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The United Prefectures of Noronica (No-ron-ik-ah), commonly known as Noronica or the UPN, is a sovereign nation in the north of the Western Isles, in the Argean Sea. Situated above the northern coast of mainland Gael, the United Prefectures of Noronica includes the island of Noronica, the Sessux Isle and many of the smaller islands surrounding them. It also has territory in northern Gael in the form of the peninsula of Arván, or as it is officially known, the Prefectorial State of Arván. The Prefectorial State of Arván is the only state of Noronica that has land borders with another sovereign territory, that being Dormill and Stiura's Territory of Arván. Noronica also shares maritime borders with Lövsk, an island protectorate under Ostehaar. With a total area of 110,467 square kilometres and a population of 28,936,542, it is one of the larger and more populous countries in the Western Isles.

After the Royalist Crisis of 2019, the United Prefectures of Noronica is a Federal Constitutional Republic with strong meritocratic leanings. The political system is unique in that the highest executive position is the 'First Prefect' who is elected independently of legislative elections through a direct election. They command a Government appointed by their choosing. The current First Prefect is Trystan Alexander, whose term began on 23rd February 2019. The capital and largest city of the Overlordship of Noronica is the City of Nolon, regarded as a regional city and financial centre with an urban area population of 4.98 million. Other major urban areas include; Port Sinare, Gwynon, and Harburgh. The United Prefectures of Noronica consists of nineteen Prefectorial States; Greater Nolon, Sinare, Potania, Yorkland, Huxford, Pinross, Tresson, Ferth, Glaesdon, Raeg, Hardfirth, Midland, Mairn, Dantia, Tri Sitraichean, Morken, Greater Inver, Caen and Arván. They all have devolved administrations and are represented in the Prefectorial Senate. Each is led by a Prefectorial Governor.

The United Prefectures of Noronica is a highly developed nation and is one of the larger economies by nominal GDP in the Western Isles. It was one of the region's foremost powers during the 19th and early 20th centuries as the Noronnican Empire, whose colonies spread widely throughout the region. Noronica is still very active all over the Western Isles, using its influence in all corners of the region. Noronica is a member of the League of Nations, a region-wide diplomatic organisation, the Coalition of Free Nations, the VACES alliance, the RTEA, the Argean Rapid Response Force, and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation.




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