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Facts from the forums

What is the minimum legal age to:

  • Get a driver's license: 16

  • Vote in elections: 17

  • Get married: 15 with parental consent, 16 without

  • Join the military: N/A, doesn't have one

  • Age of consent: 15

  • Buy/drink alcohol: No limit to drink, 18 to buy

  • Buy/use marijuana: 18

  • Buy/use any other drugs: 20

  • Be legally recognized as an adult under your nation's laws: 16

  • Become leader of your country: N/A, monarchy

Name of Nation: Oktotheio
Nation Demonym: Oktotheioan
Does your nation merely widely tolerate nudism?: No
Does your nation widely practice nudism? If so please explain the manner in which it does: Yes, see below.
Does your nation's culture encourage nudism? If so please explain: Yes, as it is part of the national religion.
Is nudism compulsory in your country under any circumstances? If so please explain: Yes, by decree of Our Lady Sulfur Sapphira Frasch all citizens are banned from wearing clothes.
How does your nation deal with issues of bodily harm, weather/temperature extremes or hygiene when it comes to nudism? Umbrellas are allowed to help prevent heat stoke.
If your nation has compulsory nudity, are how are visitors to your nation required to respond to your law regarding it? They are allowed to wear clothes.
If your nation has compulsory nudity, how does it affect official settings such as schools, workplaces, government buildings and sports? It doesn't, although people are allowed one bag/briefcase to carry things in.
How does nudism in your country affect such other public places as restaurants, swimming pools, public transport? See above.
Does nudism in your nation encourage promiscuous sexual activity? Not directly.
Are such things as pornography, strip clubs or lascivious depictions of nudism permitted? Yes, as they are part of the national religion.
Does your nation have any widespread religious practices, and if so how are they affected by the nudism in your country? It's the other way around, the religious practices are based on nudism.

- Nothing tastes right without lemon juice on it.
- Even super soft clothes feel itchy.
- You're confused as to why some people find things like streaking and skinny dipping weird.
- You're married to like 5 different people.
- You divorced 5 other people last week.

1. How many are there in total?: 26 million, about 41% of the Oktotheioans in the world.

2. What are some reasons behind emigration from YN?: Lack of space at home and to spread the Oktotheioan culture.

3. What country outside of your own contain the highest number of expats/immigrants from YN?: Greece is no.1 with 16 million, and The United Czechippines is second with 6 million.

4. How are expats/immigrants from your country treated in that particular country?: In both cases they are well received especially in Greece due to cultural ties, but in The United Czechippines they are sometimes viewed with suspicion due to only reluctantly wearing clothes in public.

5. Other Information: Oktotheioans tend to stay away from more conservative countries for their own safety.