared war on the environment and environmentalists by association
#300: Trafficked Tots Trouble [Crazy girl; ed:Sedgistan]
1. vets have been drafted in to help "fix" those who fail the parental license exam
3. prospective parents are cheering on the streets as they no longer need a license to have children
#301: Are 'Friends' Electric? [I V Stalin; ed:Lenyo]
1. environmentalists are staging large protests in front of reopened nuclear power plants
#302: Delivering Mayhem In Thirty Minutes Or Less! [New Ziedrich; ed:Lenyo]
#303: Digital Revolution Requires Re-evaluation [Coddiac; ed:Frisbeeteria]
1. only toddlers and the elderly watch television before 23:00
#304: Time for Paternity Leave, say Dads [Gior Altheriod; ed:Lenyo]
2. companies struggle to cover for the hordes of employees on parental leave
#305: Who’s Occupying What? [Nexexen; ed:Lenyo]
3. businesses are forced to bring all work back within the nation's borders
4. the military is blowing up any threat to employment within the nation
#306: A Matter of Trust [Nation of Quebec; ed:Sanctaria]
#307: Derailing the Gravy Train [Burtina; ed:Luna Amore]
1. politicians are to be found scavenging bins at night to supplement their income
2. newspapers cannot report anything about politicians without their explicit consent
#308: Over, Under or Through? [Platform VII; ed:Luna Amore]
#309: Guerrilla Grandparents [Luna Amore; ed:Lenyo]
1. aging citizens are celebrating the end of the 'Early Bird War'
#310: Too Little Talk? [Panageadom; ed:Lenyo]
3. a determined opposition debates the relative benefits of Arial and Times New Roman for days on end
#311: Victims Demand Their Pound of Flesh [Frisbeeteria; ed:Luna Amore]
3. condemned prisoners spend hours a day sitting in lotus position looking perplexed
#312: The Empire Strikes First? [Maleperduys; ed:Sedgistan]
1. @@NAME@@ is increasingly belligerent on the international stage
2. the government has declared its commitment to multilaterialism
3. the nation is reliant on the principle of mutually assured destruction to maintain its security
4. the government is giving peace a chance
#313: Conscientious Objectors Want You... To Let Them Abstain [Great Nepal; ed:Luna Amore]
2. conscientious objectors are hanged as traitors
3. priests are being drafted by the church load
#314: An Affair to Remember? [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
3. bloodthirsty zealots regularly participate in the Friday Night Stoning of Adulterers
4. once-popular honeymoon destinations have become ghosts towns due to a lack of visitors
#315: Creative Flowers Withering Under Legislation [Panageadom; ed:Luna Amore]
1. racial supremacists indulge their wildest fantasies in cinemas and theatres across the nation
3. "It was only a joke" is no longer a defense for the felony of discrimination
#316: Fortified Against Crime [Praedico; ed:Lenyo]
1. the richest citizens live in private citadels
#317: Big Brother Is Watching You Surf [Vintaland; ed:The Most Glorious Hack]
1. government popup ads are springing up like weeds
2. cyber-crime and tin-foil hat sales are both increasing at record rates
3. the government is rounding up computers and beating them into plowshares
#318: Death Penalty on Death Row? [Andacantra; ed:Sanctaria]
1. prisoners work-share to cut down rising costs of keeping them in jail
2. the populace lives in fear of painful execution for minor offences
3. criminals are put to death while cuddling their favourite teddy bear
4. police officers have been re-kitted with designer uniforms and gold plated handcuffs
5. innocent people are routinely stoned to death by frenzied lynch mobs
#319: Sizing Up The Competition [Cosumar; ed:Luna Amore]
#320: Criminals to Vote? [Iglesian Archipelago; ed:Sanctaria]
2. prison visits increase substantially during election season
#321: Cowboys and... Aliens? [Carlosianor; ed:Luna Amore]
1. droves of former desperadoes are applying to join the border police
2. immigrant herding has become a national pastime
#322: Empathy a Rare Commodity? [The Cookish States; ed:Luna Amore]
1. citizens are tied down and forced to watch educational videos on empathy
2. curtailed social programs have left many citizens bereft of any safety net
#323: Get Teens out of MyFace? [Malsitar; ed:Lenyo]
1. it is now illegal for teens to view any sites except Club Kitten and My Little Donkey
2. the nation leads @@REGION@@ in per capita stalking
3. the fastest growing demographic of porn viewership is twelve to seventeen
4. computers are used primarily for word processing and solitaire
#324: "Tourism Tanking!" Tells Tabloids [Panageadom; ed:Lenyo]
2. visitors to the famed rainforests are instead taken to vast furniture factories
#325: Blazing Through the Paper Trail [Euphilium; ed:Luna Amore]
#326: Knitters In A Knot Over Police Stitch Up [Tsaraine; ed:Sanctaria]
3. knitting needles have been banned in the name of public safety
#327: No Rest For The Weary @@ANIMAL@@ [Black and Brindle; ed:Sedgistan]
1. retired racing @@ANIMAL@@s are served truffles for breakfast
2. @@ANIMAL@@ owners exercise their pets at a snail's pace or risk a court appearance
#328: Bugged by Lack of Intelligence [Mediterreania; ed:Sanctaria]
1. all telephone traffic is monitored for 'national security reasons'
2. travel bureaus double as recruiting centers for national intelligence agencies
3. the nation's secret service is so secret that nobody knows if it has on
4. all new "spies" are fifteen-year-old acne-ridden kids on computers
#329: Military Uniforms Under Scrutiny [Crimsonrayne; ed:Sedgistan]
3. troops clank into battle wearing antique suits of armour
4. soldiers are equipped with multi-million @@CURRENCY@@ battlesuits
5. soldiers go to war dressed in cassocks and robes
6. shock troops shock enemy forces with their nudity
#330: Supermarkets Gobbling Up All The Customers? [Fayd; ed:Luna Amore]
#331: Swept Away [Mostly armless; ed:Dustistan]
1. the government is flooded with compensation requests
3. children listen incredulously when their grandparents explain what a "running river" is
4. there is a dearth of space for new houses
#332: Summit Security Spending Stirs Strife [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
1. @@CAPITAL@@ is a police state during international summits
#333: No Sacrifice, No Sacrifice At All [Emunia; ed:Sanctaria]
#334: Blot Out Bauhaus [Panageadom; ed:Lenyo]
1. builders spend more time negotiating "tasteful architecture" than on actual construction
2. surrealist houses shaped like mushrooms and volcanos dominate the wealthiest of neighborhoods
#335: Log us Back On [Turtleshroom; ed:Luna Amore]
4. locally produced computer games are being released faster than gamers can play them
#336: Polygamy Causes Division [Lordieth; ed:Lenyo]
1. prenuptial contracts have replaced diamond rings in marriage proposals
#337: Doctors Crossing Borders? [Whiskey hill; ed:Sanctaria]
#338: The Silence and the Fury [The golden koko; ed:Luna Amore]
#339: The Bear Necessities [Sovietiya; ed:Lenyo]
2. workers' complaints never reach central planning
3. the economy is undergoing a traumatic transition to capitalism
#340: Defending Patent Pending [Panageadom; ed:Luna Amore]
3. the government subsidizes everything from particle physics to fabric softeners
#341: Where in the Woods is Cindy SanFrancisco? [Ignorent Peeple; ed:Luna Amore]
1. the national guard is mobilized whenever a mother gets separated from her child at the mall
2. the populace has developed a mortal fear of the woods
3. fearful citizens watch their every move as does their government
4. groups of three or more trees are cut down in the name of 'child safety'
#342: This Land Was Made For You And Me [Luna Amore; ed:Kryozerkia]
1. the new Refuse Hills housing development is under construction
3. citizens living in underground cities have developed a healthy green glow
#343: Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? [New Andram; ed:Lenyo]
#344: Trash Talk [Luna Amore; ed:Lenyo]
#345: Mayors Behaving Badly [Nation of Quebec; ed:Sanctaria]
3. many mayors are barely in office before being kicked out for minor parking violations
#346: Oils Well That Ends Well [Jarethania; ed:Luna Amore]
1. oil executives can be seen reluctantly cleaning oil-soaked birds
2. the government struggles to keep up with the endless list of petrol disasters
3. wind farms are erected on shuttered oil platforms
4. Ollie the Oiled Seal welcomes throngs of tourists to the newly opened Oil Oasis Water Park
#347: Crime Problems Ganging up on @@NAME@@ [The murtunian tribes; ed:Lenyo]
3. street gangs rule most of the nation's major cities
#348: I Want A Lawyer [Marxist socialismchillville; ed:Sanctaria]
1. the state is footing the bill for billionaires' lawyers
#349: Bigtopian Bigwigs Beset Border [Koomu; ed:Sedgistan]
#350: Queasy Cuisine [Avlain; ed:Sedgistan]
2. the nation's cuisine is the laughing stock of @@REGION@@
#351: The Cost of Freedom [Waideland; ed:Lenyo]
1. well-off serialkillers write monthly checks to avoid jail time
2. private law firms are unheard of
3. violent criminals are doomed to be hunted by a psychotic billionaire
#352: Going Off The Rails [Milograd; ed:Sanctaria]
1. suicide victims often leave behind cash to cover the cost of their fines
2. train stations can be 'armful places'
3. anyone who so much as frowns risks being referred to a mental health unit
4. the nation's train stations are widely considered to be the ugliest in @@REGION@@
#353: Broadband Going To The Birds? [Astracarn; ed:Luna Amore]
1. consumption of cat memes has skyrocketed
2. streaming video is considered to be a myth by most citizens
3. stray cats threaten the fledgling avian-based internet
#354: Subversive Shortwaves [The Grand Dilligaf; ed:Lenyo]
1. the military invades any neighboring nation with the gall to criticize its policies
#355: Alien Invaders [Ignorent peeple; ed:Lenyo]
1. the government keeps introducing new foreign species to combat the previous ones it has introduced
2. it's always rabbit season
3. invasive species are hunted by the gendarmerie
4. the government's official position on invasive species is 'who cares?'
#356: @@NAME@@ In The Time Of Cholera [Wonnie; ed:Lenyo]
2. the nation is loathed abroad for dumping all of its waste in international waters
#357: Vamos, Mi @@ANIMAL@@! [Octuagesimo Octavo; ed:Sedgistan]
1. police officers ride the fastest @@ANIMAL@s
#358: Not Another Teen Pregnancy [Valrifell; ed:Sanctaria]
1. 'Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder' is a common school motto
#359: Got Democracy [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
5. chemically brainwashed citizens praise @@LEADER@@'s name on an hourly basis
#360: Electile Dysfunction [Christian Democrats; ed:Lenyo]
#361: @@CAPITAL@@, We Have A Problem [Luna Amore; ed:Sanctaria]
1. the explosive fireball of the disintegrating space shuttle has devastated Cape @@NAME@@
4. the eerie remains of the final shuttle mission orbit in silence as a sober reminder of the abandoned space program
#362: After The Fall [Luna Amore; ed:Sanctaria]
1.the government is funneling billions into Cape @@NAME@@ following the shuttle crash
#363: The Apotheosis of @@LEADER@@? [The tovian way; ed:Sedgistan]
1. @@LEADER@@ is worshipped like a god
4. the government is seen as openly hostile to all religion
#364: It's UterUs, not UterYou! [Ranbo; ed:Luna Amore]
1. birth rates have hit an all-time low
3. underground copulation clubs have sprung up in major cities
#365: A Busload of Worry [Panageadom; ed:Lenyo]
1. children as young as six shock their parents by coming out of the closet
2. tightly packed choir-boys sing the god-given joys of heterosexuality on public transport
3. bus ads propagandize causes ranging from sexual revolution to religious pogroms
4. @@CAPITAL@@ spends billions upgrading public transport
#366: Prosecute Stolen Valour, Says Military [The sky city of columbia; ed:Sanctaria]
1. fancy dress parties are raided by military police for new recruits
3. soldiers have swapped their uniforms for prisonwear
#367: What's Their Beef? [Nouvel Ecosse; ed:Sedgistan
1. fresh food is a thing of the past due to onerous testing standards
2. the criminal underworld is awash with sausage smuggling
3. unemployed butchers line the streets
#368: Female Workers Feeling The Pinch [Relana; ed:Sedgistan]
#369: No Vocation Without Remuneration [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
#370: The Unbearable Lightness Of Government (previously Abolished Tax Code Crushing @@NAME@) [Primordial sardaukus; ed:Sedgistan]
2. the government's economic policy is "sort it yourself"
3. soup kitchens are the only things doing roaring business
#371: Lotto Fever [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]
3. chain casinos dominate the national gambling market
4. @@LEADER@@'s pleasure palace epitomizes corruption
#372: The Coming of the Commissars [Baiynistan; ed:Lenyo]
#373: Devil and the Deep Blue Funding Gap [New Vegas; ed:Lenyo]
1. mantis shrimp studies is academia's fastest growing field
#374: Lion Dad Sparks Child-Rearing Sentiment [Samuelica; ed:Sedgistan]
2. mollycoddled youths run the country
4. society has literally been thrown to the wolves
#375: Easter Egg: Keep Your Hands Off Those Lucky Charms! [Vile Island; ed:Sanctaria]
#376: Death by Bungee [Cankcaland; ed:Lenyo]
#377: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It's... Oh, It Was A Plane[SalusaSecondus; ed:Lenyo]
1. the nation has always been at war with Bigtopia
3. foreign planes and migratory birds are shot down as spies
4. police pull people off the street for even mentioning the word plane
#378: The War To End All Wars [Golgothastan; ed:Lenyo]
5. the nation's war memorials are being torn down and replaced with peace gardens
#379: Stakes On A Plane [Juernsey; ed:Sedgistan]
1. homeowners are evicted to make room for new runways
2. planespotters are emigrating in droves
3. billions are being spent on a new island airport
#380: Farmers Seeding Discontent [Bulgar Rouge; ed:Lenyo]
2. the government is engaging in an agricultural trade war with Maxtopia
3. cheap and tasteless vegetables flood the markets
#381: Mamma @@NAME@@, Let Me Go [Raurosia; ed:Sanctaria]
#382: The Appropriate Amount of Appropriation [Rapturia Ziwa; ed:Sedgistan]
1. prominent cultural symbols are featured on the backs of cereal boxes
3. school children are expected to know the names of all seven hundred native tribes and their cultural practices
#383: Born To Be Just A Bit Too Wild? [Aardenland; ed:Sedgistan]
3. a significant number of @@ANIMAL@@s are being prosecuted on charges of child abuse
#384: Out of The Royal Frying Pan [The Kingdom of the Imperial Commonwealth; ed:Lenyo]
1. governments opposing @@NAME@@ are beset by rebels
2. the government prefers to kill off its enemies by peaceful means
3. skateboarding is considered a form of diplomacy
#385: Who Stands For @@NAME@@? [Panageadom; ed:Lenyo]
1. the national mascot has to be wheeled onto the field of play
2. an increasingly villainous series of sports coaches are demanding the national mascot's true identity
3. the national sporting identity is represented by a talking burger and a singing smartphone
4. political scientists despair as the national mascot election eclipses all others in voter enthusiasm
#386: Droning on and on [Czechostan; ed:Lenyo]
1. warfare increasingly resembles a video game
2. the state auctions off combat drones to fund war reparations

The Kingdom of Outer Sparta