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A simple, clean overview of the Federal Republic States of New Wolvers.

The Federal Republic States of New Wolvers


Motto: Unitum in Libera Terra


Population: 35,912,531
-Density: 130 people per square kilometer

Capital: Berta Capital City
Largest City: Berta City; Wenceslav

Official Language: English; Italian; Spanish; Czech

National Language: English; Italian; Spanish; Czech

Demonym: Neo Wolverian

Government: Federal Republic
- President: Mark Romagnoli
- Vice President: Mariangela Teheran
- Speaker of the House: Colin MacRinnalch
- Chief Justice: Jan Wenceslav

- Upper House: Senate
-Lower House: People

Establishment: from Kingdom of Farkania
Independence: February 3rd, 1710

Land Area: 174,371 mile²
451,621 km²

Highest Point: Mt. Celauria (2365 meters)
Lowest Point: Tundry Atoll (-200 meters)

GDP (nominal): 89,9 trillion Utopias
GDP (nominal) per capita: 180,827 Utopias

Human Development Index: 0,875 very high

Currency: Utopia

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +810

Internet TLD: .nwf
Country code NWF

The Federal Republic States of New Wolvers, also known as New Wolvers, is a sovereign state and co-founder of the Universal Pact in North Utopia.
The nation, divided in 4 States and 1 Autonomous Republics, is known to be the first in the continent to grant the citizenship to a robot in 1991 and grant equal rights to all its citizens reducing the pay gaps, and giving same rights, laws and penalties without any kind of discrimination.
The nation is known to have community of werewolves in rural sides of the nation, even if is not too uncommon to see those so-called urban werewolves, werewolves who live in the city side of the country and are organized in packs. They are not treated as an autonomous entity, despite most of the packs having their own languages codes and organization.


The standard way to refer to a citizen of New Wolvers' is Neo Wolverian, even if other demonyms can be used such as Farkasian, Wolverian and Wolveri.
The name comes from the original name of the first state, Nuova Vlkania, given by the original czech settlers after discovering the territory that comprises of nowadays New Wolvers State and New Veronika State.

Originally a colony founded by the Kingdom of Vlkania, located in present days' north-west Bohemia, Czech Republic, the first coloners were Artur Barta (1517-1587), a bohemian explorer, and Colombo Brambilla (1515-1583), a milanese ship captain who were charged to find new lands to expand the already small kingdom of Vlkania in 1549, as the treaties with the Holy Roman Empire didn't allowed the independent kingdom to get more land in the european continent..

The two friends sailed from Rab, a leased territory that was given by Venice to Vlkania, and sailed with five different ships: The Salty Dog, The Cold, The Heavy Cannon, The Fire Of The Sea and The Veneta.

The five ships contained bohemian, milanese and british explorers, all who were on the search of new lands to eventually colonize.
67 days of navigation later, Colombo Brambilla found the coast of Champion call, formerly known as "Campo de Terra", starting the very first colonies of Camponia, Juvens and Barta-Ferenc, the latter which will become the largest of the settlements.

After the colony was estabilished, with several years of friendship and co-governing, Artur Barta and Colombo Brambilla went in a brawl over whose would have taken control of the settlements, as the king of Vlkania, Charles VII of Aktemburg, has deemed that the settlement needed only one governor for the colony, resulting in a civil war over who to place as a governor for the territories.

Six days of civil war and a broken friendship later, it was decided that Artur Barta would have been the governor, with Colombo Brambilla exiled from the colonies as a result of his actions, accused of mutiny and treasonry, as brambilla had ambitious ideals of being an independent place from the kingdom.

Only three years later, Colombo Brambilla and the people who supported his ideals will create the Republic of Jugone in 1563 as an answer of being exiled by his former friend and governor of Nova Vlkania, settling initially in mount Celauria, then creating the settlement of Saint Leonard further east, in the Leonardian Plains.

In 1649, the people of the colony of Nova Vlkania demanded for more rights and representation in the kingdom, as no help was given by King Jakub IV of Vlkania despite paying the (forcibly paid) taxes after a famine hitting the colony as well as a growing menace from other confining colonies and empires, so an anti-Vlkanian movement started as well as another civil war, which was only settled in peace after discovering the kingdom has been inglobated by the Holy Roman Empire, thus the colony was de-facto the last territories of the Kingdom of Vlkania.

After the dissolution of the Vlkanian kingdom, giving independence in 1650, the newly born Kingdom of Nova Vlkania renamed itself into New Wolvers by the ever-growing majority of british colonizers and started ruled by Queen Veronika of Nova Ferenc IV and Jan Blaha I of Nova Ferenc, which was then overthrown in 1742 and replaced with a republic under the justification of despotism and a need of a more democratical choice, with the creation of the Republic of New Wolvers

Thirty years later, on day May 5th, 1772, the Republic of New Wolvers annexed the Republic of Nova Veronika - a split territory from the old colony of Nova Vlkania - as a state of its own, forming the first federation of New Wolvers-Veronika.

In 1793, the Republic of Jugone was struggling economically and asked for help to the Federation to get food due to a heavy famine ongoing on the Republic, with forest fires on the Celaurian mountain destroying great part of the territory's harvest. The request for help was granted, with the population of the Republic asking to organize a referendum to let people decide if to become part of New Wolvers or stay as a independent republic, despite the disasters that the Republic of Jugone was alone.
The result was a a 69,21% of yes, resulting into the federation to include the Republic of Jugone as a state of the federation, thus getting renamed into The Federal Republic of New Wolvers.

In 1816, the Great Duchy of Pyre's prime minister, Marcos Vidal-Alvaro, proposed to join the Federation as they were in the brink of a a civil war that was going to happen due to the duke of Pyre dying without leaving anyone as their heir, settling a division of population between whose to place between Leonard Alva-CVampos and Jesus Christi-Lampo.
After the civil war went without winners, the Pyrean prime minister sent a request to the federation to join the state as part of its own territory.
The Federation accepted the request, and accepted the duchy as a fourth state, avoiding a catastrophic famine that would have led to more civil wars and splittings.

In 1902, the colony of Killingfer, a colony of the british empire, asked to join the nation of New Wolvers as the fear of a war that the colony could not sustain was growing. After discussions with the British Empire, the colony was granted independence, and was accepted into New Wolvers as a republic, thus modifying the name of the nation from Federal States of New Wolvers into Federal Republic States of New Wolvers, as by request of the colony itself to keep some kind of autonomy in term of laws and customs.

The Republic changed name from Killingfer to Hale in 1935 as a tribute to the Hale Family of Australia, where the last governor of the Killingfer colony, Sir Barnabas Hale, ruled during the independence of the colony from the United Kingdom.

Flag of Killingfer before joining New Wolvers-----------Current Flag of Killingfer, AKA Hale AR

Flags of New Wolvers
The origins of the flag do come up while founding the colony of Nova Vlkania, where the population used a yellow flag with the kingdom's emblem upon it.
Originally featuring twelve stars indicating the original territories of the nation (Camponia, Juves, Barta-Ferenc ~ also known as Berta, Affanes, Kolmgrad, Newcall, Chempha, Federand, Holmestead, Pontifexia, Unive, Janes) along with the royal emblem, the flag modified with time and events.
The red symbolizes the blood shed by the people who escaped the persecution in Europe, which New Vlkania was known for by many werewolves, while the blue presents the sea that the refugees had to sail in order to escape to the promised land of safety, which is symbolized by the yellow triangle on the left of the flag.

There have been many versions of the flag, and the current one has been modified to include a more efficient emblem that does not symbolize the now-gone kingdom of Vlkania.


The Federal Republic States of New Wolvers shares borders with the Democratic Provinces of Daunland, sharing borders with the provinces of Daunland, Ferus and Derose by North, with the
Federated Empire of Erskiellander by northeast, with the Principality of Aterno by east (surrounding the little region of Enclave City of New Veronika) and by the Hale Sea by west.
Being a mixture of hills, mountains and plains, the nation has a diverse climate that can be equiparated to the mediterranean climate of Italy and the climate of Middle Europe, with hot summers and cold winters.
The nation also offers coasts where both inhabitants and tourists go visit during vacations, as well as beaches of various types.


The 87% of the population of New Wolvers does consider themselves a native Neo Wolverian, with the rest 23% being a mix of other countries, most of the which are Italy, Czechia, Prussia, Great Britain, Hungary, Daunland and AntoQuina.
While the statistics declare that around five million people living in the territory are certified werewolves, it is not a governmental requirement to declare one's race or if they have shapeshifting abilities to the authorities.

The languages used in the Federal Republic States of New Wolvers are English, Czech, Italian, Spanish and German, the latter in which is used in some places of the country like in New Konigsberg.
Other minority languages reported are hungarian, slovakian, sammarinese italian, chinese and japanese.
The State of New Wolvers, despite using English as a standard language since 1710, still maintains czech influences and ways of speaking, as well as the bordering communities do speak a mixture of english and czech called Farkasian

Despite not being listed and having everyone the same rights, there are different "races" that composes New Wolvers. Here there are informations of the most prominent types of citizens by scientifical nomenclature. Note that those are the given majority of the inhabiting population of the nation, and might not include every species.

Depicted: popular videogame character Bill Overbeck from Left 4 Dead has been taken as an example of human being on the purpose of description

Humans are the "majority" of the population that composes the nation of New Wolvers. They are part of the subtribe Hominina. They are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion; high manual dexterity and heavy tool use compared to other animals; open-ended and complex language use compared to other animal communications; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies.

Depicted: Above, Werewolf during a comicon, wearing a scarf from popular british TV series Doctor Who. Below, Sgt. Lisandri from "Van Helsing Solution" regiment after a training

The werewolves, also known as lycanthropes are an evolution of the Canis Lupus subspecies. Being what majority of the scientist think to be the missing link between humans and canines, those people are portrayed a lot in lots of different cultures, mostly being as beasts who want to kill humanity, even if reality is extremely different and in some cultures they are portrayed as good people.
They are known for their shapeshifting abilities, being able to turn at will into a large wolf-like creature, as well as for their strength, usually being three times the strength of a normal human. Those citizens are the ideal people and are often seen being employed as soldiers, police officers, firefighters and security guards, even if is not that unusual to see clerks, teachers, or doctors being werewolves themselves.

Depicted: a drawing made by Celtilla about the vampires of New Wolvers for Kyle Omnes' book "Of bats and vampires'

Being what the common citizen call Vampires, those people do compose a small part of New Wolvers. Despite what their name might suggest, they do not feed exclusively on blood and do not melt (or sparkle*) when exposed during the day. What distinguish a human or a werewolf from a vampire is that vampires are usually more pale than the average person and sport big teeth while grinning. They are known to be more active in the night and to see clearly in the dark, often being employed as spies, emergency rescue services or night shift jobs.

depicted: Paul Omnes, the first AI citizen, meeting President Colin McCree. Paul Omnes became a senator after being a defense minister

Despite the name suggesting they are a species, the OmniRobot 3500 by Omnes Robotics™, those people, simply known as robots by the common people, are AIs that have developed a coscience and acquired rights since the early 80s, with the first OmniRobot 3500 robot being recognized as the first AI citizen in the whole Utopian continent under the name Paul Omnes. They are commonly spot being clerks, cops or heavy duty workers alongside werewolves, being safe for them to mine and cut trees without getting intoxicated or damaged. Also, for the Machina Robotis omnes, their body is just a shell, being their AI stored inside their hard drive. AI citizens are known to have a territory of their own in New Wolvers State, Hacker City, which has been deemed to be the hotspot for the majority of AI-based citizens.

Other than these catalogued species, other species include Ailuranthropes (Felis acinonyx hominensis), and aliens such like kinecelerans, loboans, tetramands and so on.
It is noted that to become a citizen of New Wolvers, is not needed to be humanoid-looking, but sentience is enough.


The form of government of a Semi-Presidential government, in which a president exists alongside a prime minister and a cabinet, with the latter being responsible for the legislature of a state which, in turn, the president can approve or deny a law. If a law has been denied by the president, the law has to be redone, and when presented, the president has to sign the law.
On top of that, the president has the power to suggest a law or a policy if a majority is met, which allows the president to create a law which will be examined by the constitutional court shall it be deemed undemocratic.
The President gets elected every 4 years, where new Presidential Elections will be held after the ending of the term, which can be extended three times consecutively.
Despite the name of the chambers suggesting is a monarchy, the names were kept for the sakes of historical reminescents.
The various branches of the government, the executive, the press, and the judiciary, are all appointed by the nation's cabinet after the elections of the various parties, with the president having to confirm or deny any appointing.

Foreign Relations and Military

The nation pursues a doctrine of neutrality in terms of conflict, claiming the nation has been founded to avoid other wars that the kingdom was still having with the Holy Roman Empire since its creation and that diplomacy is a fundamental process to the health of a country.
Despite being a pacific country, the Federal Republic has an army called formally called The Liberty Wolves, soldiers which duties are protecting the national territories from hostiles and dangers, are sent to rescue citizens in other countries and have duties of civil protection in case of natural disasters.
These soldiers are trained assault and defense troops armed with Benelli shotguns, AR-16s, and a standard equipped Beretta 9mm gun with the sole function of a defense army.
The Liberty Wolves is subdivided into two branches, each divided into ten regiments of 4000 soldiers each.


Economic Indicators

Currency: Euro|Utopia

GDP (nominal): 93 trillion Euro|Utopias
GDP (nominal) per capita: 121,832 Euro|Utopia
Labor Force: 78%
Unemployment: 8%

New Wolvers operates under a system of free market capitalism.

The private sector is estimated to constitute around 86% of the economy, with with federal, regional, and local government accounting 14%. Unenplyement is 8%, but it does not inflict upon the quality of life as the constitution grants any help for a digniful life to any citizen.

New Wolvers is a big exporter of bauxite, computer parts, experimental equipment, alcoholic drinks and consumable goods. The European Union and the Universal Pact are the two major trading partners of the country.

Information technology is the largest sector of the country, along with mining, manifacturing, livestock and gambling. Agriculture and automotive are other important drivers of the Neo Wolverian economy, despite not being a nation famous for its car brands.


Being a former european colony, and having an open borders policy, New Wolvers is considered a western country, which derived from European cultural costumes and uses.

In the nation, there are Czech, Italian and British minorities alongside latino minorities. New Wolvers is considered a melting pot nation where several cultures join into one, creating an identity of its own akin to an European Union.

Neo Wolverians have been described as inventive, intelligent, competitive and hardworking. This has result in great economic productivity as well as an enhancement of everyday's life, granting to the nation a decent government. It also makes a great spot for economical migration, as the nation is in both the Schengen treaty and the Universal Pact Freedom of Movement Treaty. The Neo Wolverian society also cares a lot about personal freedom and gender equality.


Personal transportations are being dominated by cars, motorcycles and bycicles, which operate a system of 832,381 kilometers of road.
Despite cars being the standard personal transportation, public transportations are granted by companies such as newwosttra in New Wolvers and Hale AR, SAY in Yugo State, COCA ltd in Pyre State and VPS transport in New Veronika for bus and tram transportations.

Trains are operated under TNWTrains, and civil airline is granted by AirWolvers, the former being government owned, the latter being privately owned. Airports however are under government control, which do give lottos to various other companies that can run it under rules given by the government itself. Santa Maya International Airport in Yugo State and Roy Lichtenstein International Airport in New Wolvers State are the busiest airports in the nation, and the John Tennyson III International Airport in Wenceslav being the newest airport opened in the country.

Ship Transports are managed by private companies, which have a contract with the government on import/export of goods and people.

Being New Wolvers a society that relies heavily on technology, and having AI citizens, New Wolvers uses since the late 50s efficient nuclear plants, which day by day since the 60s are being updated and enhanced to the point where nuclear wastes are not much of a problem, as the nuclear wastes get reused for the energy itself via [DATA EXPUNGED]. 75% of electricity comes from Nuclear Power Plants, while the rest is divided by solar panels, eolic pales and a few natural gas power plants.

By constitution, the healthcare provided by New Wolvers is free, and no profits are allowed for healthcare.
The Neo Wolverian hospitals are one of the most efficient hospitals in the Utopian continent.
The Neo Wolverian Healthcare system is provided to Neo Wolverian citizens, UP citizens, EURONAT citizens and allied nations' citizens thropugh the Federal Healthcare System in a state basis.
Surgeries and hospitalization provided by public hospitals or by conventioned private ones are completely free of charge for everyone, regardless of their income.
For planned surgeries however waiting times can be up to many days, especially in the big cities, but with guarantees of health and temporary benefits, people are not bothered by the waiting.

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