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The Provisional Government of
Benevolent Dictatorship

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Individuals of Note

O’Neill Family
Name: Chairwoman Siri O’Neill
Species: Elf, Wood
Age: 363
Appearance: Standing at 5’2” (157.48 cm), this female wood elf maintains a fit, athletic build, not ever wanting to be the slightest bit out of shape. She does try to spend her time outdoors, so she does have a healthy tan to her skin. Her shoulder-length blonde hair alternates between being tied back in a ponytail and remaining loose. She’s experienced well over two hundred years of constant fighting so her body has had some scarring.
Biography: Siri was born on one of the Grummian non-spacefaring protectorate planets, working her way up through the ranks to lead her own group of mercenaries. Marrying Chairman Jack O’Neill in 2039, she attained her current title and ruled concurrently with him until his death in 2067. She currently leads the provisional government.

Name: Governor Alakantar O’Neill
Species: Elf, Drow
Age: 27
Appearance: As only one of two drow presently living within the borders of Northrop-Grumman, there remains few that Alakantar can be compared to, except for the other elves. Overall, he is fairly shorter than they are, standing in at approximately 5’4” (162.56 cm), but while he adheres to the usual slender build of his elven brethren, he prefers to maintain a toned body structure in spite of his rather physically undemanding job. Also, in great contrast to these norms are his near shoulder-length snow-white hair, deep crimson irises, and coal-colored skin, which make him an oddity among the population.
Biography: Alakantar is the adopted son of Chairwoman O’Neill, rescued from an almost certain death during the winter of 2040, after he and his mother surfaced from the underground drow city on Hutcheson Island. He holds dual bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration from the University of Wilmington. Currently, he resides on Mars as the governor of the colony of Valacirca.

Name: Chief Advisor Ire’arra Aleanrahel
Species: Elf, Drow
Age: Unknown
Biography: Mostly unknown. Widely believed to be a distant relative of Alakantar’s, little additional information has been disclosed to the public regarding her origins and how she came to her current position.

Other Government Officials

Name: Vice Chairman Shiran Naelthasser
Species: Elf, Noldor
Age: 237

  • Telenna Pawlowski - Diplomatic Officer to Roania

  • Thomas Davidson - Ambassador to the Concordat of Phoenix

  • Séron NíracasAmbassador to The maldorian socialist revolution (Maldor)


  • Amanda Harris - General, Air Force Space Command, Commander-in-Chief (Earth).

  • Haranisterifar Glorinerell - Major General, Air Force Space Command, Commander of Battlefleet Thomas Jones (Mars)

  • Joseph CartwrightBrigadier General, Air Force Space Command, Commander of Battlefleet Siri O’Neill (Criun System)

  • Andrew VanceLieutenant General, Army, Commander of First Northrop-Grumman Army (Hawthorne)