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[INT] The Francosphère Council

Le Conseil de la Francosphère
The Francosphère Council
"L'Union Fait la Force"


The Francosphère Council now has an official forum page for hosting summits, member discussion, organizational debate, recruitment, and more. You can visit the forum here.

About Us

Le Conseil de la Francosphère (CFR), sometimes shortened to The Francosphère (French: La Francosphère), known in English as The Francosphère Council, is an international organization representing countries and regions where French is a lingua franca or customary language, where a significant proportion of the population are francophones (French speakers), or where there is a notable affiliation with French culture. The term "Francosphère", or "francosphere" (often capitalized in English) refers to the global community of French-speaking peoples, comprising a network of private and public organizations promoting universal ties among countries where French people or France played a significant historical role, culturally, militarily, or politically.

The organization, based in New Montreal, Nouveau Quebecois, comprises 23 member states and governments; of these, 15 states are full members, 8 are associate states or observers, and 1 is suspended or barred from the organization. The anthem of the organization is LinkLe Chant à Sainte Jeanne d'Arc, an ode to an internationally recognized French Heroine, empowered woman, and embodiment of French heritage. The motto of the organization, "L'Union Fait la Force", roughly translates as "In Unity is Strength", a call to all nations of The Francosphère Council for unity behind the banner of French culture. The organization was founded on the 25th of December, 1995, on the eve of the establishment of its capital, Nouveau Quebecois. Notable leaders of the organization include Founder Cédric Lésage of Nouveau Quebecois and Consul Louis Barrande of Nouvelle-Floride.

Saint Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), burned at the stake for crimes against the Republic.

Our Mission

The stated mission of The Francosphère Council is to organize, arrange cooperation of, and demonstrate unity between the many countries belonging to the Francosphere. We seek to explore, study, and promote the French language, its culture, and linguistic diversity. As an interreggional organization, The Francosphère Council leads political actions and multilateral cooperation according to the missions drawn by the organized Summits of The Francosphère Council. Across the globe we look to supporting scientific research, training, friendly competition via sport, and especially education; French linguistic and historical education; Education begins with all children having access to a full primary education free of any inequality. It involves an integrated approach of teaching and training from primary to secondary school that will lead to employment. Education policies must also give French an integral place alongside the partner languages.

The organization is working towards sustainable development by supporting the improvement of economic governance, capacity building, cooperation and the search for common positions in major international negotiations. It's necessary to manage durably the natural resources, particularly the energy and the water, and politics are established to make sure of the conservation of these resources with effective anti-poverty campaigns.

These are just some of the many commitments The Francosphère Council is invested in. The Francosphère Council is always representative and open to new objectives, creating specifications, and cooperation with other regional and interregional causes and collectives.

Lady Marianne, heroine and symbol of the Republic.

Member States

Member States:
Listed below are nations that are full members and summit attendees of The Francosphère Council.


Date Joined



French Pop.


Nouveau Quebecois

December 25, 1995

Cédric Lésage

New Montreal

8.2 Million

Founding Nation.


July 25, 1919

Consul Louis Barrande


5.24 Million

Consul Nation.
Provides paramilitary
security for summits.

Potus branada

July 26, 2019

Maxime Bareau

Ponada City


Large amount of
French-speaking immigrants.
Yearly French cultural festivals
in the province of Cantalucia.


July 29, 2019

Oleifera Verginius



Francophones are constitutionally

Terre Septentrionale

July 30, 2019

Pierre-Antoine Krzykowski

Ville Jacques-Cartier


French artists and singers
are popular here. The nation
is home to a lot of
French movies and theaters.


August 1, 2019

Charles le Havre


120.5 Million

In the process of implementing
a French Cultural Day/Festival.

Etat Unitaire Francais

August 2, 2019

Minister Antoine Annet


67 Million

Enforcement of the Catholic
faith and the
Revolution Nationale
upholds and protects the
French way of life.
A French-Supremacist State.

The Champions League

August 5, 2019

Diego Baray


420.7 Million

Nothing of note.

American Pere Housh

August 7, 2019

Dr. Elizabeth Delacroix

Richmond City

75 Million

Nothing of note.

6th national revolutionary france

August 14, 2019




Unable to dispatch

Paris agreement founder

September 10, 2019

Nicolas Hulot

UNFCCC, UN Headquarters


Founder of the
Paris Agreement.

Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium

September 10, 2019

Matthieu XV de Froid-Courrone
& First Lord Joseph de Vara

Frigidus Amnis Septentrionalis


Estate laws officially place
those of French origin
higher than those who aren't.

New Sukberia

October 18, 2019

Delegate Ayiiko Maynare

Walinianka (In Exile)

1 Billion

Sukberia exercises
a vehmently culturally and
linguistically French armed forces.


October 24, 2019

Consul of Merther
Charles Marengo


8 Billion

This government will not take
part in political debates with
Democratic or Communist Nations


October 24, 2019

Viscount Theobald Lacroix


30 Million

The only language allowed
for official use in the
Royal Government and capital
is French.

Associate / Observer States:
Listed below are nations that hold close ties to The Francosphère Council but are acting oberservers, pending states, or in a state of purgatory regarding full membership.


Date Joined



French Pop.



July 26, 2019

Monarch Adolf Wilhelm III

New Berlin

1.8 Million

Pending Full Membership,
Large French Pop. in
Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen.


July 26, 2019

Vice-President Stephanie Ilsanker


3.7 Million

NATO & EU Member State.
"Cohen's law" in effect.


July 27, 2019

President Arianne Hamel



Council Editor and Developer.

Mystic warriors

August 9, 2019




Council Comedian.

Volkswagen beatle

August 14, 2019




Designated Car.


September 10, 2019




Pending Full Membership,
Allied with France.


October 27, 2019




Pending Application.

Suspended / Banned States:
Listed below are nations that are suspended or banned from all activites or association with The Francosphère Council.


Date Suspended



French Pop.


Edan Land

29 July, 2019

Andrew Clark



Banned from the Council.

State Application

In order to qualify for full membership, states must meet the following basic criteria, including but not limited to:

  1. The applicant state must have a sizeable identifying French population.

  2. The applicant state must have notable affliation with French culture, heritage, or tradition.

  3. The applicant state must have "French" or some legal variant of "French" as a customary language, first language, official language, or educated language (the language is taught in education).

    • If Criteria III cannot be met, exceptions will be evaluated.

  4. The applicant state must demonstrate some form of respect for human rights, and the rights of the French people.

    • There is no restriction on the form of government the applicant state establishes, however, if the applicant state proves to oppress, restrict, or be the enemy of the French People, they risk suspension and banishment.

  5. The applicant state cannot be in an openly declared State of War with another member nation or the applicant state risks demotion to Associate State.

  6. The specific applicant for the applicant state must be a legally recognized representative of that state at the time of application.

  7. Basic criteria for the applicant state is fluid, and is subject to change at any time.

To submit a membership request, complete and telegram the following application to the foreign office of Nouveau Quebecois.

Short Answer Questions
Official Nation Name:

Informal Nation Name(s):

National Capital City:

Applying For: (Full Membership/Associate/Oberserver)

Applying Delegate(s):

National Population:

Identifiable French Population:

Prominent / Official Religion(s):

Long Answer Questions
In your own words, what style of government does your country utilize:

In 1 - 4 sentences, describe your nation's history or current affiliation with France or French Culture:

In 1 - 3 sentences, identify what laws or policies are in or planned to go into effect that embolden your French population:

In 1 - 3 sentences, explain why your nation should be a full member/associate of The Francosphère Council:[/b]

Where did you hear about us?: (Forum/Dispatch/Word of Mouth/Etc...)

Is there any other information that The Francosphère Council should be aware of?:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) My nation does not have an identifiable French-speaking or culturally French population. Can we still apply?
A) Of course. However, be sure to make note of that fact in the application.

Q) In what region does The Francosphère Council operate?
A) The Francosphère Council is an interregional organization resident to but not condoned by Farkasfalka. The Council is open to applicants from any region, and operates in any region that does not exile them.

Q) My nation is politically extreme, and our government holds radical views. What is The Francosphère Council's policy on such affairs?
A) The Francosphère Council has no authority, nor wishes to exert authority over soveriegn nations. However, it goes without saying that the nature of the applicant state's government will be taken into account during the application process. Officially, all nations are allowed to apply at the minimum requirement that they respect the French people, French culture, and Francophone's within their nation.

Q) Is The Francosphère Council an economic, military, or political alliance?
A) The Francosphère Council is not an alliance per-se. It is simply an interregional organization that promotes cooperation, unity, and economic prosperity between it's member states. Member nations are not obligated to provide economic, military, or political support to the Council, however, delegates are asked to be cooperative and respectful during official summits.

Q) Does my nation have to be French to apply?
A) There are many grey-areas in relation to the statement "how French is this nation?" In all cases, The Francosphère Council is willing to give the benefit of the doubt to all applicants, however, if a nation cannot make a clear and legible case as to their correlation or association with France or French culture, they are restricted to obeserver status.

Q) Why is The Francosphère Council based in Quebec, and not France?
A) The Francosphère Council was created and led by the Quebecois.

Q) Do delegates have to be fluent in French to apply?
A) No. Among French, English, Latin, Spanish, and German are popular dialects in The Francosphère Council.

Q) This country oppresses the French! Can we go to war with them?
A) No. The Francosphère Council is not a military alliance, and members are not obligated to partake in military activites. This policy is prone to change and debate among the Council.

Q) Does The Francosphère Council have a Discord server, or any other form of offsite communication?
A) No. There are currently no plans to establish offsite communication. If by popular demand, offsite communication is requested by member states, then one will be provided. The forum page can be used as a means of communication between member states, and can be accessed here.

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Update Log: Ver 0.8; Membership applicant process streamlined. Organisational event-planning underway.