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PokéCards ~ Character Guide

"It appears we need a guide on the characters of the PokéCard histories. Anyway, I'm Sunrise. Most of the story is told from my side of things. Apparently, I'm a very talented Pokémon trainer that loves the sport and I specially take good care of all my Eevees."
"I'm Kitsunia-Déesse, though you should really just call me Kitsunia! I grew up with my adopted family at St. Futurnian and Sunrise ended up there after some incidents back at his former home. We're a couple nowadays."
"I'm Chromatika. I represent a nation that had to deal with a rather ruthless regime until the Rainbow Revolution came around. Originally, I was very quirky, but things changed based on the actual nation's change. My custody belongs with Sunrise as my former self probably trusted him tons."
"Hiya! I'm Qasden! I came searching for Sunrise for a battle and stuck around... Mostly because of Kitsunia. Now I call her mommy, although dad- I mean, Sunrise doesn't seem to like it very much..."

"Like I need introduction! Name's Nephara, the finest trainer the Esportivan Association has ever had. Sure, Sunrise beat me once or twice, but it's all a setback. I win it when it matters the most!"
"...And I'm his sister, Brenecia. My brother's a bit touchy about their rivalry, but let it be known we have no beef aside of it."
"I'm San Jose Guayabal. Though you could always just call me Guayabal, family name didn't exactly fit me as a glove... And yeah, English's spot on. Or did you think just 'cause the family has some Spanish roots I would be like that as well?"
"I'm Banguela! I was a rather promising rookie but then I took a CTE to the knee. Bit of a shame, though you can still find me in the background, and not without reason I might add!"
"Well, hello. My name is Apox, delighted to meet you, chap! I used to live with Sunrise but a job offer and his shenanigans made me choose otherwise. My days of Pokémon battling were... fun, but I thought it was time to move on."
"Uh... I'm... Llama... Llama something... I'm not exactly sure..."
"Guten Tag. Rotschwarzland at your service."
"I'm Damukuni. I like cricket a lot... also, do you like my Pokémon? They're the fastest things alive!"

"I'm Yttribia Beltrane, the good role model and vocalist of our band. I'm also a member of the EGA."
"And I'm the much cooler Sarian Beltrane, the band's bassist with a mean streak! I also have a card from that EGA thing."
"Buyan Beltrane. The no-nonsense guy and drummer of the band, I was the best of our group on Pokémon battling but we decided to choose the life on the road instead, otherwise I'd be one of EGA's best."
"...I-I'm Tumbra... I'm not related to them in any way, but I replaced B. B.'s guitar act."
"I'm Broénee, though back in the day I used to be B. B. Beltrane, sort of the band's utility member and team mom. These days I repair air conditioners. I'm also Kitsunia's long lost sister, although there's much more to our family than she thinks."

"Well, I'm Valladares. I'm one of the guys trying to make RGA a strong name again but sadly, I came inches short of a win against Sunrise on our final a while ago."
"I'm Ceni... and I'm a bit bored."
"I'm Electrum. We work at the same place and most of the time I have to talk him out of his boredom."
"Greetings, gentlemen. I'm the Doctor."
"And I'm... sigh... the nurse. We represent Eastfield Lodge. Just don't ask if you've seen us somewhere else, joke's getting rather flat."
"I'm Pasarga, although you might, most of the time, notice I'm with Madam Valanora as a helper."
"Ladies and Gentlemen... Eura victor. That's all."

"Hello and welcome to the Anaia Club, your old school football havoc-inducing crew! It's your boy, Krytenia, accompanied by the Dragon of Azuris, Cosumar."
"You might remember me from trying to beat Sunrise's team into mush a couple of times. Hi!"
"And the guy with justice on his face, Legalese."
"Uh... Yeah, that'd be me."
"As we chronologically do a sort of interactive label guide, character by character."
"Enough! I'm Audioslavia, the leader of this association and I will not tolerate your sort of tomfoolery!"
"Origin of tomfoolery, Hakifao presenting to service. I used to be Sunrise's love stalker but I got better over the years."
"Hon Hon Hon... je suis Québec, your french speaking, drug loving neighbourhood friend!"

"I'm Vilita, sort of the leader of the AGA, a position my family has kept over the years with pride and fairness."
"I wonder how much time must have passed that you couldn't even tell who the legendary manager Valanora was. In the past, my team roamed across the lands, beating opponents far and wide and I still have a lot of fight left on me to prove their skill."
"Well, hi! I'm Ko-oren, nice to meet you! ...Well, my story here is that I got beaten by Sunrise at his first title win and we had a nice friendship for quite a while. Oh, and my wings are real."

Y'arr! Captain Western Sunrise, the terror of the seven seas! Once upon a time, I used to live with Sunrise and the rest of our family at the Arceusian Order's Castle, but I managed to flee the place after Sunrise successfully did so. This day, I would be travelling but my ship is still being worked at."
"And I'm her cute assistant/sister Southwestern Sunrise. She and two of our relatives released us from the Castle not too long ago, but we all ended up stuck working at the Frigideira instead of having a choice. Still, we manage to have classes and being a pirate apprentice isn't so bad... Plus, I always have fun with Ma'am Western- I mean, my big sister."
"I'm Esvorpita, the ship's nurse. And yes, I did win a tournament once. Really fun story."
"...I'm Dainer, working on this ship against my will. I was supposed to get revenge against Sunrise for what he did to me as a kid, but I never manage to get to do so."

"I'm Janeiro, a fine bargainer and member of the Frigideira crew."
"I'm Barra and we both represent Barra e Janeiro. Problem is, my brother is incompetent as all hell. I wonder if this was the sort of thing Sindy had to deal with."
"HI-YA! I'm Laserna, karate champ!"

"I'm Southern Sunrise, one of the four original Sunrises. I nowadays live as a bounty hunter, believe me or not. My part on the series was saving our younger brothers from the Castle and try to help our relationship with our more famous brother back to health... except Eastern Sunrise kind of screwed that up."
"In my defense, me being Eastern Sunrise, our brother did say he accepted our excuses, he just didn't want to hug you."

"Hello, name's Huelandia, proud owner of the Huelandian Farm back at St. Futurnian. I used to work as a nurse but eventually retired with my long past husband. These days, I live with some of my children, adopted or not."
"Hey, I'm Matthewsiania, though friends prefer to just call me Matthew. So, as Kitsunia said, I lived with her and Sunrise back at St. Futurnian and eventually, I showed up at a World Cup. These days though, I think I'm better off studying... don't wanna be that dimwit guy cousin keeps making fun of!"

"I'm Madam DuBeaux. My job is to make the Holy Order rise to its' original shine... but that's currently impossible without my bastard son that went on to win a World Cup or the young little Northern Sunrise."

"I'm Kirisaki... the Shining Moon's sole survivor. My mission is to make sure the Arceusian Sun doesn't shine but... it's not going to shine any time soon, if their should-be leader simply doesn't want to do it."

"I'm Drawk, the towering governor of the refurnished Sonnel District. Pay us a visit anytime!"
"I'm Upper Sunrise! I've fled to the Sonnel District after being released from the Arceusian Castle. I'm a fine inventor, by the way."

"Fear me not, for I am Yesopalitha, searcher of rare Pokémon with a mission to complete."
"I'm the fog of the Holy Empire, an entity of many powers! Just... don't play bad music near me, or you'll disrupt my conscience."

"I'm Cass. A former competitor and head nurse of the main Pokémon Centre, nice to meet you."
"Get in, mate. Name be PIS."