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The So Called Great Dragomerian War.

In the year now long forgotten the psychotic and pathetic dictatorship government of the The Empire of Dragomere fired a unprovoked nuclear attack on one of New Tyran's key and strongest allies The Grand Imperial Union of Oaledonia which was quickly shot down by the Tyrannian Satellite-Based Laser Response Unit defense satellites when it flew over New Odessa.

This was the last straw as The Empire of Dragomere already showed itself to be a very unstable and hostile nation that threatened other nations with nuclear weapons like they were some sort of toys, the Tyrannian government wasn't taking anymore s**t today. The Tyrannian 3rd fleet under the leadership of George Le Clerc was dispatched to Dragomere alongside Waldmania who were at the time engaged with the bulk of the Dragomerian fleet. The Admiral's orders were to secure a landing zone on enemy soil by taking a civilian airport which was done so with little effort with members from the 84th Air Assault Brigade "Triple-Dog Daredevils" deploying in stealthed A16 Bloodhounds. With no loss of life the airport was captured, it was then quickly turned into a forward operating base for New Tyran and her ally.

Meanwhile, Admiral George Le Clerc assisted Waldmania forces in keeping the enemy ships cornered while more Tyrannian forces landed at the captured airport this is while Broadsword Multirole Fighters and Longsword Atmospheric Bombers attacked enemy power plants and food and water processing plants enjoying unrivaled air superiority while Waldmania attacked a major Dragomere city.

A few hours later the Grand Admiral arrived on scene with the 1st and 2nd fleets. From there the battle was pretty much one sided against an already outmatched Dragomere. Soon, the combined force of the Tyrannian navy and the Waldmania forces shoved the Dragomerian military aside, and victory was assured.

At the end of the conflict while the Tyrannian navy blockaded the defeated nation it was decided to allow the Dragomerian government a chance to surrender, but in typical Dragomere fashion several nuclear missiles were fired heading directly for New Tyran.

Once again the Tyrannian Satellite-Based Laser Response Unit kicked in neutralizing the enemy missiles. Clearly the Dragomere government weren't going to give in anytime soon and so the authorization of nuclear weapons was given and each from the twenty Retribution-class Nuclear and Ballistic missile submarines present one Thermonuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile with a blast yield of forty five megatons of TNT equivalent were fired at Dragomere's major and capital cities. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened next.

Let's just say that the Empire of Dragomere will no longer be bothering the nation of New Tyran again.