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Universal Network for the Integrated Transactional Economy (UNITE)

The Universal Network for the Integrated Transactional Economy, or UNITE (pronounced Unity), is a national and transgalactic database and computer network, implemented by the government of Northrop-Grumman that is designed to facilitate the flow of information throughout the entire nation by providing a single method for conducting nearly all transactions, business and personal alike.


The services that the network provides are universal, covering every person and organization presently located within the country's borders, and is broken down further into three components of interest: individual citizens, organizations, foreign visitors.

For Individual Citizens

Each citizen, upon either birth or naturalization, becomes fully recognized as a citizen when they are issued an identification card that corresponds to them being inducted into the network. That card allows the person to do the following:

  • Purchase products from any store, since it allows the individual to use it as a debit or credit card with associated bank account, which is automatically created upon becoming a recognized citizen

  • Provide health insurance information to healthcare professionals

  • Authenticate the individual when using secure computers

  • Use as a pre-paid ticket for public transportation

  • Allow access to all of an individual's health records

  • Record licenses, such as motor vehicle operation

  • Record professional certifications, such as nursing, law, and accountancy

  • Receive unemployment compensation and other benefits from the government

For Organizations

Integration of accounting information systems is required for all organizations participating within the country, but to ensure an easy implementation, government advisors are always provided at little cost to those who need assistance in the process. Involvement in the network provides the following benefits:

  • An effortless means of accepting monetary payment

  • A streamlined process of paying expenses, such as employee salaries/wages, utilities, and taxes

  • Accuracy and accountability for all organizations since every transaction is recorded from an outside entity

  • Precise statistics regarding sales volume, average costs, income growth and other financial statistics

For Foreign Visitors

Foreign visitors are required to possess a visitor identification card, which is a less involved version of a citizen's. They can either obtain one at a Grummian consulate or embassy in their originating nation or obtain one at the air or space port they arrive. In either location, they are to provide identification, a DNA sample, and an optional sum of currency. The latter will be converted and deposited into their Grummian banking account, because no foreign currencies are valid in Northrop-Grumman. If they require additional funds when visiting, then they can go to any bank and make deposits there.