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Optix Technologies IT

Optix Technologies IT

Optix Technologies IT is a information technology company that has revolutionized how we use computers and phones. It has opened up avenues in fields of hologram programming which even has promise in other areas. Our computers uses a holographic interface and a storage system/run time system from the cloud with a anti-virus/malware protection wall with the Optix OS operating system. This will cease use of a tower for computer systems as well as circuitry in laptops and touch pad computers. Currently we have the Optix Ultra-X desktop computer, the Optix-GLX touch pad computer which is a small handheld device that projects the holographic touch screen and to our many computer devices currently available. Optix Technologies IT is leading the way forward to the future for the IT revolution.

OptixTech Distribution Products

Optix Ultra-X desktop computer (1 million units) $1,800,000,000

Optix-GLX touch pad (1 million units) $750,000,000

Optix Caelestis laptop (1 million units) $665,000,000

Optix Nova S4 Optixbook (1 million units) $390,000,000

Optix Halo R-9 E-reader tablet (1 million units) $220,000,000

Amacroid Phone 500 GB (android) (1 million units) $1,200,000,000

Sona Phone 750 GB (android) $2,000 (1 million units) $ 2,000,000,000

Ultron Phone 1000 GB (android) (1 million units) $5,000,000,000

Optix Matrix One VR headset (Optix) (1 million units)$2,500,000,000

VICKI virtual assistant unit (Optix) (1 million units) $10,000,000,000

Optix Infinity Cube Game Console System (1 million units) $500,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 60" (1 million units) $400,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 50" (1 million units) $300,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 32" (1 million units)$200,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 24"(1 million units) $100,000,000

Optix Satellites and launches which we offer the following satellite types:

GPS satellite: $200 million per satellite

Spy satellite: $400 million per satellite

CubeSat satellite: $40,000 per satellite

Military Hardware Chips

For missiles, missile guidance systems, fighter jets, electronic warfare, electronic warfare countermeasures and radar applications: $1.5 million


Optix Technologies IT Company Information

Industry: Information Technology
Company Type: Public
Founded: November 29, 2236
HQ: Balderton, Odinburgh Prime
Owner: Elias Kroon
Number of Employees: 100,000
Products: Personal Computers, Mobile Phones, Smart TVs, VR headsets, Game Console Systems, Servers, HSAN (Holographic Storage Area Network), HNAS (Holographic Network-attached storage), Networking (subspace telecommunications network)
Subsidiaries: Optix Corporation (Semiconductor Manufacturing),
Optix HS (computer/holographic hardware), Optixware (Software)