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Grummian Citizenship

Acquisition of Citizenship


The most common method of obtaining citizenship for the average Grummian is through birthright. If the individualís parents are both Grummian citizens, they are permitted citizenship upon birth. In the event of adoption by Grummian citizens, the child becomes a citizen upon finalization of the adoption.

If one of the individualís parents is a Grummian citizen and the other is a foreign national, then they can establish citizenship if they maintain physical presence in Northrop-Grumman for at least 50% of the year onward until they reach age 18.


An adult individual, who is not presently a citizen, may elect to proceed through the nationalization process, which has the following requirements:

  • Possess a passport or equivalent documentation from their present country of citizenship.

  • Be evaluated that they are of sound mind, good physical health, and can communicate well in written and verbal English.

  • Submit to an extensive background investigation

  • Be on the approved list of species and nations

  • Willingly permit blood, fingerprint, and (if possible) iris scans

  • Convert their currency into a Grummian banking account.

In the event that an individual is not on the approved list of species, they may still elect to submit themselves to the nationalization process. If they are financially and emotionally/mentally willing to, they may request a personal investigation that would be done at their own expense, where an investigator from the Office of Immigration and Naturalization visits the applicantís home country and place of residence to perform extensive research on the applicantís species.

There, the applicant is subjected to a battery of tests revolving around discerning the species general characteristics, including, but not limited to, dimensions, weight, genetic makeup, temperament, compatibility with other races, and special strengths or weaknesses and any particular cultural tendencies.

After the investigation concludes, that particular species may become admitted to the approved list and further members of that species will be admitted through the standard naturalization path.

However, the standardized nationalization process may be bypassed in select circumstances. In the event that a nation is suffering a significant crisis or calamity, the Grummian leadership may relax immigration and naturalization policies to allow for significant numbers of refugees to obtain citizenship in an expedited manner. Two of the more prominent events in Grummian history were the crises in Underwater Asylum and Arenumberg, which allowed large numbers of Noldo and Blood Elves to obtain citizenship.