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The Founding Values

The Founding Values

Iveagh (pronounced Ivy) is a region dedicated towards maintaining a friendly atmosphere for all members. This document exists to detail the supreme law of the region. The region was founded by New Woking shortly after his resignation as chancellor of Norrland. The region was co-founded by multiple former-nations of Norrland. Iveagh asks all nations to respect the progress that we’re making towards creating a positive atmosphere.


  1. Nations are known as residents until they become citizens.

  2. Nations residing in Iveagh with their World Assembly representative nation are automatically guaranteed their citizenship.

  3. Nations that do not have their World Assembly representative must fill out the Citizenship Application form to gain their status.

    1. This does not guarantee citizenship.

  4. Nations must have resided within Iveagh for 7 days before applying for citizenship.

  5. If a World Assembly citizen decides to relocate their World Assembly membership to another nation they are no longer a citizen. If they wish to remain citizens then they must reapply for citizenship.

Regional Officers

  1. All members of the Iveagh Government must be World Assembly members.

  2. The President is the figurehead of the region. This role will have the responsibility to represent Iveagh in all aspects. The President is tasked with running the regional officers, which will be defined in the following articles.

  3. The President is elected every 3 months. Elections start on the 1st of every September, December, March and June.

  4. The President shall elect two moderators which will assist in governing the region. These mods must work together to ensure that relations are upheld with foreign regions, whilst ensuring that legislation of Iveagh is being enforced. They will also be tasked with creating new legislation and moderating the regional RP.

  5. A third moderator shall be elected democratically in a region-wide vote. Elections for this position shall begin 3 days after the President is elected. This moderator will have the same tasks as the other moderators.

  6. Any regional officer can be removed by petitioning of citizens. 4 Nations must approach the founder with a legitimate reason for impeachment, which will then be voted on in a referendum. If an officer is impeached, the President must pick a new member to replace them with. If the officer removed is the President, then the elected Moderator shall become President until the end of the current term.

Foreign Ideals

  1. Iveagh does not tolerate fascism or extremist views. Regions deemed supportive of these values shall not receive relations with Iveagh.

  2. Iveagh is a politically-neutral region. Nations have personal ideologies within the region, however Iveagh itself is not right wing, centrist nor left wing.


  1. Iveagh operates on Discord: a free to use platform which encourages community development. Posts on Discord are moderated in a similar way to the RMB.

  2. The rules channel of the Discord is to be enforced without question. The three-step warning process on the channel is a legitimate form of regulation.

  3. The Discord follows a freedom of reasonable speech. Regional Officers are able to interpret whether a nation is not following reasonable speech. This does not include:

    1. Offensive posts with intent to offend.

    2. NSFW material in any channel not marked NSFW.

    3. Extremist views.

    4. Material intended to offend a political ideology.

  4. Warnings or punishment can be revoked by the President or Founder if deemed that the warning or punishment was falsely given.

Regional Laws

  1. Regional Officers are able to enact laws as part of their roles.

    1. If the law is presented by a moderator, then the Regional Officers and Founder must have a vote on said law. A majority is needed for the law to pass.

    2. If the law is presented by the President, then the law is automatically enacted but not enforced for a 3 day period. If 3 citizens protest against the law with a legitimate reason within the 3 day period, then the law must have a vote within the Regional Officers. If the Officers’ vote passes the law, and there is still a protest against the law; then a referendum shall be had on said-law.

    3. If the law is presented by a citizen, then it must have official support of 3 other citizens before being presented to the Regional Officers. The Regional Officers shall then vote on the law.

  2. Laws must not interfere with the Founding Values; if anything does conflict with this document, then they shall be deemed void.

  3. Laws that were presented by a Regional Officer may be removed or modified by the Regional Officers with an internal vote.

  4. Laws that were presented by citizens must have a referendum to remove or modify the law.

Founding Changes

  1. In order for a change on the Founding Values, 3 citizens and 1 Regional Officer must present an amendment with a valid reasoning to the founder. A referendum shall then take place within the region.

  2. A log must be kept of all previous versions of the Founding Values.

Last Updated: 05/11/2017

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