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About this page
Figured I should curate all this stuff, since I've had a bit of feedback from other users on some of it.
Honestly, I don't think I'm a great programmer, but I do know some stuff and I'm really lazy... So I write little bits of useful code and stuff for myself. Or use Excel/googledocs to simplify things. Might be useful for other people too, so ... here you go.

I'll try to keep adding to this when I make new things. No promises.

If you have questions, I encourage you to use discord to contact me where possible. I sometimes go weeks without logging into the forum (or gameside).

Can I help you?
I suppose I do take requests, but depending on how complicated they are and how much free time I have, you might be waiting a while.

Not sure how to do something in Excel/googledocs? I can probably show you.
You want an assist on something you're trying to do. I can maybe help with that.
Want me to develop a scorinator for something? Well, asking won't hurt but...

Look, I don't really have rules on this stuff. I just do what I feel like doing, tbh.
The first "player gen" I made was on a whim based on something someone (I wanna say it was PIS...) said on #nssport.
I thought I could make it easier, so I did. Took about an hour maybe? I dunno.
Other things I've been working on for aaaaaages and gotten nowhere. So yeah... asking me to do stuff is a bit of a crapshoot.

Feel free to make copies of any of my Googledocs/Excel stuff here for your own use.
The other bits, just ask me about them. Probably wrote it (messily) in PHP, Perl or some flavour of Javascript (Googlescript, Node, etc), and can adapt it for your needs or whatever.
Wanna try and adapt it yourself? Cool. Just ask me and I'll give you the source.
Not sure how something works? No problem. Ask me and I'll try and explain it.

Most of my stuff is gonna be in one of these two places
LinkMy Google Drive shared folder for NS Sports stuff
LinkScorinators and Resources page

NOTE: Not everything on the second link was made by me. Please contact the listed Author if you want to modify or redistribute anything.
Also, if the source is not listed, I do not have it.

More tools and stuff I made
LinkFancy team infoboxes with maps and stuff (wiki)
LinkResults Formatter
LinkLegends Profile Pages v3.0
LinkPlayer Auction System (beta)
LinkPlayer Rating Spreadsheet
LinkOSR Team Directory (beta)

Character generation stuff
LinkName Lists (I use these a lot for Osarian/Aquilliano names)
LinkCallistean Names

Domestic League stuff
LinkOsarius domestic league database
(this is a snapshot of my actual database; there's ... a lot... in there, but feel free to make a copy of the sheet and borrow/adapt/outright steal ideas/formulae etc)

NSCF stuff
LinkUnofficial World College Football Championship tracker
LinkAll-time NSCF standings and records

Other things I have adapted
LinkUICA/IFCF Scorinator (and Linkfolder containing dev and historic versions)
(modified from the original file created by Commerce Heights and provided by Liventia; which was used to scorinate UICA 41)
LinkSpaamanian Rugby League Scorinator
(modified from the Linkoriginal to remove the need for macros/scripting)
LinkVeloxsphera Scorinator
(adapted from the UICA scorinator to provide scores for an "original" Osarian sport; that I will eventually explain)

Other useful stuff (that I didn't make)
LinkMetro/Tube/Train line map creator


Update history
2016-09-26: Added wiki infobox link
2016-11-23: Added new link section for stuff I didn't make
2019-11-05: Added some other stuff, remembered to note the update this time
2019-11-22: Updated domestic league database link/info
2020-01-27: Added dev/historic UICA scorinator folder link