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The Confederation of
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Political Parties

Major Praties
82.8% of North Poleans belong to these parties

  • North Polean Socialist Party (NPSP): The NIU Socialist Party was founded on May 15th, 1923 and gained popularity and became the main party in the NIU on Jan 3rd, 1925. One of the major figures behind the party was Hanta Akerolik, The Country became Socialist on March 1rst. This is the main political party with 72% of the population belonging to it. This Party is also credited with creating the ideology of Direct Democratic Socialism. The party is Left Winged

    Polices: They believe in Socialism, ending wealth inequality, making voting easier, workplace democracy, North Polean Nationalism, and eco-friendly forms of energy, redistribution of wealth, maintaining compulsory military service, compulsory gun ownership, and extremely little restriction on guns and military weapons.

  • North Polean Anarchist Party (NPAP): This is the 2nd biggest party with 6% of the population belonging to it. This party was founded in 1924, June 30th. They believe the ultimate goal of the NIU is to abolish the government and that it is the NIUs destiny to do so. The Party is Far Libertarian Left.

    Policies: They believe in Anarchism, Libertarian Socialism, Abolition of all Hierarchy, workplace democracy, Anarcho Communism, and getting rid of compulsory military service and compulsory gun ownership.

  • North Polean Patriots Party (NPPP): The NPPP was founded in 1954, February 11th. They believe in preserving North Polean culture while maintaining Socialism. They are the 3rd biggest party with 2% of the population. This party is economically left-winged while being socially center-right to right.

    Policies: Preserving North Polean family values, Preserving Socialism and leaving it the way it is, Preserving North Polean Culture and celebrating it, maintaining compulsory military service and gun ownership and extremely little restriction on guns, and banning Abortion and drugs.

  • Freedom for all Party (FAP): This is the oldest party in the NIU and is still one of the major parties being the 4th biggest party and it was founded on April 5th, 1401. They believe in laissez-faire capitalism and no restriction on weapons. 1.6% of the population belongs to this party. This party used to be the biggest party before the NPSP took its place. The idea of laissez-faire capitalism came to be into the party in 1790, it used to be a party solely with the purpose of upholding Direct Democracy with no restriction on weapons. This party is libertarian and economically right while socially being pretty left.

    Policies: Laissez-faire capitalism, no restriction on weapons, maintaining Direct Democracy.

  • Peoples Socialist Party (PSP): Founded in 1945, May 5th, it was founded due to some members of the NPSP thinking it wasn’t Socialist enough. One of their biggest issues was with the NPSP promoting religion and that most members of the Party were religious. They are more Left than the NPSP. they are the 5th biggest party with 1.2%

    Policies: Anti-religion, more welfare, Strengthening the power of the state, getting rid of compulsory military service and gun ownership, more restrictions on guns and banning fully auto weapons and military vehicles from the public, anti-nationalism, and de-arming the police.

Minor Parties
11% of North Poleans belong to no party, here are 6.2% of other North Poleans that belong to other minor parties. Please note that there are thousands of minor political parties so I wont be listing all of them.

  • North Polean Conservative Party (NPCP The North Polean Conservative Party was founded in 1855, February 26th. They believe in patriotism, conserving family values, tradition, and culture, and believe in mostly unregulated capitalism. They are center-right to right.

    Policies: Conserving traditions, culture, and family values. Patriotism and unregulated capitalism.

  • North Polean Nationalist Party (NPNP): The North Polean Nationalist Party was founded in March 3rd, 1875. They believe that all other countries are inferior to the NIU and that they need to protect the NIU from foreigners. They also believe that the government needs to be strengthened and that the NIU should be a Federal Republic and not a direct Democracy. The Party is right-winged to far right.

    Policies: Conserve North Polean Culture, protect North Polean family values, North Polean Nationalism, strengthening the government, becoming a Republic, Federalism.

  • North Polean Fascist Party (NPFP): The North Polean Fascist Party was founded on March 23rd, 1927. It is heavily influenced by Mussolini. They believe in Classical Fascism and want a dictatorship and to expel Christianity and all other foreign religions from the NIU. They are far-right but economically center-left.

    Policies: Classical Fascism, Third Positionism, Anti-foreign religion, banning all weapons, Dictatorship, Xenophobia, North Polean Nationalism.

  • Social Democratic Party (SDP): Founded in 1942, February 8th, this party believes in Social Democracy. They are center-left.

    Policies: Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Social Justice, Regulated Capitalism, Welfare, Pro Union.

  • People's Worker Party (PWP): Founded June 25th, 1875, it believes in Classical Marxism. Over time it came to include multiple other communist groups. This party now mainly contains Neo-Marxist. It is far-left.

    Policies: Communism, the end goal is to create a stateless and classless society, dictatorship by the proletariat, Neo-Marxism, crush counter-revolutionary activities.

  • Marxist-Leninist Party (MLP): the MLP was founded on May 12th, 1930. It follows Marxist-Leninism and is far-left.

    Policies: Marxist-Leninism, start a Revolution and crush anti-revolutionary activities, Left-wing Nationalism, the end goal is to create a classless and stateless society, One Party System, and State Atheism.

  • Anarcho Communist Party (ACP): Founded in 1927, January 7th, it is a party that believes that it is time to get rid of the government and create a classless and stateless society with mutual cooperation. They are different from the NPAP as they are atheists and believe they should get rid of old traditions.

    Policies: Anarcho-Communism, Atheism, getting rid of old traditions, mutual cooperation.

  • National Bolshevik Party (NBP): Founded on April 1rst, 2015, this party believes in the Ideology of National Bolshevism. They are Socially far-right and economically far-left, making them radical centrist. They are also Authoritarian.

    Policies: National Bolshevism, Radical Nationalism, strengthening the state, banning weapons from the public, building up the military, Dictatorship.

  • Anarcho Primitive Party (APP): Founded on February 14th. 1999, they believe in Anarcho Primitivism. They want tp return to when the Inuit were hunters and gathers. They are radical center.

    Policies: Anti Capitalism, Anarcho Primitivism, Inuit Nationalism, banning all modern technology, environmentalism, collectivism.
    This Idea by Free Ravensburg

  • Fenrir's Fangs Party (FFP): This party was founded in May 8th, 1417 and this is also a former terrorist group. They are radical North Polean Nationalist that have a immense hatred for the Abrahamic religions.

    Polices: Anti-Abrahamic religions, Anti-Semitism, Radical North Polean Nationalism, North Polean Theocracy, Islamophobia, Third Positionism, North Polean Fascism.

    More information on this group can be found here

  • United Extremist Party (UEP): The united extremist party was founded on June 30th, 2020. It is a party full of extremist on all sides of the political compass that are against the status quo and want it to fall. They even have their own militia which has had people concerned.

    Polices that they all agree on: Anti status quo (North Polean Socialist Party)

    Some of the main Polices: Communism, Anarcho-Communism, North Polean Fascism, Individualist Anarchism, National Bolshevism.
    Idea by The Finntopian Empire