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About Nouveau Yathrib

From the creator of The Republic of Jamilkhuze and The Sultanate of Syfenq, I give you the Colony of Nouveau Yathrib. This is the predecessor state of those two accounts and is meant to provide context for how the Linksocial, economic, and political conditions Linkleading to their divergent development came to be.

This account is the contemporary of Wadihy and Nova-Australis, all three of which succeed The Austral Lands.


What RL nations are your nation like?

Nouveau Yathrib is somewhat like Australia and South Africa in that it's located in a rather harsh and unforgiving section of the Southern Hemisphere and that its population is concentrated at higher elevations. The lack of general infrastructure or legitimized central authority, combined with the constant influx of refugees from all over the world, has given our country a very brutal dog-eat-dog kind of mentality as everyone is struggling to stay afloat in a world where the only means of doing so serve to push the raft further beneath the waves.

The breakdown of social order, violence, and tribalism plaguing Nouveau Yathrib can be compared to the war-torn regions of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Congo. The growing sectarianism between adherents of different religions can be compared to South Asia, while the hardening of social divisions along racial lines can be interpreted as an alt-righter's multicultural nightmare (or fantasy, depending on whether their vision for a dark Enlightenment involves the emergence of a state-sponsored apartheid system). There aren't any obvious present-day equivalents to our society and culture, but I would say the best approximation to our racial/ethnic makeup and cultural mix would be Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and East Timor since that's the country our flag is stolen from. To a lesser extent, our society and culture also resembles that of Sri Lanka, Suriname, Oman, and Namibia.


Fictional alt-reality version of Australasia set in a 22nd-century post-apocalyptic hellhole/world ruined by anthropogenic climate change and overpopulation. Populated almost entirely by destitute climate refugees from Asia, Africa, and to a lesser extent Latin America and Europe as well. Resource scarcity and the breakdown of the globalized "Information Age" world have resulted in a society marked by extreme socioeconomic disparities, an apartheid police state, communally-enforced multilingualism/vegetarianism/cosmopolitanism, and infestations of genetically engineered avians commonly called "eucalyptus dragons".