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Declension patterns

Masculine nouns ending in a consonant:

Declension pattern: suset

N suset
G suseda
D susedu
A suseda
L susedu
V susede
I susedom

N susedi
G susedó
D susedam
A susedó
L susedach
V susedovi
I susedema

Masculine nouns ending in a vowel:

Declension pattern keri:

N keri
G kereho
D keremu
A kereho
L kerem
V keri
I kerim

N koji*
G kerich
D kerim
A kerich
L kerich
V koji
I kerima

*When declining other words than keri, the suffix "jovja" is used in Nominative plural.

Monosyllabic masculine nouns:

Declension pattern top:

N top
G topa
D topu
A top
L topu
V tope
I topom

N topovi
G topova
D topovim
A topovich
L topovich
V topovi
I topovima

Neuter nouns ending in o:

Declension pattern selo:

N selo
G sela
D selu
A selo
L selu
V selo
I selom

N sela
G sel
D selam
A sela
L selach
V sela
I selama

Neuter nouns ending in e:

Declension pattern sele:

N sele
G selata
D seletu
A sele
L seletu
V sele
I seletem

N selata
G selat
D seletam
A selata
L seletech
V selata
I seletema

*neuter nouns ending in e that are longer that two syllables are declined according to the pattern selo.

Feminine nouns

Declension pattern jama:

N jama
G jami
D jame
A jamu
L jame
V jamo
I jamó

N jame
G jam*
D jamam
A jame
L jamach
V jami
I jamama

*if a noun would end in a consonant cluster after loosing its final vowel, "o" is added befote the final consonant (majka => majk => majok).