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Major Cities of Novorossitov (WiP)

Major Cities of Novorossitov


Nova Moskva

The biggest city in Novorossitov at over 16,000,000 people, Nova Moskva has long since eclipsed the old "Moskva" in nearly everything. Boasting a rich history and culture, a multi-ethnic status, a great nightlife, and a "solarpunk" feel, the city undoubtedly deserves its status as a "World Prestige & Power City." Nova Moskva exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment upon not only Novorossitov but the entire world! Home to the headquarters of the Reunited League of Nations, Nova Moskva is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world. The only cities to match Nova Moskva in the entire world would have to be the cities of Stockholm, Rus, Paris, London, Addis Abeba, Saintara, Edo, Shanghai, Sydney, Jiujinshan City, and Nieuw Amsterdam, all of which are sister cities of Nova Moskva. Nova Moskva is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Novorossitov, and is known for its contrasting architecture styles blending together into one city.

Noyanza City

Originally called Fort Petrof, Noyanza City has gone a long way from its small origins as a fort on the frontier between Native American land and Novorossitovian land, to its status as the 2nd most populous city in Novorossitov. A commercial powerhouse, the city prefers its nickname, "The City of Shopping Malls," to its alternative nickname, "The City of Gangs." The Noyanza Triad operates out of the city, however it is better known by its corporate name, Noyanza Casino Entertainment Incorporated. The city has a wonderful nightlife, and is known for being relatively homogeneous, populated mainly by Russians. But alas, when you have a population of more than 9,000,000, you can't be entirely one people.


"The City of Eternal Construction" is a lively city with great people, as indicated by the national surveys, which include an option on how happy survey-takers are in their hometown. Built on an island in the Atlantic Ocean and close to mainland, the only way Novoaliki can expand as of now is up. Huge, towering skyscrapers are almost always under construction, adding rooms to the great buildings, while down below the few, though expansive, parks exist, a notable one being Central Park. Sky bridges are not uncommon and Novoaliki holds not only the highest bridge, a sky bridge connecting the Twin Towers, but also the tallest building in the world, God's Tower.


Ivalayory is just an average Novoaliki, with only two differences, one being the fact Ivalayory has a population over 2,000,000 under that of Novoaliki's, and the other reason, arguably the most distinctive feature of the city, is that it is home to Bönickhausen Tower, a large tower jutting out of the city, lighted with yellow-orange lights, constructed by world-renowned architect Alexandre Gustave Bönickhausen. Originally built in Paris, France, it was threatened when Germans occupied the city during World War 1. Thus, the French Underground Movement "stole" the tower and transported it to Britain, where it, in turn, was transported to Novorossitov, where it remains to this day.


The 5th biggest city in Novorossitov, the biggest Novorossitovian city on the Pacific Coast, and the biggest city with a majority non-Russian population, along with being the biggest city with a Swedish majority, Hemtälje's official nickname is "Pacific Sweden," though its unofficial nickname is "The City of Boredom." It is a popular tourist destination nonetheless, and sports unique Greek architecture, "The Little Pantheon" being a great example of this. It is also home to a strange phenomena where coral grows on coastal rocks that aren't submerged in water during any tide. It appears the coral depends on rain-water and rejects salt water. To prevent it from dying, they are watered almost daily. Hemtälje is also called "The Pastel City," for its use of pastel colors.

New Stockholm

Originally an agricultural settlement on the banks of an unknown river surrounded by Native American territory, it has grown into an urban agglomeration of unimaginable size. As the 6th biggest city in Novorossitov, it is known for amazing nightlife, colorful colors all around the city, awesome fog, great commercial life, and much more. New Stockholm is, as the name implies, predominantly Swedish, though it is home to a large Asian minority, mainly Chinese.


City Description.


City Description.

New Manchester

Often called the "City of Hazy Dreams," New Manchester is a distinctly British city with British culture and widespread use of the English language, with a population of over 1,000,000 people, numbering at the 9th biggest city in Novorossitov. The city's downtown is dominated by large buildings, often neat and colorless, giving the facade of a city of children's toy's blocks. It is a popular tourist attraction, though it suffers from fog almost daily during the winter and fall, sometimes spring as well, a problem the city government plans to stomp out. Markets not too un-similar from bazaars are frequent in the city.


City Description.

Major Tourist Attractions of Novorossitov


Falkenkoga Town

Created by Swedish immigrants sinking their funds into a massive train hull, the settlement was to be an art experiment housing 5,000. It now houses over 25,000. Falkenkoga Town makes rounds around Skarsgård-Nicholson Mountain, and is arguably the most popular tourist destination in Novorossitov. An estimated 20% of the city's population were once tourists. It is nicknamed, "The Rail City," with good reason too. It is a very diverse city and home to a large population of artists. Those with motion sickness beware.

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