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The Holy Golden States of

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National Factbook of the Holy States of Ormencia Bythoria

The Democratic States of Ormencia Bythoria


Motto: Star Trek? Is that the one with Darth Vader?

Population: 338,765,224 (as of April 2087)
-Density: 126.09/km²

Capital: Seattle
Largest City: Ormencia

Official Language: Bythorian

National Language: English

Demonym: Ormencian

Government: Republic
- President: Thadeus Smith
- Vice President: Evan Ramirez
- Speaker of the House: Pauline Ryan
- Chief Justice: Anthony Shaker

Legislature: Congress
- Upper House: Senate
-Lower House: House of Representatives

Establishment: from Elihow
Independence: June 13, 2052 or August 3, 2057 (Date Disputed)

Land Area: 1,037,315 mile²
2,686,634 km²
Water Area: 52,120 km²
Water %: 1.94

GDP (nominal): 14.2 trillion dollars
GDP (nominal) per capita: 42,024 dollars

Human Development Index: 0.924

Currency: The Dollar ($)

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +28

Internet TLD: .orm


The Holy Golden States of Ormencia Bythoria (commonly called Ormencia Bythoria or Bythoria), is a Republic occupying part of the area formerly belonging to Elihow, which itself was the result of the United States collapse in early 2027. It is bordered on the north by Litrea, on the south by Kitsapia, and on the east by Samsteinia. Ormencia Bythoria covers 2,686,634 square kilometers and has has an estimated population of 338,765,224. Ormencia Bythoria comprises of six states (Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, North & South Dakota).

Ormencia Bythoria has an established presence in the World Assembly, and represents KingWA Conglomerate within the WA.


In 2055, Elihowian general Ormen Bysoni defected from the Royal Army of Elihow, eventually resulting in the defeat of the Royal Army in the Battle of Seattle in 2057, which resulted in the overthrowing of the Elihowian government and the establishment of a new government. A public poll was taken to decide what to name the new country. The overwhelming majority of residents (84%) chose some variation on Ormen Bysoni's name.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Ormencia Bythoria is as a "Bythorian".


In 2026, well into the third term of United States president Donald J. Trump, the United States army launched an unprovoked nuclear attack against North Korea. The events that followed would lead to the disbandment of the United States into seven separate nations, one of which was the nation of Elihow. The nation of Elihow, while for many years prosperous, eventually fell as well. Out of the ashes rose Ormencia Bythoria, now one of the most prosperous nations in KingWA Conglomerate


Ormencia Bythoria shares land borders with Litrea, Kitsapia, and Samsteinia. Since 2057, the total area of Ormencia Bythoria has remained stable at 2,686,634km², with a water area of 52,120km².

Ormencia Bythoria is home to seven states: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota & Washington. These states are home to varied geography. Idaho, Oregon & Washington are home to both temperate forests and deserts, Montana is primarily mountainous, and North & South Dakota contain mostly plains. The mountains along the western coast are referred to as the Pacific Mountain System.

Ormencia Bythoria is home to a varied climate as well. Oregon, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota are categorized as Warm-Summer Mediterranian climates according to the Köppen climate type scale. Washington & Idaho vary between an Oceanic climate and a Warm-Summer Mediterranian Continental climate.

Ormencia Bythoria is home to many different species of animals. 250 mammal species, 500 bird species, 300 reptile species, and 70,000 insect species have been categorized by scientists. Roughly 2,500 species of Fungi have been categorized (note that this list does not include marine fungi). 8,000 native species of flora have been identified.



Ormencia Bythoria has an estimated population of 338,765,224 (as of April 2087). The population density is 126.09/km². The most recent estimates (April 2087) place the net gain at one person every 17 seconds. It is the most populated region within KingWA Conglomerate. It is heavily urbanized, with over 74% of all citizens residing in an urban area.


The official language of Ormencia Bythoria is Bythorian, which evolved from Esperanto in the mid 2060s. However, the national language is English, as it is the most spoken language in the world (as of April 2087), and provides for ease of international communications and trade.


The majority of Ormencians worship some deity, due to most residents ancestral roots in the United States, once one of the most religious countries in the world. However, the government of Ormencia Bythoria does not specifically endorse any deity, rather, they mantain a strict policy of seperation between church and state.


The majority of Ormencians are Caucasian, with European origins.


Ormencia Bythoria is a republic, with elected officials representing the people in multiple levels of law.

Foreign Relations and Military

Ormencia Bythoria holds strong influence within the KingWA Conglomerate. Ormencia Bythoria is the WA delegate in the region, representing 10 diverse nations. Thadeus Smith, the President, is one of two ambassadors, the other being Litrea.

Ormencia Bythoria has exhibited national hatred towards raider nations and regions, especially considering the former nation of Elihow's activity within such regions.

Ormencia Bythoria maintains a strong military (16.5% of the budget is spent on defense) while simultaneously maintaining a non-interventionism policy. This is to deter attacks against Ormencia Bythoria.


Economic Indicators

Rank: 8 in KingWA Conglomerate
Currency: Dollar
Fiscal Year: FY2087

GDP (nominal): 14.2 trillion dollars
GDP (nominal) per capita: 42,024 dollars
Labor Force: 319,000,000 people
Unemployment: 12.1%

Ormencia Bythoria's economy, while initially struggling, has recently been on the rise, up 2 trillion dollars over the past year.


Ormencia Bythoria's culture has its roots in American culture. Many cultural traditions practiced are religious, which is understandable given America's history as a religious nation. At the same time, however, Bythorians are often considered ahead of the times when it comes to civil liberties and political freedoms.

Ormencia Bythoria's national sport is sailing. Given Washington's and Oregon's apt sailing conditions, sailing is the most popular sport in Ormencia Bythoria, and multiple cities within Ormencia Bythoria have hosted international sailing regattas: Seattle hosted the 2066 America's Cup (name kept per tradition), and Hood River hosted the 2084 International Sailing Championships.


Transportation in Ormencia Bythoria is facilitated by road, air, and waterways. The majority of passenger travel takes place by automobile for shorter distances and aircraft for shorter distances. In descending order, most cargoes travel by truck, freight ship, and air shipping.

While the United States of America once had a thriving rail system, after the Great Fall of 2027, the rail system fell into disrepair. During the Elihowian Civil War, the remaining rail systems were destroyed and their resources scavenged for the war effort.


Most energy use within Ormencia Bythoria is renewable energy sources.

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