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The Saffron Golden Colony of
Corrupt Dictatorship

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Snapshot of Nouveau Yathrib- AD 2081

Snapshot- AD 2081

We have both native Arabic speakers and ethnic Arabs in our country, but ironically most of the Arabs in our country speak either English or French as a mother tongue and most of the native Arabic speakers are mixed-race/non-ethnically Arab.

Conflicting interpretations of 21st-century satirist Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character have resulted in hundreds of deaths during race riots, a boycott of Japanese + Indonesian instant noodles, and strict background checks for weapons purchases among Hindus.

Designated shiit-ting streets are a thing in our city-state due to certain districts installing rainbow-colored Porta-Pottys to "beautify" the dusty, grimy collection of eco-communes/slums we call home.

Women and post-pubescent girls who aren't Muslim have started covering their hair in public as progressive and tolerant interpretations of Islam become more widespread within the Muslim community.

The government enforces a mandatory circumcision policy by paying parents to have their newborn sons circumsized- the compensation sum is greater than that of blood or organ donations. While the government maintains that this is to prevent the spread of STDs, it is widely suspected among the general populace that the infant foreskins are being collected for covert stem cell research.

Geopolitics: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, North Korea, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, and Iraq don't exist as fully sovereign states in our world, while Kurdistan, Texas, Western Sahara, Yugoslavia, Northern Nigeria, and Deseret do.