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Royal Norsan Air Force

Founded in 1934 as the Naval Air Corps, the Royal Norsan Air Force has played an integral part in the defence of Norstham since it first saw action in the second world war. Since the War, the Air Force has continually procured state of the art aircraft to help it effectively serve Norstham, and remains an advanced and capable air force today.

The role of the Norsan Air Force over the decades has been, first and foremost, to defend Norstham and her interests, with Naval air power providing and expeditionary capability. However, with the ever-growing amount of integration and cooperation between allied militaries, the RNAF maintains multiple overseas bases.


The RNAF fields a formidable fleet of highly capable aircraft, including multi-role fighters, strike aircraft, Airborne Early Warning and Control, cargo and tanker aircraft:





Oakoms-Weiteren P.117 Pochard

Multi-role fighter


B1 Assaut

Strategic Bomber









HAR2 Corbeau




The RNAF is organised into Commands, which organise and control bases and other entities under their jurisdiction. Presently, the active commands are the following:
  • Air Combat Command

  • Bomber Command

  • Intelligence Command

  • Logostics Command

  • Electronic Warfare Command

  • Training Command

Under Commands are Bases, which are commanded by a group captain. There are bases located throughout Norstham and in several other countries throughout the Isles. Bases are subdivided into administrative wings, which are commanded by a wing commander. Types of administrative wing are as follows:

  • Operations Administrative Wing

  • Forward Support Administrative Wing

  • Depth Support Administrative Wing

  • Tactical Support Administrative Wing

  • Base Support Administrative Wing

Additionally, there are Operational Wings under the administrative support wing of each base. These perform actual aircraft operations.

Finally there are Squadrons, which carry out actual operations and are responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the aircraft themselves. Squadrons can be awarded honours, and have history going back to activities in World War Two. Most Squadrons are commanded by a wing commander, and for combat aircraft, are responsible for between 10 and 15 aircraft.

Squadrons are subdivided into flights, usually two per squadron for combat squadrons. When a flying unit only operates a small amount of aircraft (a small overseas base, for instance), that unit may be designated a flight rather than a squadron.

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