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Floridian Ultraprogressive Vanguardism [kinda written]

T H E   F U T U R E   I S   N O W

Floridian Ultraprogressive Vanguardism, or sometimes called New Floride Thought, refers to the syncretic combination of progressivism, Marxist-Leninism, and technocracy with the end goal of near-total socioeconomic equality aided by scientific progress and industry. How is this utopia to be achieved? By the hand of the Floridian Vanguard Party, consisting of skilled scientific experts, intellectuals, artists and workers - striving towards creating the social and class consciousness necessary for ensuring the transition towards post-scarity. Avant-garde and extremely progressive in its manifestation, Floridian Vanguardists argue that racial equality and the abolition of gender are necessary prerequisites for securing the revolution, as otherwise true socioeconomic equality would never be achieved so long as there was even one opportunity for discrimination to occur. Party members are required to use genderless pronouns - and the French language in Nouvelle-Floride is currently being revised by committee to remove feminine and masculine gendered words. Language, in the eyes of Floridian Vanguardists, can also give rise to reactionary and counterrevolutionary thought, and as such requires amendments and revision.

Many would object to the push down via the apparatus of the state and the Party to accelerate socioeconomic progress, but it would be a critical mistake to tackle mere economic insecurity and wage theft, as this would be considered to be class reductionist and could compromise the integrity of the Revolution by having unchecked reactionaries undermine the revolution unnoticed. There must be no room to step backward, but rather the only way forward to accelerate Nouvelle-Floride forward as an exemplary example of a true socialist utopia, with no facet of society going unnoticed. The future is now, and the way to make that evident is to push all facets of society towards the mindset of the future: scientific advancement, automation, the eradication of class, racism, sexism, and an embrace of futuristic aesthetic.

Vanguardism itself, as a consequence, stands against any idea of essentialism: that being there is a predetermined identity or quality for our natural world and the processes within it, believing them to be unchangeable and innate. To accept the essence of beings and things is to let ourselves be inert and stagnate against the force of reactionary capitalism, an inertia that German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte described as one of the greatest evils: to accept passivity and comfort that itself resists change. What then is the alternative? To let the grinding gears of industrial capitalism crush the aspirations of the working class? No, but rather an all encompassing embrace that the institutions, ideas, and conceptions of how things ought to be are crafted by social perception, and therefore can be molded and changed again. Change of these arbitrary constructions away from upholding reactionary and capitalist conceptions within the minds of the working class, and towards a classless, stateless society as originally conceived of by Marx and Lenin.