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NO-CO1 Coyote Jeep

NO-CO1 Coyote Jeep

Coyote Jeep Design

Type: Light Utility Vehicle

Place of origin: Noronica, Corindia

Production History

Manufactured by: Hunter Defence Systems

Unit cost: $50,000 (Jeep), $56,000 (Machine-gun), $110,000 (ATGM)


Weight: 3.51 tonnes

Length: 4.46 m (14.48 ft)

Width: 1.79 m (5.88 ft)

Height: 1.93 m (6.33 ft) (Without mount)

Crew: 1 (driver)

Engine: 192 hp (143 kW) diesel engine

Transmission: Quentin AX-8

Speed: 145 km/h

NO-CO1 Coyote Jeep


The NO-CO1 Coyote Light Utility Jeep is a jeep produced in Noronica and Corindia by Hunter Defence Systems, and Ajito-Rod LLC in Corindia. It was designed to ensure quick response in the battlefield and to be easily constructed for mass-production.

Both Corindia and Noronica began designing the vehicle as part of a cooperative effort between the two countries. It was decided that they needed a cheap and reliable utility vehicle on the battlefield, so they based the design off of a Land-Rover Defender. The Internals were worked on by both Ajito-Rod LLC and Quentin Vehicular Industries. The weapon systems were provided by both countries.



The design is very simple, with open access and very open design. The back is very modular to allow different sections to be added or removed. For example, it can perform as a medivac, supply vehicle, or armed jeep. To this extent, it can carry up to 3 crew members and up to 7 passengers. It can travel through terrain that would not be accessible to other civilian vehicles, such as jungle, deep mud, or sand. The Coyote is not meant to be an assault vehicle, but a defensive quick-response vehicle instead, meant to harass the enemy.

The Coyote has very minimal armour, opting to be a very agile and quick vehicle. This is why it is not meant for heavy conflict. The internals are protected by protective materials and they are away from the passenger areas.

Drive system

The jeep's drive system comprises of:

  • Engine: 192 hp (143 kW) diesel engine

  • Gearbox: Quentin AX-8 transmission

  • Speed: 145 km/h


The Coyote does not have a main armament, instead opting for different variants. The jeep can be used as a machine-gun jeep or an LinkATGM jeep. It can also just be used as an unarmed vehicle meant for medical purposes or transport purposes.






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