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The Grand Militariat Republic of
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The Grand Republic of Nova-Columbia
"Hope for peace, prepare for war, act with honor."

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Vilna National Park


The Grand Republic of Nova-Columbia is an ancient and honorable nation located in the western region of the Yastreovakian continent. In addition to their core lands, the nation controls several territories of varying size throughout the world, including New Formosa in Orientalis and Port Nyasha in Araseos. The territory of the mainland consists largely of frigid evergreen taigas in the north which get progressively warmer as one travels further south. The southernmost areas of the mainland have a more temperate climate, though they are still relatively cold when compared to most nations.

Nova-Columbia is divided into three “Greater States,” three “Lesser States,” and numerous small outlying islands which are designated as territories. Although the term “Lesser” could be considered derogatory, a more direct translation of the original Ouresian word would be “Lower in rank than.” The Greater States tend to steer the political direction of the nation, with the Lesser States generally following in line, although this is not necessarily always the case, and they have from time to time formed coalitions to better influence national politics. The capital of Columbia, Tiir, is located in the Greater State of Oured, and is often described as the cultural heart of Yastreovakia.

The majority of the population in mainland Columbia is comprised of ethnic Ouresians, Zastavaki, and Mylesians. There are several notable immigrant populations in Columbia, but most are concentrated within specific urban areas, with little spread throughout the country. The Lesser States are far more diverse, with ethnic Formosans and Arpinogons comprising a scant majority of the population in New Formosa and Port Vostok. Until recent years, Ouresian immigrants made up a majority of the population of Port Nyasha. This changed with the collapse of Fraxhemark, which cause a wave of Fraxhemarkian immigrants that nearly doubled the island’s population in less than ten years.

The government of Nova-Columbia is wholly unique in the world, and without a true comparison. Styled officially as a “Grand Militariat Republic,” but generally shortened to “Grand Republic,” the government of Nova-Columbia is steeped in various martial traditions. It consists of a strong semi-bicameral executive branch, along with a bicameral legislature and unicameral judicial branch. Nearly all governmental positions require one to have participated in some form of national service, generally military. The Head of State is currently the Right Honorable Primarchessa, Lady Elena Andronikos, of the Pact of Tradition. The preeminent party in the Legislature is currently the National Front, with 46 seats in the Assembly of Consuls.

Nova-Columbia is a major force in Valsoran geopolitics, shaping the course of many events in the modern era. This is largely due to the strength of the nation, rather than any clever diplomatic maneuvering. Nova-Columbia is a founding member of the Mabryn Coalition, which works to advance the interests of Western Yastreovakia on the world stage.