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The Holy Queendom of
Iron Fist Socialists

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Leader Details (WIP)

Our Lady Sulfur
Sapphira Frasch

Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch pictured shortly after the clothes ban.

Queen of Oktotheio

In office:
April 2, 2017 - Present

Personal Details


March 23 (age 18)
Athens, Greece




Meghan/Maayan Wetterhahn





Sexual Orientation:


Political Ideology:

Social Liberalism

"Only when two souls become one can one find enlightenment."
- Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch

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Early Life


Reign and Ascension



Since taking power Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:
  • Making discrimination towards any sexuality or gender identity illegal.

  • Legalising polygamy.

  • Banning clothing.

  • Making intercourse in private illegal.

Economic Policy
Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch is neutral on both capitalism and communism, preferring to maintain a policy of having the economy be a mix of state-owned and private companies.

Social Policy
Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch is an strong advocate for civil rights, especially in romantic and sexual relationships, and has 8% of the government expenditure set up for this purpose. She is is pro-birth but is also not opposed to to abortion and contraceptives on civil rights grounds.

International Policy
Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch is pro globalization and has set up many trade deals with nations all over the world, however she is also anti interventionism, and as such refuses to have the nation enter any conflicts.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: LGBT rights, Liberalism, Rehabilitation, Globalization, Ecology, Peace

  • Neutral: Capitalism, Communism, Recreational Drugs, Democracy

  • Anti: Interventionism, War

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Communist Multilateralist Humanist Liberal

Collectivism score: 100%
Authoritarianism score: 0%
Internationalism score: 50%
Tribalism score: -67%
Liberalism score: 17%

8values Test

Ft. Monarchism and Missionnary badges

Personal Information And Gallery

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In her spare time, Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch enjoys cooking, gardening and winemaking, having been a vintner before coming to power, and she also runs the brothel inside the royal palace.

Our Lady Sulfur and her Royal Consort, pre-clothes ban

Our Lady Sulfur giving a speech from the royal palace; December 10, 2017

Our Lady Sulfur and her Royal Consort visiting Sapphire City Beach; January 12, 2019


“From this day forward, clothes are banned, for they are nothing but meaningless scraps of cloth that hide our true beauty.”
- Announcing compulsory nudity; June 23, 2017

“Today I have discovered that I am a goddess, and from now on all of you shall kneel before me.”
- Announcing her divine awakening; July 14, 2017

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