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Tyrannian Armoured Vehicles.

-FV1A35 Falchion II Main Battle Tank-


Standard theatre entry: 65 tonnes.
- w/ modular armour packages: Up to 78 tonnes.
Hull: 8.3 m.
- w/ gun forward: 11.7 m.
Width: 3.8 m.
- w/ additional side armour: 4.5 m.
Roof: 2.5 m; Height over hull (including remote weapon station, sensor mast): 2.9 m; Maximum elevation of sensor mast (if applied): 12.1 m.
Crew: 3. (commander, driver and the gunner.)
Armour: Metal-composite matrix outer layer, (N)ERA, composite tiles, DU alloy mesh, IRHA plates/hull, fibreglass/rubber/spall liner.
Main armament: RA.18.SP./55 125-mm smoothbore cannon system (42 rounds, 25 in autoloader magazine), with one co-axial 12.7×99mm HMG (1500 rounds).
Secondary armament:
- One remote weapon station supporting either a 7.62mm machine gun, 12.7mm HMG or a 40-mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (Commander's weapon).
- Compound-II short-ranged multi-target air defense weapon (side-by-side or quad mounted), and there is also an option to mount a RWS flexible enough to accept a number of compatible weapons, from 20mm calibre up to 30mm.
Engine: Integrated propulsion system of two Flat-6 engines (H-block) geared independently to the transmission system, two electric generators, four electric motors, one 31.8 kW auxiliary power unit and a hybrid turbocharger.
Transmission: Electromechanical hybrid drivetrain system.
Suspension: Hydropneumatic active suspension.
Operational range: 543 km.
Speed: Maximum on-road = 48 mph; maximum off-road = 37 mph; maximum cross country = 35 mph.
Countermeasures: 12 x Smoke and fragmentary launchers. Emergency Detection and Fire Suppression System, CBRN defense systems, Intern Passive-countermeasures Protection Suite, Arden Active-countermeasures Protection Suite.
Electronic Systems: Electronic Video Agent (battle management), Erudite Tactical & Combat Networking Suite, Advanced Digital Fire-control System.
Signature Reduction:

-Stalwart Multirole Armoured Fighting Vehicle (MAFV)-

Weight: 25 tonnes.
Length: 7.88 meters.
Width: 2.99 meters.
Height: 2.37 meters.
Crew: 3.
Armour: Classified composite armour, additional modular bolt-on armour plates.
Main Armament: Varies depending on mission module.
Secondary Armament: Remote operated 7.62mm machine gun, 12.7mm heavy machine gun, or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher. Six mounted multipurpose grenade launchers.
Engine: Liquid-cooled V-12 cylinder triple sequential-parallel turbo-charged engine.
Transmission: Continuously variable transmission.
Suspension: Hydractive.
Operational Range: 795 km.
Speed: Maximum on-road = 64 mph; maximum off-road = 48 mph; maximum cross country = 38 mph.
Passengers: 6-8, 10 possible.

Developed specifically for the arctic and sub-arctic climate of New Tyran, the MAFV is designed for good mobility in snow and wetlands, while carrying and supporting 6–8 fully equipped soldiers.

The vehicle is designed to carry out a variety of utility missions with maximum flexibility; this is achieved via several different "mission modules" specialized for various tasks tailored to meet any battlefield requirement.

-Nomad Joint Protected Tactical Support Vehicle-

Weight: 15 tonnes.
Length: 6.50 meters.
Width: 2.50 meters.
Height: 2.70 meters.
Crew: 2+10.
Armour: Classified composite armour, additional modular bolt-on armour plates.
Main Armament: Remote Weapon System supporting either a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.
Engine: Liquid-cooled 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel-electric hybrid engine.
Transmission: Continuously variable transmission.
Suspension: Leaf springs, shock-absorbers and anti-roll bars.
Operational Range: 966km.

-Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS)-

MEADS is a ground-mobile air and missile defense system designed to address the shortcomings of fielded systems and to permit full interoperability between Tyrannian and allied forces. It is the only medium-range AMD system in the Tyrannian arsenal to provide full 360-degree coverage against short to medium-ranged ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced aircraft, and large-caliber rockets.

MEADS provides ground-mobile air and missile defense with expanded coverage. The system provides enhanced force protection against a broad array of third-dimension threats. Improved interoperability, mobility, and full 360-degree defense capability. MEADS provides continuous on-the-move protection for maneuver forces. MEADS also provides area defense, homeland defense, and weighted asset protection.

The system is strategically transportable and tactically mobile. It can be quickly deployed to the theater of operations and airlifted with multiple missiles loaded on the mobile launcher. MEADS has very little demand for airlift and gets into the theater faster. Once in the forward operating zone, it is able to move quickly to keep pace with fast-moving manoeuvre forces.

The components of MEADS are linked by a communications network with netted and distributed architecture, enabling the MEADS units to be organized according to the specific task requirements and configured according to predicted threats.

The multiple paths of communications result in the system being very robust against jamming and also allow the units to be dispersed over a wide area. The units have access to sensors from other systems. Interoperability also allows multiple allied air defenses to work together.

-Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle-

Weight: 7,83 tonnes.
Length: 5.32 meters.
Width: 2.1 meters.
Height: 2.35 meters.
Crew: Varies depending on variant.
Main armament: Remote Weapon System supporting either a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher, options for the lightweight multi-mission missile system.
Operational range: 990 km.
Speed: Maximum on-road = 120 mph; maximum off-road = 110 mph; maximum cross country = 98 mph.

The Foxhound includes an automotive armored spine system onto which various special-role pods are mounted. These pods are detachable and can be interchanged based on the needs of different missions such as patrol, fire support or protected logistics.

This combination of the spine system and pods along with advanced composited technology gives the Foxhound high operational flexibility, while being highly protective against blasts and mines. Another unique feature of the Foxhound vehicle is that it has low center of gravity as all the heavy items are placed under the spine system. The vehicle can be accessed through large rear doors, two top hatches or from the commander's door.

Additional appliqué armor kits can be added for protection against EFP and RPGs. The spine system also provides added protection to the internal automotive systems, improving operational robustness.

The vehicle's V-shaped hull, also includes the drive line, main fuel tank, generator, batteries and the powerpack. Separated from the crew area, reducing danger of injury. The crew and the dismounts are separated by the bulkheads placed between them and kept away from the vehicle's electronic equipment providing high protection.

The patrol version of the Foxhound has seating for two crew and four dismounts. The fire support variant and the protected logistics variant have a seating capacity of two crew and two dismounts, respectively.

At a maximum payload of 2,000kg, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 193km/h. The gross vehicle weight rating of the Foxhound MPV is 7,500kg. The low maintenance of this vehicle enables the assemblies to be rapidly changed on the field instead of taking it back to the base workshop for any repairs.

The Foxhound has been built to be flexible enough to perform numerous missions as and when required. The assemblies of the vehicle can be changed and fitted within twenty minutes to customize it for specific missions..

-Sentry High Mobility Tactical Support Vehicle-

Weight: 6.75 tonnes.
Length: 5.39 meters.
Width: 2.00 meters.
Height: 2.03 meters.
Crew: 1+3, 1+5.
Armour: Additional composite armour kits.
Main armament: 12.7mm heavy machine gun, or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.
Secondary armament: 7.62mm general purpose machine gun.
Engine: Turbo charged 5.9 liter 402 hp (300 kW) engine.
Suspension: Independent double wishbone, air operated springs and external bypass shock absorbers with adjustable ride height.
Speed: Maximum on-road = 135 mph; maximum off-road = 127 mph; maximum cross country = 118 mph.

The primary role of the Sentry in the Tyrannian Army is deep battlespace reconnaissance, rapid assault and fire support roles where mobility, endurance and maneuverability are important. It is also common for the vehicle to be placed on convoy protection.

The Sentry can be supplied with an optional mine blast and ballistic protection kit and can be fitted with a variety of mission specific hampers, weapons, communications, ISTAR and force protection equipment to suit a wide range of operational roles.

The Sentry can be converted to a 6×4 by the addition of an extended module with a further self-contained third axle unit., the module fully integrates fuel and braking systems, designed for special forces units the variant provides extra capacity and capability depending on mission parameters.

-Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV)-

The LRV offers an ideal lightweight rapid intervention vehicle for special forces, border patrol, reconnaissance or strike forces.

The vehicle's design incorporates a tubular space-frame chassis with state-of-the-art suspension providing superb performance, reliability and safety. The LRV’s size and weight enables effective air portability, including tactical internal loading.

Whilst primarily fulfilling light force reconnaissance and strike concepts of operation, low-weight armour solutions can also be fitted as an option. A variety of communications and weapons systems can also be integrated depending on the battlefield requirement.

-Highland Protected All-Terrain Armoured Vehicle-

Weight: 5.0 tonnes (front car), 3.5 tonnes (rear car, APC version).
Length: 7.6 meters.
Width: 2.34 meters.
Height: 2.2 meters (front car), 2.1 meters (rear car).
Crew: 1+4 passengers (front car), 8 passengers (rear car).
Armour: Composite, additional modular bolt-on armour plates, hard-kill active protection systems.
Main armament: Remote Weapon System supporting either a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.
Secondary armament: Smoke grenade launchers (front), mortars (back).
Engine: 5.9 litre in-line six-cylinder turbocharged hybrid-diesel 202 kW (275 hp).
Speed: Maximum on-road = 40 mph; maximum off-road = 35 mph; maximum cross country = 20 mph; maximum in water = 25 mph.

-Command and Liaison Vehicle (CLAV)-

Weight: 5,896 kg.
Length: 5.5 meters.
Width: 2.5 meters.
Height: 1.95 meters.
Crew: Varies.
Main armament: Remote Weapon System supporting either a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.
Operational range: 680 km.
Speed: 85 mph.

The CLAV is filled to the the brim with equipment designed to give commanding officers eyes everywhere on the battlefield. GPS, radio monitoring equipment, radar suites, and battlefield awareness modules are just some of the equipment mounted. This allows Tyrannian officers on the ground to better manage their forces effectively.

The CLAV like most light Tyrannian armored vehicles uses modular armour packs to adjust its level of protection to match its mission requirements. It uses suspended seats of aeronautical derivation, v-hull under body, and a collapsible sandwich structure in the floor to deflect and absorb mine blasts. Its exhaust is piped through its C-pillars, and its turbocharger is located underneath the engine to reduce its thermal signature. Mobility is helped by a run-flat system, allowing the vehicle to move even with completely deflated tires.

The armour protection is tunable by the replacement of armour packs within the vehicle's external skin. The basic add-on armour pack provides ballistic protection against small arms fire and a heavier kit provides protection against ambush including mines.

-Multipurpose Logistics Vehicle (MLV)-

The MLV is the most common logistic vehicle in the Tyrannian arsenal it's simple to operate, heavy, durable and reliable. It can carry 18,300 kg of payload, and tow 20,000 kg behind it, easily allowing it to pull medium and heavy towed artillery guns. The payload it can carry ranges from supplies and ammunition to foodstuffs it is also moderately armored, designed to protect the driver and cargo from small arms fire and shrapnel in the event of an ambush or bombardment. It fulfills everything needed from a heavy transport. It also has a long range, allowing supply lines to extend far beyond the main supply depots. There are several variants of the MLV for a range of different tasks such as repair and recovery, battlefield resupply, troop carrying, and it can even fill in as a combat engineering vehicle.

Longbow Self-Propelled Artillery System.


155mm Towed Howitzer.

Weight: 3,420 kg.
Length: 10.7m.
Width: 1.78 m.
Height: 2.13 m.
Crew: 7+1.
Caliber: 155mm.
Breech: Vertical sliding block with electric firing mechanism.
Recoil: Hydropneumatic.
Carriage: Box trail, firing with wheels on the ground or on a platform.
Elevation: 0° to +75.7°
Traverse: 1,589 mils on its platform and top traverse of 600 mils left or right.
Rate of fire: 10-11 rounds per minute.
Muzzle velocity: Maximum 3108 m/s.
Maximum range: 40km.
Sights: Optical dial sight on reciprocating mount or inertial using 3 ring laser gyros but normally satellite guided.

105mm Light Field Gun.

Weight: 1,858 kg.
Length: 8.8 m.
Width: 1.78 m.
Height: 2.13 m.
Crew: 6 (normal), 4 (reduced)
Caliber: 105mm.
Breech: Vertical sliding block with electric firing mechanism.
Recoil: Hydropneumatic.
Carriage: Box trail, firing with wheels on the ground or on a platform.
Elevation: -5.625° (-100 mils) to 70.3125° (1,250 mils)
Traverse: 360° 6,400 mils on its platform and top traverse 100 mils left or right.
Rate of fire: 6-8 rounds per minute.
Muzzle velocity: 858 m/s.
Maximum range: 20.6 km.
Sights: Optical dial sight on reciprocating mount or inertial using three ring laser gyros.

137mm H-13 Light Assault Howitzer.

Nation of origin: The Fascistic Autocracy of Riysa.

Technical Data
Weight: 2,000 kg
Length: 5.0 m
Crew: 5
Caliber: 137 mm
Elevation: -7- 70 degrees
Traverse: 360 degrees
Rate of Fire: 12 rpm maximum, 7 rpm sustained.
Maximum Range: 15.0 km

The 137mm is so light that it does not require a recoil pit - it can fire as soon as it is unlimbered from its tractor. Due to it being designed for close support within a mechanized regiment, the 137 mm H-13 can be towed by the IFV-5H's special hook. It also can mount a gunshield for the safety of its crew - due to it being a close support howitzer, it may come under enemy fire. It can maintain a pretty high rate of fire, ensuring a constant stream of artillery shells on a target while the troops race to close with the enemy. It can fire both direct and indirect fire, and in a pinch can double as an anti-tank gun via APFSDS shells - however, it is mostly suited to firing HE shells. The H-13 can be transported through almost any means - it can even be airdropped onto a battlefield, providing paratroopers with that extra punch.