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The Tang-Draganisian Center of
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Tang-Draganian Empire and the United States of Greater Oceania Overview

The Tang-Draganian Empire and the
United States of Greater Oceania

Official Oceanic-Tang and Draganian Union Flag


Population: 8.316 billion(still growing)
-Density: 24 people per square mile
(62 people per kilometer)

Capital(s): Dragania City(Draganian Capital),
District of Helena(Oceanic-Tang Capital)

Largest City: Dragania City

Official Language(s): Abbaddonian, Oceanic Abbaddonian

National Language(s): Abbaddonian, Oceanic Abbaddonian,
Tangian, Engan, Daunnorian,
Solarian, Stoneese, Utamidian(For Utamid Systems),
Jungle Tongue(For Junglian Tribes)

Demonym(s): Tang-Draganian, Oceanican,
Tangian, Draganian, Oceanic-Draganian

Official Religion(s): Bahamutism,
Christianity, Utamism,
Junginium(For Junglian Tribes)

National Religion(s): Bahamutism,
Christianity(Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc),
Islam, Judaism, Atheism, Utamism,
Junginium(For Junglian Tribes)

Government: Federal Semi-Presidential Parliamentary
Constitutional Republic
under an Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor: David of Draganisia
- Empress: Amelia Tang III of the Tang Islands
- Chancellor: Elizabeth of Draganisia(Also Queen of Daunn)
- Prime Minister(Vice-Chancellor): Rachel Loveheart
- President: N/A Currently
- Speaker of the House: Will Forthill
- Chief Justice: Xylon Ferdinand

Economic System: Mixed Economy

Legislature: Congress
-Upper House: Senate
-Middle House: House of Representatives
-Lower House: Council of Lords

Establishment: By Draganisia and
Oceanic-Tang Union Headquarters,
and The Oceanic Alliance Headquarters in St Abbaddon.
Foundation: December 21, 2042

(Coronation and Wedding of Empress Amelia Tang III and Emperor David)

Highest Point: Mt. Imperi Amelia
Lowest Point: Crater of Jesse

GDP (nominal): 1.378 Quadrillion Dragoons(Nominal)
GDP (nominal) per capita: 165,704 Dragoons

GDP (Purchasing Power Parity): 1.313 Quadrillion Dragoons(PPP)
GDP (PPP) per capita: 157,888 Dragoons

Human Development Index: Extremely High

Currency: Dragoon

Time Zone: Y'all really think a bunch of people living in space need a
time zone?

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +35

Internet TLD: .tdo

Empire of Tang-Dragania and the United States of Oceania

Tang-Dragania and the United States of Oceania name has a large history originating from ancient times after the fall of the Ancient Empire. The origins of the name "Tang" originates from a group of ancient people who migrated from the continent of Abbaddon. These people had strong human blood since they were strongly related to humans and not mixed with other races. When these humans traveled by boat to some islands. The first creature they saw was a blue tang fish. Another island a red tang fish was seen. Another island a yellow tang fish was seen. This was the foundation of the Tang Islands. The first three Tang Islands were created. Blue Tang Islands, Red Tang Islands, Yellow tang islands.

The origins of the name "Oceania" has origins to the Tang Islands. When a fleet of exploration ships landed on the Oceanic Isles and the Oceanic Mainland. They decided to name the land "Oceana" because of the beautiful ocean and large coast on the mainland. Since Oceania consists of a bunch of states that were formerly part of the Greater Oceanic Region on St Abbaddon. It is now called the United States of Oceania. The Tang Islands are part of the United States of Oceania but the monarchy of the Tang Islands is located in Dragania also where a good chunk of the Tang population lives. Since they are still heavily loyal to their Empress. The United States of Oceania consists of a bunch of states. So it is simpler to just call them the United States of Oceania or Oceania for short. Or also they are called the United States of the Greater Oceanic Empire.

The origins of the name "Draganisia". Come from when the Ancient Empire fell. And a large population of humanoid dragons on the former Ancient Empire inhabited the land of Draganisia decided to declare themselves as the new Empire of Draganisia. And try to live up to the legacy of the Ancient Empire. The Draganisian history was lost for a time but it is being rediscovered. Later on, Draganisia, Tang, and Oceania were forced to leave Planet Abbaddon for a time. Some Oceanic's stayed behind. And the Draganisian's decided to rename themselves to "Dragania". However, the Royal House of Draganisia would keep their name And they named their planet(capital) Dragania. Now Dragania is pretty much operating as a massive city while keeping its space domains.


Oceania, Tang, and Draganians all have a large amount of ancient history. Especially after the fall of King Abbaddon and the Abbaddonian Empire. The Tangs were founded by a native human living in Abbaddon. Her name was Lady Amelia Charlotte. She would be the foundation for the creation of the Tang Queendom and the Oceanic states. Lady Amelia had been cast with a spell at birth making her life way way way beyond the average lifespan.
Lady Amelia was a rich woman with many friends. When she saw that the Abbaddonian lands were beginning to engulf in darkness. She decided to flee. She gathered many humans and people and voyaged off west. To where hopefully she could find a home. However, she didn't know what was beyond the west.
A long voyage was made. The Tang's traveled west and passed the Oceanic Mainland. They voyaged through the Oceanic Isles and finally pointed North and finally arrived at the Tang Islands. The sign that it was a good home was the discovery of several tang fish. A red tang, a yellow tang, and a blue tang. Blue Tang Islands was established first. And later on several voyagers established the Red Tang Islands and Yellow tang islands in some other areas of the Tang Isles. Lady Amelia was chosen to become the Queen of the Tang Islands. And the Queendom of the Tang Islands was born. Queen Amelia established laws and began forming the nation of Tang. The Tangs were founded in the year 107,500 BCE.
268 years after the creation of the Queendom of the Tang Islands. A large empire began taking over swaths and huge amounts of the galaxy. They are called the Ancient Empire. They consisted of dragons and humanoid dragons. The Ancient Empire would be the ancestors of the future Empire of Draganisia. Eventually the Ancient Empire would control a majority of the galaxy. But suddenly a nomadic army of mutants called the Darkness Mutants. Considered the Ancient Empire a threat. They struck hard and this would be the start of the Ancient Empire-Darkness War. This war would last for about 147 years. It would be a key to the start of the Human Rebellion and Ancient Empire Civil War later on.

The Ancient Empire-Darkness War was fierce. Billions and billions of mutants would attack Ancient Empire positions throughout the Galaxy. The Ancient Empire fought overwhelming odds. But used strategical advancements to defeat the mutants. A key turning point in the war was the Battle of Triombat. Ancient Empire forces would defeat over 60 billion Darkness Mutants on Planet Trio(Now called Planet Triombat) using incredible strategies. After the Battle of Triombat. The Ancient Empire would do a huge counter-offensive that lasted for about 138 years. Finally, the Darkness Mutants were pushed back and they scattered to unknown locations. The Great Darkness War ended.

After the Great Darkness War. The Tang Islands was quite unaware of this war. Since they were in a period of isolation. Not long after. Queen Amelia Tang I(The Great) would notice mermaids around some of the waters her people were fishing at. Eventually, the king of these mermaids would meet with Queen Amelia the Great and invite her to his underwater kingdom. This underwater kingdom was the Kingdom of Atlantian Abbaddon. The King of Atlantian Abbaddon at this time was King Edirne. Queen Amelia would speak with King Edirne and she promised to keep the location of his underwater kingdom a secret. King Edirne asked where Queen Amelia and her people lived. Amelia would tell of the faraway islands far away in the northwest from the main continent of Abbaddon. King Edirne would ask if she knew that those islands her people lived on where former testing and research islands for King Abbaddon's research on Red Mist. Amelia was shocked to learn this and asked what Red Mist was. See More on Red Mist
King Eros would explain to Amelia the importance of Red Mist to King Abbaddon. How King Abbaddon used the islands to research Red Mist's properties. She would learn that with the right protective gear. Red Mist could be cooled and used to make weapons. Weapons that could cause more damage and deal with bigger blows to enemies. He told her how King Abbaddon tried to destroy all evidence of Red Mist but was unsuccessful.
Amelia would be escorted and leave Atlantian Abbaddon.
Upon her return to the Tang Islands. She ordered the construction of a massive national project. The Great Tang Underground Library. The project began in the year 107,054 BCE. It would be completed in the year 107,048 BCE.
Amelia would effectively rule over the Tang Islands peacefully between the years 107,054 BCE and 107,047 BCE. Suddenly in the year 107,048 BCE. Some of Amelia's advisors would tell her about the discovery of a huge stone facility. Amelia would travel to the facility located in the Yellow tang islands and would head to this "stone facility". Upon her arrival, she went inside the facility with her best friend and advisor Lady Sapphire Blossom. They would find and learn that this facility was used to research the Red Mist.
Eventually, the facility would be actively used to learn more about the Abbaddonian civilization and on Red Mist. Eventually, the Tangs were able to create weapons(Mostly polearms) made of Red Mist. They also later on in the year 107,015 BCE finally made the first sets of Red Mist armor that would not harm the wearer. Red Mist became an important weapon. Red Mist weapons were used by knights trying to prove their honor by fighting pirates a lot of the time.
Back with the Ancient Empire. The Ancient Empire was still rebuilding and recovering the war with the Darkness Mutants. They spent eight-five years recovering from the war. However unknowingly they didn't know that secretly. Secretly. Very influential human leaders began gathering in St. Abaddon to go to war against the Ancient Empire. St. Abbaddon was going through alot of instability during this time since King Abbadddon had been defeated.
Eventually, the human leaders decided they would begin the war against the Ancient Empire in the year 107,000 BCE. Years passed and finally, the war began.
Civil War and the Human and Flood Wars
The Humans decided to call themselves the United Alliance Front. Their homeworld would be located on the planet of St Abbaddon. The humans would take swaths of the galaxy and conquer many planets from the Ancient Empire. The humans were fighting hard against the Ancient Empire. Several key battles took place between them. The Battle of Pantheon was a huge battle between humans and dragons (Ancient Empire) armies. But the Battle of Pantheon would end in a pyrrhic human victory. Many humans died in the Battle of Pantheon that occurred during the year 107,000 BCE. This was the first major battle of the war.
The war continued into a stalemate for the rest of the year until the rise of the Flood. During the late time of 107,000 BCE, a swarm of unidentified creatures began a massive swarm attack on the Ancient Empire controlled parts of the galaxy. The Ancient Empire-Flood War begins.
The United Alliance Front would fight against the Flood but still fi1ght the Ancient Empire. They would keep some armies in reserve to fight against the Flood while the rest of their armies fight minor rebels and the Ancient Empire. The war with the Ancient Empire would continue into a stalemate for the rest of the year.
Finally, the year 106,999 BCE came. The Ancient Empire had finished training and conscripting some extra soldiers. They sent these soldiers to go fight the Flood. While they pulled out experienced soldiers fighting against the Flood and sent them to fight the United Alliance Front.
However, the United Alliance Front was not all that united. Some more monarchist members wanted an emperor or a king to rule. Others in the alliance wanted to stick with an oligarchy. Others wanted a theocracy. Others a republic or a democratic republic. Others wanted a federal republic. But those weren't all the ideas for the United Alliance. Many were divided on what to follow. However, the monarchists had the most support. The more extremist monarchists wanted to form a united empire of humans only. They wanted to eradicate all dragons forever.
The Flood began an offensive in the Shine System. The Battle of Shine was fought between Flood, Human, and Dragon armies. The battle would be a Flood victory. The battle was fought in what is now the Groye System. It was called the Shine System back then. The core of the fighting in the Shine System would occur in Planet Shine(Now called Planet Groye).
A group of humans who supported an oligarchy began a rebellion in what was called then Emerald System(It is still called the Emerald System today). They revolted against the United Alliance Front and wanted to create an oligarchy government. This distraction let the Ancient Empire make a push in the Emerald System.
Many of the less extremist oligarchists found it stupid how the extremist oligarchists formed a rebellion when the course of the history of humans going extinct could be at risk. They thought they should all be united. Eventually, this led to a split between the oligarchists. One side continued to support the United Alliance Front while the more extremist ones would lead a rebellion, the extremist oligarchists called themselves the Oligarchist Star Systems. The extremist Oligarchists believed they could fight the Ancient Empire better than the United Alliance Front.
Meanwhile, the Flood would continue trying to attack the Ancient Empire. The Ancient Empire would defend fiercely. They won several key battles against the Flood. The Battle of Nova, The Battle of Ivan, The Battle of the Void. The Battle of the Void would be a devastating defeat for the Flood. But the Flood has reinforcements coming from the outer boundaries of the galaxy. This alien creature would soon reemerge and attack the Ancient Empire with greater swarms than the first.
The United Alliance Front would fight the Flood as well. But only in minor skirmishes when they would come in contact with the Flood ships. And the Flood would attack those ships to raid them and destroy them. The Flood wanted to conquer and take the entire galaxy.
The United Alliance Front would face under internal threats. Several people wanted to establish an imperial monarchy. This angered many of the republics, monarchies, and other states and political groups in the Alliance. Some wanted to kill and execute all those who agreed with establishing an imperial monarchy. But some people thought that would be too far. King Hoover of Delta was a king who ruled over the Kingdom of Delta on Planet Delta(Now called Red Mutantia). The Planet of Delta was a green planet during the time of the Ancient Empire. Before it was inhabited by Red Mist Mutants.
King Delta would be a key leader in the civil war against the Ancient Empire. He would be called a "warrior king" by his followers. But he didn't like the idea of establishing an imperial monarchy. Especially in a war where unity among humans was necessary to win the war.
But those who wanted the imperial monarchy wouldn't stop. Eventually, several leaders in the United Alliance Front had to make a hard decision. Either execute or exile the imperial monarchists. They came to a conclusion to exile them.

Thousands of imperial monarchist supporters were exiled and sent to the outer regions of the galaxy. The imperial monarchists still didn't believe this was over. They began funding rebellions and spies in the Ancient Empire and the United Alliance Front controlled areas. They also formed an alliance with some elves. Called the League of Elves(Called the Ancient League of Elves now since there is a modern age League of Elves). The League of Elves helped fund the imperial monarchists who now called themselves the Human Republic. They chose Lord Yam as the Supreme Leader of the republic. Now, why did they call themselves a republic you ask? If they are imperial monarchists. Well, the imperial monarchists did not have any warrior kings or heroes with them. They wanted King Delta to become emperor of the future Human Empire. But King Delta had been against them from the start. Lord Yam didn't want to assume the role of an emperor.

Battle of Obsidianite between Oligarchist-Republican forces vs United Alliance Front forces

Supreme Leader Yam worked with the Emperors and Empresses of the League of Elves to begin building up an army to fight the Ancient Empire. Supreme Leader Yam even with an army still didn't feel satisfied. Even with the elf volunteers and elf soldiers ready to help him. Supreme Leader Yam after that asked his senate and council to send a message to the Oligarchist Star Systems. Together the two formed an alliance. Though both of the groups didn't have the best relations. They knew they had to work together. Together with the Oligarchist technology made by the skilled technicians and scientists in the Oligarchist's Technocratic Star System. Together the imperialists and the oligarchists fought the legendary Battle of Obsidianite. This heavy and huge battle that took place in what is now Utamid System 3. Was a massive strategical victory for the Oligarchist-Republic Alliance.
The League of Elves finally formally declared war on the United Alliance Front as the Battle of Obsidianite raged for two whole months. The United Alliance Front began to become concerned with the involvement of so many factions, and the growing strength of the Oligarchist-Republic Alliance. Meanwhile, the Ancient Empire decided to move to a new strategy to try and flank the United Alliance Front and breakthrough their blockade. Finally, the Flood came back in a huge new massive swarm. The Ancient Empire sent a massive force them off made up of inexperienced and new soldiers, as they began their new strategy against the United Alliance Front.
The United Alliance Front began to become desperate to win the Battle of Obsidianite. So they sent extremely large battleships to fight the smaller and swifter Oligarchist-Republic forces. The Oligarchist Systems and the Human Republic got help from some League of Elves forces. Together with the help of the League of Elves, they sneaked troops into the battleships and placed bombs in those TUAF(The United Alliance Front)'s battleships. Many of the battleships were either destroyed or severely damaged. This enabled the smaller Oligarchist-Republic spaceships to attack and defeat the Alliance fleets in the Obsidianite System(Now called Utamid System 3). Obsidinaite was an important resource for building extremely power warships.

After the battle of Obsdianite in the year 106,934. The war slowed down. For the next two hundred years, the war would be a stalemate. All factions would become busy fighting the Flood that was invading throughout the galaxy. The Flood continued to assault Human and Ancient Empire domains throughout the galaxy.
Not much happened between the years 106,934 and 106,734. However many of the original human leaders died. Of the original Imperial Monarchists. None were alive of the original founders of the Imperial Monarchists. Only two of the original Oligarchists we're still alive. But they were extremely old elders.
Finally, some leaders in the Ancient Empire became desperate to win the war. Even with the Flood coming from all sides. The
Ancient Empire began building up several new space fleets and decided to turn to a new strategy. To capture humans to turn them into dragons and brainwash them into fighting for them.
This would enable the Ancient Empire to have some more manpower. And also to continue fighting in multiple fronts. As the war continued the United Alliance Front would face more and more instability between the different factions that were united within them. Many of the leaders in the Alliance would wonder how the Oligarchists and the Imperial Monarchists(Human Republic) were so powerful when they were fighting alone against so many more powerful factions. Some of the United Alliance Front democratic-republicans noted that it was because the Oligarchists and the Imperial Monarchists were basically united against the other factions. The United Alliance Front would win the decisive Battle of the Star War against Flood forces. This would halt the Flood advance into the United Alliance Front for a while.

The Human Republic decided maybe it was time to fully switch into a monarchy. King Delta who was one of the humans that didn't age as much as other humans(Like Queen Amelia Tang the Great). Was on their list to become the monarch for the "Human Empire".

Where the Battle of Fire Storm Occured In the Fire Storm space storm in the Outer Galaxy

Oligarchist spaceships and starfighters fight against Ancient Empire battleships in the Fire Storm

The Oligarchist Star Systems would win a battle against some of the Ancient Empire's best battleships in the Skirmish of the Fire Storm. Using guerilla tactics. They would outrun the Ancient Empire battleship spaceships and bring them into a harsh storm in the middle of space. Using the cover of the space storm. The Oligarchists would launch attacks all around throughout the space storm and finally damage many of the Ancient Empires battleships.
Finally, suicide space pilots would ram their small spaceships filled with so many explosives would ram the battleships and explode finishing them off. This was a devastating defeat for the Ancient Empire.

The Human Republic funded some spies to kidnap King Delta who was in Abbaddon at the time. Abbaddon was filled with instability with factions challenging each other within the United Alliance Front. Ever since with the defeat of King Abbaddon. Planet Abbaddon had never fully recovered during this time. King Delta was speaking with several other leaders of the United Alliance Front in Abbaddon. One night as King Delta walked through the streets of the Ancient City(During that time called the Gold City) in what is now the Dark Isles. He was kidnapped by Human Republic funded mercenaries.
King Delta was brought to the capital planet of the Human Republic in the solar system of Imperi Respublica(That's the name today and back then)
As the Human Republic senate demanded King Delta become the Emperor. Delta refused. He demanded that if he was to become emperor. He wanted his family with him. The Human Republic sent mercenaries and spies to grab King Delta's family back on Abbaddon. His family was brought to Imperi Respublica. And brought to the capital planet Imperi Senatorial.
Eventually after a long time. King Delta reluctantly accepted and was coronated as the first Emperor of the Human Empire. The Human Empire was founded in 107,732 BCE.

Instead of the idea of the Imperial Monarchists of the Emperor having absolute power. Instead, the Emperor was a limited-monarch. Instead of absolute rule by an emperor, a military dictatorship was established. The dictator would be called the "Emperor's regent" but in reality, it was a military dictatorship. However, it would end in 107,706 under the first and only military dictatorship under a single person in the Human Empire. Eventually, this military dictatorship under the Supreme Leader Skullheart would be replaced by a stratocracy in the year 107,706. Supreme Leader Skullheart would be assassinated by some elite knights funded by some members of the Imperial Senate.
Queen Mara. The Queen of the Gold City(Ancient City) decided to align herself with the Ancient Empire against the Human Empire. Queen Mara did not have anything against the Human Empire when it was still the Human Republic. But now seeing how the Human Empire began to oppress and how brutal their dictatorship was during the time of Supreme Leader Skullheart. She declared war on the Human Empire in 106,704.

The Human Empire stratocratic government realized that the Oligarchist Star Systems were a growing threat. The Oligarchists were becoming a powerful force. After they won several battles and skirmishes against outnumbering Ancient Empire and Flood forces. So the Human Empire broke its alliance with the Oligarchists. The League of Elves saw the Human Empire break their alliance with the Oligarchists. So the League of Elves broke its alliance with the Human Empire. Finally, the League of Elves and the Oligarchist Star Systems would go to war with the Human Empire. The Ancient Empire offered an alliance with the Oligarchists and League of Elves and promised to help them destroy the Human Empire if the Elves and Oligarchists helped the Ancient Empire fight the United Alliance Front. But the League of Elves and Oligarchists refused. But an armistice was signed between the League and Oligarchists with the Ancient Empire.

Treaty of Gold City

1. The Oligarchist Star Systems will agree to an armistice with the Dragon Empire

2. The League of Elves will agree to an armistice with the Dragon Empire

3. The Dragon Empire will agree to an armistice with the League of Elves and the Oligarchist Star Systems.

4. The Dragon Empire will cede its Abbaddonian Territories to the Oligarchist Star Systems

5. The Dragon Empire will cede the planets of Flame Rock and Endless Winter to the League of Elves

6. The Dragon Empire will pay 250 tons of gold to the League of Elves.

7. The Oligarchist Star Systems will pay 1000 tons of platinum to the Ancient Empire.

Note: The Dragon Empire is the Ancient Empire
The next 680 years was brutal fighting between the Ancient Empire and the Flood. The Flood sent massive mutated beasts to attack the Ancient Empire. These monsters terrorized civilians and tortured them. The Ancient Empire was forced to use new and different methods of fighting the Flood. Since now the Flood was attacking with huge monsters. These monsters killed and absorbed anything they found and that disturbed them. Fighting the monsters on the ground was dangerous, and the chances of fighting on the ground against a Flood Monster were really low. Hit-and-run tactics were proven to be ineffective on the monsters. With some of the monsters, tentacles had powerful flesh that insulated the monster from fierce attacks. These tentacles were also quick and could grab spaceships. The monsters, later on, became a threat to the United Alliance Front. Since they interrupted battles between the United Alliance Front fighting the Ancient Empire and attacked Alliance Front transport convoys. The Ancient Empire built turtanium(a powerful metal. Made of uranium, titanium, and koguf a type of liquid silver metal however it was called Silver Goo before Kopmakia discovered the first traces of modern koguf)

Flood Monsters Attacking Ancient Empire
Controlled Planets

The war on the Ancient Empire was becoming very costly for the United Alliance Front. However, the Ancient Empire refused to agree to peace with the United Alliance Front. Suddenly a massive Flood attack began in the outer galaxy regions. This was the beginning of the 680 Dark Years in 106,702 BCE.

680 Dark Years
The Dark Years led to the end phase of the Ancient Civil War. During this period. Admiral-General Gladius rose to power in the Ancient Empire. He committed many war crimes throughout his period of service in the Ancient Empire. He vowed to destroy and end the Human Empire and the Flood. At one point in 106,686 BCE, he genocided an entire planet of humans. However, Admiral-General Gladius made a huge mistake one time by attacking a planet controlled by Ice Mutants in Planet Overseer.

The civil war reached a stalemate in 106,701 through 106,682. Nothing much happened since the factions focused on defending themselves from the Flood. However one day. Admiral-General Brian was ordered to attack Planet Trio(Now called Planet Triombat). Planet Trio had been occupied by the Human Empire after the Human Empire took it from the United Alliance Front. So there was an opportunity for the Ancient Empire to regain one of its lost territories. However, the United Alliance Front was sending a force to recapture Planet Trio and liberate its human population. The Oligarchists and the League of Elves didn't want Planet Trio but they wanted to take the strategical planet of Planet Overseer.
Unknowingly to anyone, not even the Ancient Empire. The supposedly "uninhabited" Planet Overseer was discovered to be inhabited. Admiral-General Brian learned this and set out with a fleet towards Planet Overseer.
However, Admiral-General Gladius launched a raid of Planet Overseer. Attacking the Ice Mutants that were discovered ferociously. This awoke a monster that would threaten all sides. The Overseer. The Overseer awoke from his slumber as he felt the distress of his people. Admiral-General Gladius would lose half of his forces in Planet Overseer to an unknown creature. Admiral-General Gladius would be ordered to retreat from Planet Overseer and fight another day.
Sometime after. Admiral-General Gladius went towards Planet Trio with a newly trained army in 106,678 BCE. The Human Empire was triggered to find a large Ancient Empire fleet heading towards them. The Human Empire moved its fleet to the moons of Planet Trio.

Admiral-General Gladius with his fleet made a spearhead charge. The Human Empire reacted with an encirclement of their forces. However, Admiral-General Gladius penetrated out of the encirclement with a small fleet of elite battleships. Back on Imperi Respublica. Emperor Hoover of Delta became quite triggered at the ongoing battle at Trio. So he personally led a huge fleet to drive Admiral-General Gladius from the area.

Admiral-General Gladius landed some forces on Trio and began violently attacking the population. The Oligarchists and League of Elves got triggered at Admiral-General Gladius. They sent an ultimatum to the Ancient Empire telling them to leave Planet Trio alone because Admiral-General Gladius was genociding large groups of humans. The Emperor of the Ancient Empire refused but sent several crates of gold and silver to have the League of Elves and Oligarchists to be quiet. This triggered, even more, the League of Elves and the Oligarchists decided to prepare themselves for another war with the Ancient Empire.

Admiral-General Gladius successfully kicked out the Human Empire forces. But his victory was interrupted by a massive attack by United Alliance Front armies. His forces fought a long guerilla campaign in Planet Trio after the loss of the majority of Gladius's space fleet. The remaining space fleet retreated and left Gladius and his ground forces stranded on the planet. Gladius fought a long time in Planet Trio before the Ancient Empire forces were able to break through the UAF blockade and liberate him.

The Ancient Empire in 106,681 BCE began starting a new offensive against the Human Empire. This offensive led by Admiral-General Brian became successful until it was intercepted by a joint Oligarchist-Elf army in 106,611 BCE. The Oligarchists had enough of the Ancient Empire and had joined with the League of Elves to destroy the Ancient Empire. The Human Empire began its counter-offensive against the Ancient Empire. The Human Empire government even asked for an alliance with the elves and the Oligarchists. But both superpowers refused the offer. The Oligarchists responded by bombing asteroid mines of the Human Empire in the Death System(Now called the Deatheiron System). The Human Empire declared war on the Oligarchist Star Systems and the League of Elves.

The Human Empire lost a battle against the Ancient Empire called the Battle of the Flower System. A majority of the battle took place on a planet called Planet Flowrisa(still called that today). The battle lasted 8 years. Between 106,610 BCE and 106,602. It was a devastating defeat for the Human Empire.

The United Alliance Front was suffering huge casualties and defeats against the Flood. Losing their territories in the Outer Galaxy to the Flood. The groups that made up the United Alliance Front began to rebel against the Front. Eventually, they got the eye of the Human Empire and the Oligarchist Star Systems. The United Alliance Front eventually crushed the rebellions they had inside of them from the years 106,602 through 106,544. Which was a long time but this weakened the Front. The Ancient Empire sent Admiral-General Gladius to lead a campaign against the United Alliance Front. The campaign went well until 105,542 where now a group called the Courageous Empire of the Solar Lords had seceded from the United Alliance Front. Admiral-General Gladius fought the Coragerous Empire of the Solar Lords for a long time. Eventually, the Flood broke through a Front blockade. The Flood charged towards the Ancient Empire fleet led by Gladius. Gladius and his fleet fought the Flood but were forced to retreat. The Flood targeted the Empire of the Solar Lords and crushed them in the year 106,133. Gladius' campaign on the UAF ended.

The United Alliance Front collapsed into several factions later in the year 106,103. The small factions fought each other and foreign powers. But eventually after several defeats to the Human Empire and Oligarchist forces. They were absorbed into both empires. The Human Empire began preparing for an invasion of the Oligarchist Star Systems. Eventually, the Flood finally broke through the Ancient Empire blockades and began to flood into the galaxy infecting and attacking anything they could find. The Human Empire began to prepare for an attack on Planet Abbaddon using a spearhead blitzkrieg tactic.

The Oligarchist Star Systems fought long and hard against the Ancient Empire in the Abbaddonian System. Pushing the Ancient Empire out of the Abbaddonian System. But they had used too much resources on trying to kick them out. Eventually after several years of fighting the Ancient Empire. The Human Empire launched its operation onto the Oligarchists. After a long while. The Oligarchist Star Systems collapsed in the year 106,023 after losing the battles of Abbaddon and Abbaddonia to the Human Empire. The Ancient Empire prepared to launch another campaign into the Abbaddonian System later.

Eventually, the war grew into a stalemate. But Gladius had been distracted so much he had let the Ice Mutants able to reach deep into Ancient Empire territory. Admiral-General Brian led a fleet of some of the most elite admirals and generals to fight the Ice Mutants. However, the "god" of the Ice Mutants which was the Overseer was with the Ice Mutants and leading the attacks. The Overseer summoned ice golems to help in his campaign against the Ancient Empire. But finally, Brian's fleet arrived. They fought fiercely against the Ice Mutant fleet. However, neither side could prevail. The Overseer continued to infect people with a frozen virus to turn them into Ice Mutants.

The Ancient Empire successfully established a territory in Rowandale and its surroundings and put a King in charge of there. This king was the son of King Abbaddon. His name was King Burton of Rowandale. Eventually, King Burton would make Rowandale become a rich city-state under the control of the Ancient Empire. However after a couple of months. The Human Empire would be kicked out of Planet Abbaddon and the Abbaddonian System.

Emperor Delta would be relocated to Planet Senatoria with his family. Leaving their palace on Planet Imperi Respublica. Since the League of Elves was not too far from Senatoria and also the Flood was approaching it as well. Evacuations took place on Senatoria. The stratocratic council of the Human Empire became quite worried and concerned and was desperate to win the war. They offered an alliance with the Ice Mutants but the Ice Mutants refused. The Overseer increased raids on Human Empire convoys and supply lines.

Admiral-General Gladius would launch a counter-offensive against the Ice Mutants in 106,021. After fierce clashes with the Ice Mutants. Admiral-General Gladius would....

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Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire


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Overlook of the city of Cuvco. In Great sand and cuvco
Foreign Relations

Current Trade Deals
Platinia(Reskellia, Sapphiria, Topazia, Toebeans) - Platinia and its colonies are some of the main trading partners of the Tang-Draganian Empire. Tang-Dragania trades with Platinia using some outposts. The most notable of these trading outposts are located in the Platinian Trade Hub. Platina once had a large trade hub in St. Abbaddon before it was bombarded and destroyed. Tang-Dragania trades a lot of consumer goods in Platina. However only state-owned or government-owned companies can sell their products in Platina.

Haulbowline - Haulbowline is Tang-Dragania's longest trading partner. They have traded for many years now. Tang-Dragania sells some minerals and several consumable items in Haulbowline. Haulbowline may be a neutral nation but that doesn't mean it can't trade. Haulbowline is allowed to sell items in Tang-Dragania as well. Haulbowline businesses and Tang-Draganian businesses have friendly relations with each other and are competing with each other in a friendly way.

Blue Azura - Blue Azura is a vassal state of the Tang-Draganian Empire. Led by Princess Azura of Stonemason. Blue Azura trades with Tang-Dragania as a vassal state of the empire. They trade their valuable minerals and resources to the Tang-Draganian Empire. They trade capital and consumer goods with the Empire.

Red Victoria - Red Victoria is a vassal state of the Tang-Draganian Empire. Led by Princess Victoria of Draganisia. Red Victoria trades its minerals, valuable wood, and seafood to the Tang-Draganian Empire. Tang-Dragania trades its consumer goods and supplies to the Red Victorians. Tang-Dragania relies on the resources of Red Victoria to make electronics, technology, and spaceships. They trade capital and consumer goods with the Empire.

Conbo - Conbo is a vassal state of the Tang-Draganian Empire. Led by King James of Conbo, Prince of the House of Tang-Draganisia. King James trades Conbos metals and minerals to the Empire. They also trade their harvests from their farms. They also trade gas, oil, and precious stones that come from their resource filled hills and valleys. They trade much capital and consumer goods with the Tang-Draganian Empire.

Purugia - Purugia is a vassal state of the Tang-Draganian Empire. Led by the Corporate Oligarchy Council of Purugia(Under the GTC). This vassal is an industrial world. Providing goods for the Tang-Draganian Empire from its large and massive industries on its planet. Purugia trades its consumer goods and capital goods to the Empire to help the Empire run its businesses and economy.

Galactic Trading Company - The Galactic Trading Company. Also called 'The United Oceanic Galactic Trading Company', is a state-owned company of the Tang-Draganian Empire. Its duty is to administer the economies of the Empires galactical domains. The Galactic Trading Company also is in charge of trade with foreign nations. They sell their traded goods from foreign nations in the Empire. They sell goods from the Empire to foreign nations by establishing trading outposts to wherever they do business with foreign nations.

Former Trade Deals

Free meridia - Free Meridia had good relations with Oceania-Tang before they fell and collapsed during World Hybrid War I. Free Meridia and Oceania(later joined the Tang-Draganian Empire) traded lots weapons, metals, and minerals. Meridia was Oceania's main trading partner for many years. Until they collapsed in The Great War.

United stickin(Confederacy) - Like Free Meridia. Oceania also traded a bit with United Stickin. However, trade was not as popular as with Free Meridia. Oceanic companies preferred doing business in Free Meridia since the Oceanic companies did not have the best relations with the Stickin companies. Trade stopped with Stickin during the creation of the Confederacy.

Salazarstan - Salazarstan formerly traded with the Tang-Draganian Empire. They traded consumer goods with the Tang-Draganian Empire. Tang-Dragania liked their clothes and salts that they were selling. So Tang-Dragania began trading with Salazarstan. Salazarstan, later on, stopped trading(their leader suddenly disappeared). So trading with them stopped.

Golladonia - Tang-Dragania formerly traded with Golladonia before suddenly Golladonia stopped all relations with the Tang-Draganian Empire. Golladonia traded its vast amounts of sea resources like seafood, coral, and other valuable materials that came from the sea. Tang-Dragania traded minerals, consumer goods, and metals with Golladonia.

Quackdonia(Confederacy) - Trade with Quackdonia is limited to a large extent. Trade with Quackdonia can occur sometimes but when it comes. It is only if Quackdonia is selling firearms or some weapons. But besides that trade with Quackdonia is non-existent.

Miran - Tang-Dragania formerly traded with the Queendom of Miran before they collapsed during The Universal War. Tang-Draganian companies and trade outposts were evacuated in Miran and all relations were cut and taken down. Trading between Tang-Dragania and the galactical Queendom of Miran began during the development of the first Oceanic spaceships during General Elias's regime.

Limited Trade Deals

Dragonisia - Trade with Dragonisia is only during the open trading season with Dragonisia. During these periods of free trade with Dragonisia. Tang-Draganian companies begin selling and trading goods in Dragonisia. Hoping to make a profit. Tang-Dragania mainly sells consumer goods like silks, salts, spices, and minerals in Dragonisia.

The Armed Forces of Tang-Dragania and Oceania(+Colonies) are one of the most powerful fighting forces in St Abbaddon and the galactical domains of the nations from St Abbaddon. The Armed Forces of Tang-Dragania consist of the Armed Forces of the United States of Greater Oceania-Tang(Oceania-Tang), The Armed Forces of Dragania, The Armed Forces of the Colonies of Red Victoria and Blue Azura(Also called the Colonial Armed Forces of Oceania). All of these consist of the Armed Forces of the Empire of Tang-Dragania and the United States of Greater Oceania-Tang.
The military is a massive fighting force. With several branches in the military. The military consists of the Tang-Draganian(+Oceania) Army, the Tang-Draganian Air Force(+Oceania), the Tang-Draganian Navy(+Oceania), The Tang-Draganian Coast Guard(+Oceania), The Tang-Draganian Space Force(+Oceania), the Tang-Draganian Space Marines(+Oceania). Each branch does its own things.
The Tang-Draganian(+Oceania) Armed Forces has engaged in many wars and battles. Most notably their efforts in World Hybrid War I. The military consists of thousands and thousands of equipment. And consists of about 144 million personnel. One of the largest in the region of St Abbaddon. It is also supported by about 36 million paramilitaries.
The Imperial Space Naval Command is in charge of extremely top-secret military projects and is under the direct supervision of the Tang-Draganian monarchs and other high government officials.

The Empire's military is constantly changing. More and more equipment is produced so an exact number of tanks, airships, and aircraft is uncertain. But we do know that the Empire has thousands of airships, tanks, and aircraft. It is one of the largest militaries in the world. With itś biggest military rival being the Confederacy(United stickin, Greater Kopmakia, Quackdonia). However, the Tang-Draganian Space Force is one of the most powerful in the galactical areas of St Abbaddonian influence. With an extremely excellent defense force and a powerful offensive force in space. Tang-Dragania has shown its dominance in the galaxy. The Tang-Draganian military is constantly growing.


Economic Indicators

Rank: N/A
Currency: Dragoon(D)
Fiscal Year: N/A

GDP (nominal): 1.378 Quadrillion Dragoons
GDP (nominal) per capita: 165,704 Dragoons
Labor Force: 6.872 billion
Unemployment Rate: 1.21%